Standing Firm

Standing Firm

David, a widower, is working himself to death. Late nights doing paperwork and running on fumes is normal. Bills are piling up by the week, and foreclosure looms on the horizon. Blaming God for his wife's death, he ends his relationship with the church. Steven, the remaining Christian of the household, has been watching his father's unhealthy lifestyle with great concern. With help from his grandpa and best friend Maggie, Steven reaches out to his father in any way he can. Despite his grieving and worsening financial problems, David begins seeking an answer to the question haunting him since his wife's death...WHY? STANDING FIRM is a story of suffering, God's purpose in it, and being joyful despite it.

A hopeful story about suffering, joy, and the purpose of it all for one man and the world around him. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Banjo K (ag) wrote: Horrible acting, horrible plot, not scary, kickstarter money was 11,000 so that means its crappy.

Daniel M (ru) wrote: Although slightly more amusing than the average parody, The Starving Games is a horribly conceived comedy that does not deliver more than three or four smirks in its full run. "Starving" properly referring on the laughs.

Shawn M (ca) wrote: Not my favorite VeggieTales flick, but still can't way to get the point across to kids

Devon W (kr) wrote: Laugh-out-loud hilarious. A little cringe inducing at times, but the entire thing is so silly (and intentionally so) that it's just a riot to watch. "I'm not going out there, Ron's Dick is out there!"

Woodrow W (br) wrote: another great Canadian made movie. The story is wonderful and heartfelt.

Matt L (fr) wrote: Hilariously awful, considering the acting and plot. But there's something there that just makes it absolutely amazing.

Nick E (jp) wrote: [left][font=System]Faithful yakuza member, Kusinada (Riki Takeuchi) bust outta his prison retainment to hunt down the men who viscously shot down his boss. Armed with a bazooka and faithful partner, Kusinada plans to raise some hell in the crimnal underworld. [/font][/left][left][font=System][/font] [/left][left][font=System]Deadly Outlaw Rekka is probably one of the most interesting Yakuza flicks Ive seen in a long time. With Riki Takeuchi leading the cast and Takashi Miike behind the camera you really cant go wrong, though during the mid section it lagged just a bit and i found myself checking my watch once or twice. But for the most part, this flick was highly entertaining and should please any Takashi Miike, or yakuza/gang film fan.[/font][/left]

Dave S (kr) wrote: You guys, what is this movie even about? There's a possible serial killer, a sorta unwanted vaguely creepy houseguest, a potential malpractice suit, some maybe marital problems... By the time the movie finally decides on a plot (which doesn't happen until about an hour into things), it's like, forget it, Jake, it's crazytown.

Steve M (de) wrote: Project Vampire Starring: Brian Knudson, Mary-Louise Gemmill, and Myron Natwick Director: Peter Flynn A mad scientist, Dr. Klaus (Natwick), is perfecting a longevity serum that turns those who use it into vampires. A brave intern from the univsersity hospital (Knudson), a kind-hearted nurse (Gemmill), and a Chinese genius (Cho) join forces to save themselves from the efffects of the serum and to stop Klaus's convoluted schemes from coming to fruition. At the center of "Project Vampire" is a neat idea--I like the notion of the vampire serum--but that idea is brutally strangled by a script so badly structured I doubt the writer/director has even heard the term "three-act structure", and then dumped in a shallow grave by a cast of actors who have almost certainly heard the phrase "don't quit your dayjob" many times. To make matters worse, the film is a mixture of a chase story and a race-against-time story, but both of these normally dramatic plot-types are made deadly dull by chase scenes that have all the excitement of my daily commute to work. "Project Vampire" is yet another badly executed low-budget film where a good idea falls victim to a shortage of talent. (It's also the only film of recent vintage that features a Chinese character that brought to mind Lionel Twain's rant at Inspector Wang in "Murder By Death" about geniuses being unable to grasp the use of preposition, articles, and pronouns when speaking.)

Del M (ag) wrote: Bad acting, but good ending.

Dolby W (ru) wrote: See this version. The Americanized version changed Godzilla's name and his roar. This may be clunky, but it is far superior to the American version.

Greg W (de) wrote: A classy thriller, much less laden with significance than most Kazan movies. a;l shot on location too

Andrey B (ca) wrote: Good biopic about probably the greatest boxer of all time.

Brandon M (kr) wrote: Wow the hate this film is getting. Its a good action movie.

Carrie T (kr) wrote: Stuart Little is cute, but the third act was a bit too generic.

Robert V (mx) wrote: Saoirse Ronan is superb. If it were up to me I would have given her the Academy Award for Best Actresss. Simply exquisite acting. The movie is beautifully shot, and the it leaves you feeling every emotion possible.

Kevin R (kr) wrote: You can stick that up your ass!Two women locked up in a third world prison get to know each other. Karen Brent is a white woman who works for a revolutionary colony that hopes to free the country and get rid of prisons like the one she finds herself in. Lee Daniels is a former drug smuggler from the city. She wants to escape and get a boat back to her homeland. The two girls work together to see if they can accomplish their goals. "He doesn't have the balls to pressure us!"Eddie Romero, director of Beyond Atlantis, A Case of Honor, Desire, Blood Devils, The Ravagers, Lost Battalion, and The Passionate Strangers, delivers Black Mama White Mama. The storyline for this picture is entertaining and fun to watch unfold. This reminded me a little of The Big Bird Cage. The acting was above average and the action scenes were as you'd expect from this era. The cast includes Pam Grier, Margaret Markov, Sid Haig, and Lynn Borden. "She tells me she's a good friend of yours too!"I grabbed this off Netflix as a nice grindhouse picture I had never seen and needed to lay my eyes upon. The characters were okay and the dialogue was better than I expected. The overall film is a nice addition to the grindhouse genre but far from a classic. I do recommend giving this picture a viewing if you're a fan of the genre, but I would hesitate to add this to my DVD collection."I'm not as stupid as I look. I know who you are."Grade: C+

Rodney C (us) wrote: Robert Zemeckis first feature film is pretty fun to watch. The cast does good job freaking out about the beatles, during the bands first visit to America and goes on the famous Ed Sullivan show. Will please any beatle fan and the good part is that they actually use their music in the movie a big bonus!