Brothers Mike and Tim McCall own a large ranch in Arizona, using the surrounding lands for grazing cattle. Stanley Cox and LeRoy Stanton sell this land to settlers who arrive to find it bone dry, as a dam on the McCall ranch controls the water. Among the settlers are John Dawson and his daughter Connie. The latter goes to the nearest town to take action, but Sheriff Ball tells him there is nothing he can do. Tim falls for Connie but Mike is unimpressed with her charms. While returning from a town dance, Tim discovers Stanton trying to dynamite the dam, and is killed in the ensuing gunfight. Stanton later sends his men to stampede the cattle while he and Cox blow up the dam. Despite the efforts of Mike and Sheriff Ball, the cattle are wiped out and Mike races to the dam and kills Stanton in a gunfight.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:76 minutes
  • Release:1949
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Stampede 1949 full movies, Stampede torrents movie

Brothers Mike and Tim McCall own a large ranch in Arizona, using the surrounding lands for grazing cattle. Stanley Cox and LeRoy Stanton sell this land to settlers who arrive to find it ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Anne B (ag) wrote: Bosnia & Herzegovina's submission for the Academy Awards' Best Foreign Language Film.

Francy P (it) wrote: 1 star beacuse Hilarie burton was in it or it would have been half... What was that all about? 95 minutes totally thrown away hoping it would get better...

Jennifer T (kr) wrote: I liked the plot and I loved the music. Jennifer Lopez produced this.

Dawn D (nl) wrote: A film that made a nice transition from the stage. The characters are realistic--none of them are villains or heroes. They are simply people trying to live life the best they can and when the ground underneath shifts, they readjust.

Alex A (us) wrote: Decent crime drama with good performances, nothing more to really say. It's all too familiar story is decently engaging, but the transition of the protagonist from dry cleaner to top tier drug dealer felt rushed, and could've benefited from a more slow burn approach.

MYata M (es) wrote: This is tha movie right here...

Justin A (es) wrote: Jim Varney is always entertaining as Ernest, but the movies with him aren't that great. This is one of the few decent Ernest movies, but still only so-so. An okay Christmas movie that is kind of middle of the pack.

Marcus W (gb) wrote: Slick blaxploitation film, with Pam Grier on form.

Eric M (de) wrote: "Battle of Britain" is a solid war film packed with stunning cinematography and jaw-dropping aerial combat sequences. Unfortunately, it is held back from true greatness by a script that shirks on small picture character development. Though the film is laudable for attempting to cover as much of the battle as possible, a finer focus would have done the dramatic side of the film well, as various subplots aren't developed to their true potential, and the massive cast of characters begins to blend into generic British and German war cliches. Michael Caine's turn as a pilot is fun, a Polish subplot is amusing, and one pilot's brief London experience shows flashes of emotional poignancy, but overall the film trips on the character side of things (particularly a poorly-written and plotted romance). Thankfully, however, the aerial combat sequences are a visual marvel, shot majestically and choreographed beautifully. The actual planes and practical effects stand the test of time easily, and the cinematography during a night raid on London proves chilling and haunting. World War II dogfights have perhaps never been so exhilaratingly exciting on film, because these planes and maneuvers are for real and thus utterly believable. The final sequence, dominated by music, is a haunting and elaborate symphony of the destruction of war that borders on the hypnotic. Though flawed on the personal narrative side, "Battle of Britain" plays out so interestingly on the big picture and rousingly cinematography-wise that it is well worth a watch.

Gary M (gb) wrote: Some decent action and some decent fights. Not a bad movie over all.