Stan likes Mary. Ann likes Stan. Mary likes Nick and Nick likes Nick too. Mr Frankle likes Ann, but not in a good way. Stan still likes Mary, and Ann still likes Stan, but now Stan thinks he has Herpes.

Stan likes Mary. Ann likes Stan. Mary likes Nick and Nick likes Nick too. Mr Frankle likes Ann, but not in a good way. Stan still likes Mary, and Ann still likes Stan, but now Stan thinks he has Herpes. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Stephen S (us) wrote: Hands down one of the worst films I've ever seen.

Steve M (es) wrote: Tragic story based on Mussolini's first wife(?)/lover. It's shot in such an old fashioned way and it integrates clips from the time period. It does start feeling redundant halfway through, but overall it's a well-done look at one of the overlooked characters in 20th century history. Fair warning though, it's much less about Mussolini than about Ida Dalser.

Ajay P (br) wrote: This film offers us the true meaning of what it is to be a person. It's not about the sex. It's about the rest: family, self-worth, and all those insignificant items that add up quickly to form one giant melting pot. This film touched on a deeper sensitivity of the understanding of transgender disorder that I haven't seen before.

Sergio L (gb) wrote: Some stand-out performances and complex and interesting reflections on life

Sharonhendersongaeorg S (ca) wrote: Very good movie, actors pulled this movie off seamlessly, one of my favorites.

Raya P (de) wrote: Still as great as I remembered it from my childhood.

Kathryn K (de) wrote: More bomb scare movies. Not appealing to me right now.

Mary F (au) wrote: I saw this at the Benny Decker Theater in Yokosuka with Jim Spahn! It was terrible!

Stephen C (jp) wrote: Likeable fim held togehter by Matthau and his performance as a CIA agent who decides to gain revenge on his rather stupid boss. The film is fairly laid back in its approach to the subject and the whole cast deliver top grade performances. Ned Beatty is great as Mattahu's dunderheaded boss and Herbert Lom and Glenda Jackson turn in neat performances. But this really is all about Matthau ,he really steals the film as the opera loving agent who is always one step ahead of his former company. The locations are ace and the whole film is neatly tied up in a bundle, one lost gem to savour

Yuri K (it) wrote: My favourite actor of childhood :D

Mary Jane C (au) wrote: Excellent adaptation of L'Assomoir which I studied at university many years ago.

Greg W (br) wrote: awesome bio-pic of sorts

Dylan C (es) wrote: Sad there aren't more reviews on this film. It's an incredible cast, an amazing script, and a funny casting of John Wayne as a Swedish sailor named Ollie. Gregg Toland's cinematography on this film is fantastic. The whole film feels like it could have been made yesterday.

Neil O (nl) wrote: One of Doris Day's lesser known movies and the one of only two thrillers she ever appeared in (the other being Hitchcock's "The Man Who Knew Too Much".) Besides Day, the film features Rex Harrison and a cast of well-known faces like Myrna Loy as bubbly "Aunt Bea" and Roddy McDowall as a ruthless schemer. Midnight Lace is an effective little thriller, with a good script and good performances, and would certainly deserve more recognition.

Jonathan C (gb) wrote: A suspenseful and tension filled thriller that grabs your attention from start to finish. Great performances all around and well directed by the dubious Joel Schumacher.

Scott S (ca) wrote: Okay I know the story of Pocahontas is not accurate and politically correct. However it is a good sequel compared to some of the other Disney sequels. It seemed like a lot of the 90s animated film sequels were usually about the main character(s) or their kids going back to the past. Pocahontas 2 does not follow this formula and actually goes forward in time. There are some plot holes, narrative issues, and lower animation quality but there is great action and comic relief.

Ryan D (mx) wrote: Amazing as usual with this series

Panta O (de) wrote: I thought that 2 h 30 minutes will be too long watching this silent romantic drama directed by D. W. Griffith and starring Lillian Gish. But this adaptation of the melodramatic 19th century play Way Down East by Lottie Blair Parker is for sure the best ever of the four made! There were two earlier silent versions, as well as one sound version from 1935, starring Henry Fonda. D. W.Griffith's version is particularly remembered for its exciting climax in which Lillian Gish's character is rescued from doom on an icy river. Some sources, quoting newspaper ads of the time, say a sequence was filmed in an early colour process, possibly Technicolor or Prizmacolor. I wish I could see that! Mine was all black and white. The melodramatic story of the handsome rich playboy Lennox (Lowell Sherman) who is exceptionally selfish and think only of their own pleasure, and his victim Anna (Lillian Gish), a poor country girl whom Lennox tricks into a fake wedding. When she becomes pregnant, he leaves her. She has the baby, named Trust Lennox, on her own, but the baby dies... she wanders until she gets a job with Squire Bartlett (Burr McIntosh) and David (Richard Barthelmess), Squire Bartlett's son, falls in love with her! Obviously, at that time the institution of marriage was considered as a suitable environment for the growth of love, not as a killer of love which usually is in reality. D.W. Griffith bought the film rights to the story that was elaborated by Joseph R. Grismer. Grismer's wife, the Welsh actress Phoebe Davies, became identified with the play beginning in 1897 and starred in over 4000 performances of it by 1909 making it one of the most popular plays in the United States. Although it was Griffith's most expensive film to date, it was also one of his most commercially successful. Way Down East is the fourth highest grossing silent film in cinema history, taking in more than $4,500,000 at the box office in 1920. Clarine Seymour had appeared in four previous Griffith films, and was hired to play Kate, the squire's niece. However, her role was given to Mary Hay, and Seymour's footage reshot, when Seymour died after surgery. Mary Hay was a worthy replacement! Worth watching not only as a part of the cinematic history, but as an art work of exceptional value.

Jakob K (us) wrote: A powerful, intense portrait of a man fighting despite his age played strongly by Hal Holbrook.

Alicia A (gb) wrote: A sensitive family dynamic movie. Takes place in Florida.