St. Trinian's

St. Trinian's

When their beloved school is threatened with closure should the powers that be fail to raise the proper funds, the girls scheme to steal a priceless painting and use the profits to pull St. Trinian's out of the red.

St Trinian's, a school for "young ladies" with its anarchic doctrine of free expression, brings together a motley crew of ungovernable girls who, using their wit and ingenuity, save the school from bankruptcy. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ingela Z (mx) wrote: Like a Swedish but lighter and comic version of Ben X.! Where Ben X were serious and complex with excellent acting, this is a bit more predictable and a bit of overacting. Still a watchable feel-good movie which will make you laugh many times!

Fiona F (ru) wrote: Like part of the film but not entirely...especially those long all black scenes. Is it a test of my patience?

Heather (nl) wrote: When you think of the typical love story, not many would think of the 2007 hit Stardust directed by Matthew Vaughn. This heart-wrenching love tale is about a young man and woman who happen to meet in the most unexpected event. They fall in love on their journey home while they face many obstacles that seem to be never-ending. Take a seat, get some popcorn and get ready for your heart to throb in this movie about why love beats all.This movie stardust is all about a love story between an unlikely few. It all starts with a young man, Tristan, who is born between a common English man and a princess. He sets out on a journey to capture a fallen start for a maiden he is trying to pursue, but there is a catch, he must bring the star back by her birthday in a week. Meanwhile, across "the wall" just a few miles from Tristan's small village, a kingdom is facing the end of an era, the king has died. The king tells his sons that whoever of his royal blood finds his necklace first, will become the next king., and off flies the necklace into the skies. The necklace hits a star in the heavens and down shoots the star. Now, back to Tristan, he wishes on a candle to be wherever the star may be, and woosh he vanishes. He winds up in a crater, with a young girl and a necklace. He is in shock when he finds out the girl is in fact the star. They face sward fights, flying ships, and witches along his journey home to his beloved Victoria and his the girl, his star. The whole journey they face the horrifying fact that, many have set out to get the girl because whoever eats the heart of a star has everlasting life. The movie ends with the evil witches kidnapping the star away from Tristan, just as he has pronounced to her that he has fallen in love with her. He races away to save her, and kills the witch in an unnerving battle. The ending comes to a close with Tristan being named the new king, because as we discussed in the beginning, his mom was a princess and he has royal blood. They two fall in love, and live happily ever after.I strongly recommend this movie, and in fact I might go, as far as to say it might be a favorite. Not only was it a timeless love story with lovable characters, but it also had comedy as well has thrilling and frightening scenes. The acting was captivating, and there were some big name actors like Claire Danes and Robert De Niro. However, one of my favorite characteristics was the music score of the film. I appreciate a good composition, and boy did Stardust deliver. After countless battles and a long journey to find love it was clear a major theme of this movie was that love endures, beats, and thrives above all. Overall, Stardust is a great movie to watch when you're bored, lonely, sad, happy, really whenever because it has a little something for everyone. This movie is a great movie to just sit down and watch, and you should because it was immensely entertaining.

Tim F (ag) wrote: Suprisingly, in this one they go back to where the two guys take on their seperate paths. We get to know just why these things are happening, how the situation was before and how the SP and Sam knew eachother. Here we see even more the underlying drive and the importance of 'family'. Also other values, which again differ a lot from western values, are set above other things like revenge, honor, serving for you country,... A nice metaphore is used here; What comes around, goes around' and all of this is very precisely and accurately depicted into the movie. I thought we saw more of the undercover cop in this one than the snitch in the first. A trifecta of timelines is used to see the evolution between both sides and again lean very close to realism. Sometimes an unexplainable thing happens according to what happened in the first, but this is then later nicely recovered, making a good plot. The music and emotion are again key, often symbolised, trough the stereo for example. There are also some goofs, or whatever you could call it, like Sam likes to eat extremely large portions of food,he's always laughing, the usage of the word 'sorry' and again typical cultural differences. The story is about the first metaphore and about passing the point of no return, all covered with dramatic sequences and few but good action-scenes. I hope the third is a little more action-packed, but it doesn't need to be. Good, clarifying and solid action-thriller!

Ian P (br) wrote: Fun for children at Christmastime and the rest of the year.

Marcus M (es) wrote: Kitano has always had a playful, softer side to himself, and this movie shows it (his mean side is also present) this is a joy to watch.

Charles H (kr) wrote: This film is a really outstanding portrait of British society in the early 90's, from top to bottom. The script is riveting and the acting is flawless. The only thing that seemed a bit overdone was the forced catharsis of two xenophobic ancillary characters. Other than that, however, "Beautiful People is brilliant.

Phil L (fr) wrote: I'll watch anything with Liotta

Bradley C (kr) wrote: A sweet, innocuous little film that does not fail to entertain and even brings in some laughs. The cend scene was actually rather moving. The film does have a few darker moments, but, overall, it's failry light in tone. And rightly so.

Joel W (fr) wrote: although the movie got sidetracked a couple of times, and i think robert deniro and bill murry's roles should have been reversed it was a pretty solid love story about a girl trying to get out from a mob bosses finger and a lonely cop that seems to have lost his vigor

Travis F (ca) wrote: This movie is o.k. it could have been a really good movie but is dragged down by many problems. The pacing is off, the scenes drag on for too long. The lack of a score makes the movie feel unfinished, the lack of continuity with the show makes it feel pointless to any fan of the show and make you ask "why am I watching this?" Stick to the show, skip this movie If you really wanna check out the prequel to the show try the comics.

Dave J (ag) wrote: Thursday, August 25, 2011 (1988) Tequila Sunrise THRILLER/ ROMANTIC The opposite of Mel Gibson's popular Lethal Weapon films, and continuing his anti- hero image, Mel Gibson stars as a drug runner with old school chum Kurt Russell as an officer at his tail- he doesn't like the boss he works with and gets along with the Mel Gibson character well, and of couse, a girl (Michelle Phiffer) stands between them! The thin plot serves nothing more, than a backdrop for the romantic love triangle or rendevous that exists amongt it's actors which is part of the films chrisma; attractive yuppie style cast in a beautiful setting is basically all it is! Alot of people were so dissappointed since they thought it had action in it, and was very dissappointed that it was nothing but a romance! 2.5 out of 4

Nico P (au) wrote: Una de las mejores pelculas que he podido ver. El do Freeman-Pitt ofrece carisma a raudales, un David Fincher inspiradsimo, una trama atrapante y bien escrita, y sobretodo, un villano de lo ms perturbador. Un "must-see" en toda regla

Will D (de) wrote: Instantly one of my favourite films. I didn't think I'd find a Lindsay Anderson film better than If..., but O Lucky Man is an oddity and a truly unique experience. MUST SEE!

Kaung S (fr) wrote: To be honest, it's not so good at CGI. Despite the low-budget production, it has some impressive moments. And it's amazing, like hell.

Julio S (es) wrote: Classically beautiful, entertaining, and a smooth Ricardo Montalbon make this a very cool watch and a look into CSI of the 50's