Star Pilot

Star Pilot

Aliens from the constellation Hydra crash-land on the island of Sardinia. A prominent scientist, his daughter, several young technicians, and a pair of Oriental spies are taken hostage by the beings so they can use them to repair their spaceship's broken engine. With that done, they take off towards their home planet, taking the earthlings with them. However, the humans attempt to mutiny against their captors, inadvertently sending their tiny spaceship hurtling into the infinite beyond...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:89 minutes
  • Release:1966
  • Language:Italian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:alien,   kidnapping,   mutiny,  

Aliens from the constellation Hydra crash-land on the island of Sardinia. A prominent scientist, his daughter, several young technicians, and a pair of Oriental spies are taken hostage by ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Star Pilot torrent reviews

Sandie L (es) wrote: Disappointing.. Slow.slow.slow. Sorry but just didn't get it. Not spooky. Not scary. The ending was the best bit! (it finished)

Greg H (it) wrote: Love the South African punt, but you start to wonder if we are watching a film, or simply, Sandler's vacation videos.

Kory S (it) wrote: Haunting, gripping, and devastatingly effective.

I dont know w (kr) wrote: What's next... Hockey? Polo? Either way, I'm not interested.

Alexandra W (nl) wrote: An engrossing and disturbing amalgamation of Nancy Drew, an 80s after school special, and an episode of SVU.

Justin R (fr) wrote: While not one of Al Pacino's memorable entertainments, it's a descent light-hearted comedy, which presents a different side of Pacino

Daniel L (ag) wrote: this movie came out when i was in my teens loved it then and still love today. I dont under stand the teens of today I dont think they like it the same as we did back then what they are watching is really diffrent. i could go on an an about the movie if you have not seen it go get it and see it you will not be sorry!!!

Petter S (ru) wrote: Nitrist og ekkelt makkverk, drlig spilt og elendig dubbet. Et par brukbare sekvenser, og den lille greia med djevelen og den omreisende er ikke s verst, men for det meste er filmen sjarmls, smakls, vulgr ?? og kjedelig.

Private U (it) wrote: Truely great for the human side of interest during war times. Seeing your men and friends alike dying before you eyes as they struggle to win the battle against the enemy. Truely a great film.

Rangan R (it) wrote: What would you choose to do if you get a second chance in your life.I think it came at the right time. The recent report says there are lots of athletes around the world from the different sports failed their doping tests. But this story sets around the 15 years ago, which was based on the real sportsperson's life story. Lance Armstrong, a cyclist from the Texas and his record breaking back to back wins at the 'The Tour de France'. The film narrates a tale that what he chose to do with the second chance of his life.A very interesting biopic, but kind of confusing over what kind of revelation the film is. I mean whether inspiring to fight back the disease, especially what he contributed to the poor and orphan cancer patients, or cheating the game to become a fame. So what I think is it has the both positives and negatives. I liked the balanced screenplay, that is very smart for a controversial person like this.It's like a modern 'Robinhood' tale. But here, he's not stealing from the rich, instead he cheats the game. Those tricks were unbelievable. That's not the right thing to do, but that's what he's good at. Ben Foster was amazing, I'd seen him doing lots of supporting roles, but for this he's the posterboy. This film is a great example that the lies cannot go on forever, sooner or later the justice will be done. People hate him and so this film. There are others who like him as well, but I'm neutral and people like me has to go through a hard time to rate it.6 1/2/10

Peter B (de) wrote: An indie with two main topics: relationships and sex. A very well written, well acted, interesting film.