Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Having taken her first steps into a larger world in "Star Wars: The Force Awakens", Rey continues her epic journey with Finn, Poe and Luke Skywalker in the next chapter of the Star Wars saga.

As an American epic space opera film written and directed by Rian Johnson. Having taken her first steps into the Jedi world, Rey joins Luke Skywalker on an adventure with Leia, Finn and Poe that unlocks mysteries of the Force and secrets of the past. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Michael M (jp) wrote: In something that can only be called comedy's equivalent to sticking a 12-gauge in your mouth or engaging in auto-cannibalism, this movie takes aim at it's own stupidity and the satirical intelligence of South Park. It does so poorly. Aside from a few fun if forgettable jokes, this movie isn't all that funny. It blows and it knows it.It seems more concerned with repeating Carlin's 7 forbidden words and adding in random borderline porno sequences (more graphically than the show ever did - unfortunately not in a good way) than being funny. It just tries to shock you to death while making REALLY poor and REALLY repetitive jokes about Israel.Drawn Together fans, do yourself a favor: Forget this movie exists.

Mark C (au) wrote: I made the grave mistake of watching Excision, Inside (French film), and this one back to back to back. I have now lost all hope in the human race.I need to watch a comedy next, in hope to stay sain.

Alex H (au) wrote: HILARIOUS!! Must see!

Cha G (fr) wrote: You know I blame the writers and directors for this movie. Not the cast. I mean the movie has a great look that contrasts the softness of the original. Visually its very appealing and quite different. But the most sore part about this movie is the plot is so washed out its entertaining but not thrilling like it should be. Poor Sharon Stone was fed such awful dialogue that was not as effortless and sexy as the first. In this one shes just blunt and in your face and not in a good way. And the rest of the cast really does not have any chemistry or offer anything as well. David Morrissey is a cute face but nothing more. Sharon Stone for almost 50 still looks beautiful and has raging sex appeal..Not to crazy on her hair and wardrobe though. This movie is a product of today, not the 90's.

Luna S (it) wrote: really unique movie. i totally loved it. everyone's characters are very different and how they are as a family is very interesting to watch and observe. another great movie with tadanobu asano in it =)

William M (br) wrote: A man trying comprehend both the question and the answer, all wrapped in a jelly donut.

Grace M (jp) wrote: Othello Play vs. Movie ReviewOn a scale from 1-10 I would rate the play version of Othello a 7. The plot was very complex and obviously well thought-out, but while reading it I usually found myself becoming lost in the Shakespearean language and not fully interpreting all of the words on the page. I understood the general plot and course of events, but not every written line seemed relevant. Also, since these plays were originally meant to be performed and not read in book form, I think I would've been able to comprehend some of the text better and would have overall enjoyed the story better if I had seen it performed. Having it performed would give the text a new form of life that it does not necessarily have on its own. What I liked most about the play version of Othello was not just the complex plot, but some of the references that were made to the Bible in some of the characters' lines. Iago specifically has a line where he twists the words of a Bible verse to, in a sense, proclaim he is a god and also to say that he is two-faced. I think the way Shakespeare sets this reference up is very clever. What I didn't like about the play were the sometimes dry or seemingly unnecessary lines. There were parts of the play where characters would ramble on for pages at a time and their words would drift away from the main topic they were speaking about in the first place. Those unnecessary monologues took away from the overall story for me when I was reading it.I would give O, the movie adaptation of Othello, a 8 on a scale from 1-10. Modernizing the play made the story much more relatable, and therefore much more interesting for me. One thing that I really like about the movie is that Desdemona actually sticks up for herself and directly denies cheating on Oden (Othello) in the movie, while in the play she's a lot more passive and doesn't ever deny anything. Another thing that I think works well in the movie is that Oden's (Othello's) rage is a lot more apparent. The movie focuses a lot on how the rumors of Desdemona's affair with Cassio affect him mentally and emotionally, and I feel like even though his anger is definitely talked about in the play, I didn't get as much of it out of the words alone. One last thing that I liked about the movie was how much of Iago's double-sidedness is shown. In the play I got a good sense of Iago's bad side, but didn't have as easy of a time seeing why everyone was so fond of him. His character in the movie (Hugo), however, shows the character's double-sided personality really well. The audience sees more of him developing trust and bonding with Oden (Othello). There wasn't anything in particular that I hated about the movie. The drug dealing scenes weren't necessary, but they added an interesting subplot and helped to raise the stakes in the movie.Overall, I enjoyed the movie adaptation of Othello more than I enjoyed the play. I found myself becoming much more invested in the characters and the overall plot while watching the movie than I was while reading the play. I think this has a lot to do with the fact that Shakespeare always intended for his plays to be performed and not read, so I believe that only reading them takes away from the overall affect that stories can have on an audience. Although I enjoyed both the play and movie versions of Othello, the movie was much more entertaining for me.

Dillon L (mx) wrote: one of the best animated movies ever

alan d (gb) wrote: u believe in "miracle"...

Margarita S (jp) wrote: Ava Gardner steals the show. It's a silly formulaic romantic comedy, but its execution is well done.

Kat O (fr) wrote: Fred Astaire and Eleanor Powell .. they're simply AMAZING to watch together! The movie itself isn't that great. This pairing gets the 5 star rating.

Dane C (fr) wrote: In my opinion, this is easily the most underrated and wrongfully interpreted film I've ever seen. I can't express my love for this film enough; it's just one of those films that I can put in and watch anywhere at any time and cherish every second.

Anthony D (mx) wrote: As much as I may want it to be a Woody Allen film, it isn't. Sharon Stone seems oddly uncomfortable playing a woman.

Dave A (jp) wrote: Should be considered as bad anything else Seagal has done recently, but get's an extra half-star for Seagal's line "I guess he's got an explosive personality!".

Kenny N (fr) wrote: No stars. I hate this movie. I've seen it several times due to watching it with RiffTrax audio commentary, and each time I see it I find more to hate. And yet everyone else seems to love and praise it as some groundbreaking achievement in horror. This rinky dink production ended up grossing millions at the box office. And that confounds me, because we have more found footage horror movies than we know what to do with. Surely we could have found a better one to throw our hard earned money at in theaters. ("Alone With Her," for starters.) The leads are obnoxious and unlikable. I'd call them "amateurish," but that's kind of the point in the "found footage" genre of filmmaking. But this thing doesn't scare me at all. I figured out this thing in 10 minutes, and the movie does nothing to make getting there half the fun. So I gladly give it no stars. I won't bother with the sequels because I doubt they'd impress me any better than the original.

Jairo A (au) wrote: One of my favorite comedy/raunchy type movies! The characters is what makes this movie work nicely. Stifler, stiffler's mom, Jim, Jim's dad, shitbreak, the Shermanator, etc...awesome!!!

Jeff S (fr) wrote: but admit that im biased -- i was counsel for this picture and saw a number of cuts of the film. this is a wonderful story, beautifully directed by Chris Eigen with a compelling performance by Famke Janssen.

Jakki J (nl) wrote: Like in Pillow Talk, Rock Hudson is back to his old tricks of faking out Doris Day, pretending to be someone else for sinister purposes, but of course it all backfires in the end. Sure, it was risque by 1960s standards, but it's all pretty harmless fun!