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Star Reformer torrent reviews

Rosa M (us) wrote: Expectacular and magical!

Faris S (gb) wrote: Cate Blanchett and Sally Hawkins quickly fit into their roles. Blanchett plays a haunted, sick woman with comedic moments extremely well.

Raiyan Mahmood M (mx) wrote: haunted is most probably the best Indian horror movie made till this date. directer Vikram Bhatt really deserve a thumbs up.

SV G (br) wrote: Two young Jews who had met only casually once before find themselves in the same concentration camp during WWII. They fall in love and have love letters smuggled back and forth to one another. There is an extra hitch to that but I'll not give a spoiler. This documentary is the telling of those two people and how they not only survived the concentration camps (when most of their family and friends did not) but somehow find one another again after the war and have 60 years (and still) together. Their love still shines and shows in their faces and the faces of their children and grandchildren we meet in this film, but also shows that perhaps their years in captivity has given them that extra zest for living life (that we should all have) carrying them together into their 80s and 90s, still living well and here to tell the world today, 'never ever forget'.

Tyler H (gb) wrote: I am not familiar with the video game this is based on, but this movie was entertaining as a stand alone. It's your typical Miike weirdness, with lots of strange humor mixed in to serious situations. Give Miike a premise and a budget and I'll give it a chance.

Miguel R (au) wrote: Hitchcock is good little biography on the life of Alfred Hitchcock during the making of his horror classic, Psycho

Tyler S (ru) wrote: A fantastic espionage thriller with an absolute spot on performance from Chris Cooper, who plays Robert Hannsen the real life FBI agent who was charged as the biggest spy in US history.Ryan Philipe is great here as the real life man who was assigned to watch him, who was ultimately responsible for his taking down.The movie really focuses on one central theme, with his relationship with his wife loosely in the backdrop.The movie follows the one on one direct relationship that the two men have, as Philipe is basically his day to day assistant: driver, secretary, etc.He reports to an FBI agent when paged, and informs her of his movings, and day to day operations, basically what he does with his life.I thought the movie could of been better if it focused more on the FBI operations surrounding the investigation. The movie did do this not to be mistaken, but I did want a little more involvement from other characters. However the goal of the movie took on directly the one on one relationship the 2 men had and it did work.A bond is formed at first until he learns the man is really a spy.You see the case affect his marriage as it becomes on the rocks.Again outside the one on one between the 2 men everything else is loosely plotted and not too involved. I think a little bit more of that would of escalated the film into a bit better of a category. I also felt with the subject matter being involved, it could have been a little more intense and moving. After the film I was impressed, but not totally moved like that of a 4 star or more film.All that being said, fantastic performance from Cooper, and a damn good one by Phillipe make this movie an absolute recommendation.

Devon S (es) wrote: A gorgeous and visually stimulating look into the all to frequently overlooked lives of insects. No obtrusive narration. Just stunning visuals and appropriate music. A definite must see. Grab some popcorn and plop on down for just over an hours worth of fun! How could insects be fun you ask? I ask, how can they NOT be fun!?! (The Entomologist will admit she is a bit biased though...)

Gwynn H (fr) wrote: great film, love this classic!

Stewart F (br) wrote: Coulrophobics beware, this is a cheap and nasty Halloween rip off thats tied together by 3 scary tales found on an old VHS tape, a tape which is linked by a super creepy killer clown. Fans of the genre will love this, as it's well done with what i expect to be a very limited budget, yet the scares and overall creepy feel are there throughout. If cheap scares are you thing then go for it, if wacked out Clowns aren't, then steer well clear...

Ryan C (it) wrote: While "Eagle Eye" has an interesting premise and will entertain for the afternoon, its most thrilling moments are unoriginal and it's hard to get behind Shia LaBeouf as an action star when so much of the film is ludicrous.

Kim W (ag) wrote: A meet the parents style movie based around a white guy trying to win the approval of his girlfriends racist father, I must admit I didn't really laugh much considering it was a comedy but I did enjoy it and would watch it again.

Brandon R (de) wrote: Loved the feel of this one. I also loved the fact I could follow the story.

Kade C (es) wrote: The biggest flaw with this film is that it doesn't feel like Star Wars in the slightest. A poorly written love story and teen angst leads a film which is a step back from what should have been a major step forward following The Phantom Menace.

Simon T (fr) wrote: Emotional, powerful and fantastic visual effects. The third part of the Lord of the Rings-Trilogy directed by Peter Jackson is my favourite movie of all time !

Carlos Z (nl) wrote: Good courtroom drama

Gretchen W (ag) wrote: i really liked this movie gotta go with the critics again...

Karsh D (jp) wrote: fantasy film where orcs do battle with humans.