Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back

Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back

After destroying the Death Star space station, Luke escapes with his companions. Rebels stationed in Hoth, while Luke and his robot R2-D2 are looking to the planet Dagobah to find the Master Jedi Yoda. Darth Vader and the Empire army are beginning to arrest the rebels. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back torrent reviews

Debanjan C (es) wrote: It's a good movie at best! Some of the vignettes are good but then there are certain ones which are horrible. But it's a good idea, and it's watchable! Huge starcast so hard to really spot out somebody!

Sarah A (br) wrote: Too long & Too political to enjoy watching ! i really really got bored but i liked the plot though ! Fardeen Khan & Kareena Kapoor did well in the movie !

Jose Miguel G (fr) wrote: Amazing 3D Animation, combined with delightful characters and a smart and complete re-invention of the classic tale, Rapunzel is a true revival for the classic fairytale Disney spirit, making it a worthy 50th animated feature in the studio.

Mel V (ag) wrote: Pretty good French thriller. This is the most Americanized French film I've ever seen (not that it's necessarily a bad thing, French films are generally a little too weird for me, so injecting a little mainstream into it made it just right). I have to say though, I speak perfect French, and I had to turn the subtitles on. Not just for the sheer amount of France slang, but, with the exception of Jean Reno, they all seem to have hot potatoes in their mouths. They were the Merry Mumblers. The end of the film was pretty awesome on the spot, but then, once the film is over and you start thinking about it, there's just no way. It makes no sense. So I'm choosing not to think about it, and it gets to keep it's score of 7/10.

Jeffrow R (gb) wrote: This movie is hard to follow and at most mildly entertaining.

Jos M (ru) wrote: Wes Craven, maestro!

Paul N (ag) wrote: I think it was a great movie. It shows interpersonal communication in its extreme! It disects how people struggle and differ on so many levels, especially in dire circumstances or events. (plus, it doesn't help to be stranded out in the desert, with no help or water). You just have to hope you would never be faced in a circumstance, where some of your friends die and the "calls" made by you or someone else could mean the difference between "life or death".

Chris B (gb) wrote: A violent and brutal look at manhood and the quest to suffice in the world. Hard to watch and endure, especially a certain scene, but one that ends in a wonderfully due act of vengeance. Dustin Hoffman gives a strikingly realistic performance as the coward husband turned hero and the cast all make it a believable and intense film. Recommended if you can handle extreme subject matter as there is some very heavy themes here and the film contains violence, nudity, sexual content including rape, and other adult-oriented material. This is a film that grabs hold and never lets go though, so if you can stomach the story you will be pleased by what you walk away with.

TheMumblelover (ag) wrote: Interesting film. Salvation, redemption and love bizarrely concocted but it works without being preachy

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Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back torrent

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