The FBI and Texas police make ready to storm the headquarters of a heavily armed sect of religious fanatics. But the operation goes horribly wrong and a couple of agents seek protection at an abandoned farm. But they are not the only ones there.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:91 minutes
  • Release:1998
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:escape,   flashback,   siege,  

FBI and the Texas police make ready to storm the headquarters of a sect heavily armed religious fanatics. But the operation goes terribly wrong and a couple of feds seeks protection at an ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Christian S (es) wrote: Une visite de groupe d'extrme-droite radicale amricains et comment le F.B.I infiltre et arrte ou fait arrter des ACTIVISTE OU POTENTIELS TERRORISTES.

Julie M (kr) wrote: A lot of fun at the movies.

PieterJan V (ru) wrote: A not so brilliant action movie. Rather borring...I think there was more in this movie than what came out.

Steve G (nl) wrote: Very stylized movie! Zach Snyder took the acclaimed graphic novel and turned it into a thrilling and eerie film. Movies based off DC comics are always portrayed in a amazing and popular fashion. If you like the dark knight trilogy you would like this!

Daniel I (es) wrote: I worked on this film too. Someday I will make you all watch it with me.

Jens S (br) wrote: What a fine movie, finding just the right balance between humor and thoughtful scenes. Especially the writing is excellent, but so is the acting. If Natalie Portman wouldn't have gotten her Oscar nomination for Closer, she would have deserved it for her quirky, natural and wonderful performance in this. Just try not to fall in love with her character. Each awesome song from the soundtrack fits perfectly into the scene it is played in. Such a wise, sad and funny movie with a really unique atmosphere. Kudos to Zach Braff for pulling all that off. And the ending is nothing but perfect.

Private U (ag) wrote: Crap. Worth half a star for Mark and Lard, but its bad, really bad.

Glenn C (us) wrote: It's taken me 13 years to finally watch Vulgar. Released in 2000 and produced by Kevin Smith's View Askew production company, the film seperates itself from the lowbrow toilet humour of the Askewniverse titles and presents a dark little revenge flick... think "I Spit on your Grave" with a clown in the vigilante role. Its an odd movie with lots going for it but suffers hugely from it's indecisiveness . It doesnt know which genre it wants to be. With familiar faces from the Askewniverse canon it detracts from the seriousness of it's story... and it IS serious. Brian O'Halloran (Dante from Clerks) is good in the lead role and gives a surprisingly vulnerable performance and considering the shoe-string budget it was shot on, the film looks great... but the story is let down by its script. Dialogue becomes campy and support actors fail epically (the mother character most notably) and what should be a kick ass indie revenge flick becomes nothing more than a demented little sibling of Clerks. In fact, its entirely conceivable that this could be Dante's sequel story.

Maverick G (jp) wrote: Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery is one of the funniest spy comedies you will find on the market and features an hilarious performance from Mike Myers. Austin powers reaches into "it's so funny its hurts" territory.

Peter v (mx) wrote: Still one of my favourite movies ... Sweet, funny, insightful look at what we'll do - or not - to escape our self-built treadmills.

Vineeta S (jp) wrote: 0.5* for Asha Bhonsle and Kalyanji Anandji. 0.5 * for Amjad Khan for portraying a man at once as strong as an elephant and as agile as a gazelle. 0.5* for the adorable Natasha Chopra. 0.5* for Zeenat Aman's sheer nerve. 0.5* for the delightfully anachronistic wardrobe (dashing with the men's clothes, ludicrous with Zeenat Aman's). -1 for the tortuous storyline and also because no 7-year-old should ever have to watch her Dad get annihilated by a mchine gun. -0.5 for general ridiculosity.

Ben L (gb) wrote: So this is what a romantic comedy was like in the 1930s. What we have here is the story of a young heiress (played by Claudette Colbert) who is frustrated with her overbearing father, and his threats to have her new marriage annulled. So she hops on a bus to go be with her husband. On the bus she meets a reporter (played by Clark Gable) who agrees to help her with her journey in exchange for an exclusive story. I always find it charming when I watch an old film like this and see how they handle the modesty of the times. The whole "walls of Jericho" thing was a lot of fun, and it paid off in a great way in the final scene. The pair of lead actors are just wonderful. I was surprised how Colbert was able to make her character so likable despite being spoiled rotten. Ordinarily that is a character type that I hate, but she was so sweet it didn't grate on my nerves. Gable is playing that lovable loser who just can't seem to catch a break but I always find myself wishing he would. He plays the heartbreak scenes so expertly and it pulls at your heartstrings because you can tell exactly what he is thinking behind those strong eyes.One of the challenges in any romantic comedy is creating good chemistry between the leads, and I think they did that well here. Between the scene where they are pretending to be married, and the scene where they are trying to hitch a ride, I was laughing quite a lot, but also convinced they had a real connection. I think what didn't work for me is that this story is so familiar. Obviously It Happened One Night probably did it long before any of the others where I've seen a similar theme, so it shouldn't lose points for that, but I just think there have been improvements made in the genre. There were moments where I thought this movie dragged a little bit as well, and that's probably because I knew how things would end and I was just waiting for it to get there. That being said, there are a lot of iconic moments in this film, some that I had seen many times before without realizing they came from here. The acting was top notch, and there were a lot of funny moments too. I don't know if I'll ever revisit It Happened One Night on my own, but if someone asked I would gladly watch it again.

Angela G (fr) wrote: very impressive movie for a low budget film

Andy N (mx) wrote: Nightbreed is a Clive Barker film that I somehow missed, perhaps overlooked in my youth for the horror titles that are so easily recognized. As I go back to the well to find new and interesting films I rediscovered this film and as it's Christmas morning and I lie awake in bed, well, that just sounded like the best time to watch this film. I don't read much so I can't speak as to how the film holds up to the short story but it's written and directed by Clive Barker so I figure it's close enough to what he wanted and as per the name would suggest this film is delightfully batshit crazy. The writing and dialog leave something to be admired and Barker isn't one to not cheese it up every once in a while. The scoring by Elfman is terrible. Like most of Elfman's work the music is indistinguishable from his other work. I half expected Batman to pop out of nowhere and start punching people in the face. The monster design is top notch I just wish they had a director capable of filming them in all their glory. The story is twisted and bizarre. A man troubled by his prophetic like dreams is fooled by his psychologist into believing he is a serial killer. The man goes on a quest to find the city in his dreams, a city where monsters live and the sins that he's "committed" will be forgiven. The film attempts to tackle duality and the nature of who we show vs. who we truly are. With that said, I couldn't help but feel I was watching parts of a much bigger story. It's only sort of explained who and what the Nightbreed are. It's also never explained why the psychologist wants to destroy Midian (the prophetic city). Then the film leaves you wanting more. Fantastic creature design, a scattershot story, spotty dialog, and a score by Elfman that sucks as usual but filled to the brim with gore Nightbreed is an interesting film that I would love to see remade and or get a sequel to.