Jack and his pals are NYC bachelors in their super-late 30’s who have spent two decades chasing women and fleeing commitment. When a childhood friend’s sudden tragic marriage shakes up their world of sex and booze, Jack realizes he just may be ready to commit to the one woman hopelessly out of reach.

As they approach forty, four New York bachelors face tragedy, sex, and "The Thing Before The Thing." . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Michael H (fr) wrote: Enjoyable madness yarn

Griffen S (de) wrote: A couple of good laughs, but not very good.

Bobby D (br) wrote: I doubt you;d ever see this on the History Channel but if you're ever curious about the unspoken dark side of the 60's and the extremes people will goto for their beliefs then take a look at this film. Stick around for the end as it might be a surprise Jeapordy question.

Johnny N (nl) wrote: Very aww inspiring film. Reminding me of the old classics.

Troy F (nl) wrote: Wow, talk about being a ridiculously stupid movie! But it has me suckered into it's funny but dumb jokes!

Brian P (mx) wrote: A waste of time that should only be watched if you like Catherine Zeta Jones & Ewan McGregor. The movie is about surfers and how guys need to grow up and that kind of stuff. The movie just is kind of nothing and the characters are doing things that really make no sense at times. This is also they movie where Jones is mysteriosly attracted to someoneeven more unlikely than Michael Douglas.

Ileana A (kr) wrote: Alec Baldwin looked stunning... Nice movie but a very very weird....

Carlos M (br) wrote: Anyone who knows and appreciates the satirical office humor of the Dilbert comic strips will probably find this sophisticated comedy very funny - and those who hate their jobs will find it hard not to relate to it -, with a clever dialogue that makes us laugh during most of the time.

WS W (au) wrote: Oh! Wow! George Clooney & Doug Savant in curl!

Mark W (nl) wrote: Fat Boys and Sheila E...heaven.

Roberto A (it) wrote: Belo fime! Excelente indicao

rick r (kr) wrote: "Cockneys VS Zombies" is a British zom-com that brings the horrors of the zombie apocalypse to the world of the East-enders of London. The comedy is directed by Matthias Hoene and stars Rasmus Hardiker, Harry Treadaway, Michelle Ryan, Jack Doolan, Alan Ford, Georgia King, Ashley Thomas, Tony Gardner and Honor Blackman. "Cockneys VS Zombies" follows a group of mates in the East End who come up with a scheme to save a retirement community from eviction when plans to demo the building for new construction with all the mod cons. Unfortunately for the groups worry and plan it all ends up happening at the beginning of the zombie apocalypse. "Cockney VS Zombies" has a very contemporary story set-up with a very standard but well written cast of comedic characters. The gang of cockneys are good natured but illogical friends. Their intentions are good but their problem solving skills are very flawed. That is good for us the viewer of this truly witty comedy because the antics that follow are some truly classical Brit balderdash hilarity. There is very little about this story or it's subplots that fall apart. The script and character portrayals are strong and convincing ones that entertain. I felt invested and connected with the characters, as they fought tooth and nail to survive, and save the helpless through the rise of the undead horde. The comedic shtick and jokes are nothing new or inventive but they deliver honest laughs and amusement-if it isn't broke then don't fix it!The action and thrills in "Cockney VS Zombies" is a standard array of raucous stunts and action sequences but they hold up much like the comedy with true theatrical force. The zombies are classic zombies- the slow moving, moaning kind which is kind of rare for Brit zombie movies- they usually opt for the fast moving mutant-screechers that quite frankly scare the sh*t out of me. However much like "Shaun Of The Dead" this is a total homage to the classic Romero era of zombie lore. The special effects are great and the gore is rewarding but the bigger rewards come with the banter and interaction between the characters dealing with the zombies, not to mention one another. "Cockneys VS Zombies" is a cool, energetic zom-com that entertains and delivers the expected zombie montage of rotting corpses driven to consume the living with total a totally hilarious outcome. The characters are lovable, the story holds up from beginning to end and the funny is actually funny. I think any fan of comedies, and zombie films who enjoy the lighter side of the undead will enjoy this film. Some of the dialect is "cockney" and I like many Americans will really not get the lingo but it never takes away or hinders the total dialog of the film. It just adds an extra little bit of humor and organic flavor to the films already entertaining atmosphere.

Pasha A (mx) wrote: Starts well but as goes through it sucks.

Karen T (nl) wrote: This has got to be the worst vampire movie i have ever seen, and yes its far worse than twilight, ugh. Its so cliche and very stupid, if you're into that you might like it. Unfortunately for me it was really crappy.

Kimberly A (br) wrote: Wish there was a little more romance.