St. Ives

St. Ives

A dabbler-in-crime and his assistant hire an ex-police reporter to recover some stolen papers.

Abner Procane, top L.A. burglar, finds that somebody stole his plans for next ambitious heist. He hires Raymond St. Ives, crime books writer, to negotiate the return of those documents. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Aritra S (ca) wrote: Its one of those rare moments when you feel sad that those 2 hours got over so soon and you still wanted Haider and his madness to go on and on.

Keenan S (fr) wrote: To be honest, Resident Evil: Damnation is by far my least favorite of the Resident Evil films. Then again, as you can see, that's not really being negative on account of my very positive 4/5 rating. Many would probably say that it's the best of the Resident Evil films, but I still have great fondness for the wild Milla Jovovich antics and I don't mind that those films don't exactly follow the games that I also enjoy. This entry, though flawed, is still a whole lot of fun to watch, especially for fans of over the top action flicks.The story follows Agent Leon Kennedy who has been sent to the fictional Eastern European country, Eastern Slav Republic, to investigate the country's possible use of BOWs (Bio-Organic Weapons). But before he can begin his mission, he is informed that his mission has been aborted and that he is to retreat immediately.But, being Leon Kennedy, he promptly ignores the order and goes on the hunt for BOWs, which is immediately confirmed when he has a run-in with Lickers in a parking garage. These Lickers are different however, and even though Leon is vulnerable to be killed at one point, the creature does not at the command of its master and Leon is instead captured by rebel fighters.Meanwhile, the mysterious Ada Wong, posing as a BSAA agent, meets with the country's president and she reveals that there is a way to control the BOWs for war purposes, which intrigues the government officials as a way to help them in the country's civil war.Soon Leon and Ada find themselves entangled in the country's civil war plus the over the top Resident Evil brand of biological warfare as a number of the series' favorite creatures make an appearance to duke it out with each other and the humans. Now, Leon must find a way to put an end to all of this to save the world yet again (Damn, this poor guy never seems to get much of a break does he?).My biggest problem with this Resident Evil entry is its storyline. It wants to be a super-serious political film with torrid drama thrown into the mix, but it also wants to do this while ridiculous scenarios play out like Ada Wong getting into a wild martial arts battle with the country's president like something ripped straight out of a wild Hong Kong action flick or The Matrix. I will give Damnation credit for being rather ambitious in a franchise that is not particularly renowned for storytelling, but its ideas become muddled and create a genre dichotomy that doesn't quite work. I actually became confused trying to follow the storyline because it goes all over the place.When it comes to the acting, the voice acting is actually quite good and shows a significant improvement from the franchise's early days of hilariously bad voice acting ("You were almost a Jill sandwich!"). It was actually professional and the actors were able to make some scenes that would have fallen flat and made them feel sincere and believable (Well, most of the time, there are a couple of scenes that no one could make sound good). As a whole, the voice acting is terrific.The best part of Resident Evil: Damnation is the action. This film features some of the most ridiculous and over the top action not only of the franchise itself, but also among virtually any action film released over the last 15 years. The fight scene with the president alone is the shining pinnacle of this film's lunacy and it was an absolute hoot chock-full of excitement and what-the-fuck moments. There's also plenty of other martial arts battles, zombie mayhem, creature mayhem, explosions, gun battles, and more (Including what is quite possibly, the most bizarre anti-suicide scene in the history of cinema. You have to see it to believe it).While Resident Evil: Damnation partly suffers because it takes itself far too seriously for its own good at some points, it's still a damn fine loony action film. It's a wild ride from start to finish and one of the more bizarre entries of an already strange franchise. Even if you've never played the games or seen the other films, this one is worth watching if you love ridiculous action films.

Murong B (ag) wrote: It took me until about a third of the way into the film to become intrigued with the characters and seems a little loose and maybe even random until that point. Beeswax can be awkward from time to time but I noticed that its strength in that awkwardness is driven by the fact most people actually communicate and interact this way unlike the perfection shown in most other movies.

Nate W (nl) wrote: This frothy, nostalgia-steeped film may be a bit overdone and self-indulgent at times, but it does an excellent job at conveying time and place; Faubourg, France, in 1936, realized by beautiful production and costume design, and a healthy dose of old school Parisian music, including the film's lovely theme "Loin de Paname". The many characters and subplots are a bit much for this feather-light examination of the issues concerning French citizens on the cusp of the second World War, but its gentle humour and familiar let's-put-on-a-show narrative should be a treat for anybody fond of the films of the 1930's, to which this movie often alludes. It probably would have worked better as a full-fledged musical though.

Jess L (ru) wrote: A simple story that plays out well but is by no means a fantastic film. This French romantic comedy sets out with an interesting premise and executes it in a cute and lovable way through some lovely performances from the two leads. I'm not sure what holds this back from being a great or even brilliant film. Some have compared it to Breakfast at Tiffany's, which is quite absurd, but a nice film to compare to for the purpose of quality. Both deal with female protagonists who are call girls/ women who use wealthy men, and both women fall in love with a man who is quite the opposite to what they usually chase. The similarities end there pretty much. Hepburn in BAT gives a wonderful performance, Tautou is an equally talented actress in my opinion, however the screenplay here doesn't allow this to show. It's cute without aiming to be anything more. So enjoy this as a French rom com with some very fine moments but overall falling a little flat in places. It feel a little too neat.

Stephanie A (gb) wrote: Sickening in the fact that these things still happen. So fucking sad.

Le Wild P (gb) wrote: 'Vulgar' comes across as hard to read and well fairly...vulgar! The message of this film concludes with the negativity of raping clowns. It's a peculiar case and often ill-judged by critics, but can be enjoyed. Just don't expect Francis Ford Coppola.

Movie K (gb) wrote: Sick and gross movie but the unrated version will have slight more scenes. Featuring sex, nudity as well. Anthony Wong have sex with a woman. Her hubby Shing Fui On return home and catch them red handed. Shing beat him up and gonna castrate him. Anthony volunteer to do it himself and then take the scissors to fight back. He killed 3 adults and then try to burn the little girl but another man came in so he ran off and whereabouts unknown. 1996 in South Africa, Anthony works in a restaurant under Lo Meng. The boss wife Cheng Lu dislike Anthony. The little girl grows up becoming an air stewerdess Wong Tsui-ling. Anthony want to pay for blonde prostitute but the people there discrimnate against Asian. Anthony is masturbating and hear the boss have sex next door. He cut a piece of meat in between to act as pussy and use it to masturbate. He put the meat back after the deed. Next day he serve it to customers. Lo switch to buying pig from black tribal people. When they arrive, they saw the tribe performing ritual to a bunch of dying people. After buying the pigs, Anthony had a small accident banging into a tree. Lo scold him stupid and Anthony walks away. He saw a tribal woman by the river suddenly fainted. He sees nobody around and attracted by her big breast, he rape her. His dick is stuck when she is convulsion and use a rock to kill her. Back to work, Anthony cut his finger and still serve tainted food. He later had fever and fainted. Lo cannot send him to hospital since he is illegal immigrant and wanted criminal. Cheng don't want Lo to touch Anthony. The doctor found out the tribe they visited has Ebola virus outbreak. Cheng want to throw Anthony out but he recover from the fever and heard what she said. He want to rape her and Lo came back. Anthony kills him and rape Cheng, suck out her eyeball and kills her. Another worker came and Anthony also kill him. He dissect the corpses, make into meat patties and sell as burger. He found the secret stash of money hidden by Lo. Wong want to go back to the restaurant to check the smell and her boyfriend follow. When Anthony go near her she feel nauseas. They ask Anthony of the person whereabouts. He arm himself with a knife and wasn't going to let them go off but luckily 2 customers came in and they quickly leave. The duo go to the police but is dismiss as outrageous. Soon lots of people are struck with the Ebola virus. Anthony left the place with the money back to HK. He stay in a hotel and then call for 2 whores. He fuck them raw and paid alot. Soon the 2 whores also get the Ebola virus. Vincent Wan is investigating the case. He found a matchbox of the hotel. The South Africa police is also investigating and share info with HK side. Wong is also call in to provide info. Anthony find his ex-girlfriend Mariane Chan. They go out shopping with her daughter. More people came in contact with Anthony caught the virus. Wong saw Anthony and follow him but is caught. She bite his arm and he release her. Vincent question the druggie husband of Mariane. The news reported Anthony as Ebola carrier. Mariane pretend she don't believe it and then lock him in the house. He climb out the window and the cops arrive. He caught her daughter as hostage. Mariane go into convulsion in front of him. Vincent shot him in the arm and makes him angry. He suck the blood and spit at Vincent and cut his protective suit. He has already strangle the little girl to death. A police shot him with a dart and Anthony cut out the part. Vincent fight it out with him and use flame gun to burn him and shoot him dead. A dog eat the cut flesh and share the food with the owner.. the virus will never stop spreading.

Orlok W (es) wrote: Contemporary vengeance tale with Gothic overtones--A nifty 60's witchcraft horror feature!!

Corey S (de) wrote: Great film. I loved it as a kid when I first saw it and still do today Dennis quaid is the bomb in this and loved his and Sean Connerys banter. Also I think the story is pretty solid and the comedy and action don't feel very forced. To me it's basically a take the piss of Robin Hood (the one with Kevin Costner) but with kickass dragons

Shana M (de) wrote: Favorite movie, for sure!

Dave H (kr) wrote: Fun, often silly film, the thriller plot is average at best,the direction and prod design cookie-cutter 80s, but the details of Rollie's FX workshop and his sneaky tricks are lovely. Simple, and dated now - but not in a terrible way. Twice as good as it would'a been without Brown - the man exudes oodles of the best kind of charm out there - the laconic, unpretentious, Aussie kind.

Stefan G (nl) wrote: Since I was 17, I have been attracted to this film. Back then, it was because I viewed it as an anti-smoking film that satirized the tobacco industry (for which I maintain a frothing hatred of). Today, this is still a big selling point for me, but I have a lot more critical experience, and thus I can say that this film is even better now than it was when I first saw it four years ago. The film is ostensibly satirical of the tobacco lobby, and through the film's main character Nick Naylor, this is done spectacularly well. However, the film deftly avoids being a one-dimensional anti-smoking film by also skewering the other side, showing the cunning, manipulation, and opportunism of both the tobacco industry and the anti-smoking movement. The performances were very skilful, sharp, witty, and positively scintillating, especially in the scenes where Naylor tries to connect to his son. The characters were brilliant, and the way they develop is always an interesting sight thanks to a stellar script and direction that is above reproach. The film opens with a stylistic homage to cigarette packaging, which I thought was little more than a stylistic way to open the film until the Senator unveiled his plan, which becomes the main plot of the film. A film like this would be boring without razor-sharp wit, and this film carries it in enough buckets to fill an open grave. In my opinion, this is one of the most intelligent comedies I've yet to see in film, and it's not just because of my usual leanings on the subject. Whatever you believe, I'm very certain that it is both as insightful as it is witty and entertaining.

Matthew S (ru) wrote: Entertaining to a point. I know it is a well-crafted film, but I have never found it very satisfying.