Staraya, staraya skazka

Staraya, staraya skazka

A young puppeteer tells a story about a soldier who falls in love with a rude princess. Based on fairy tales by Hans Christian Andersen.

Based on the famous fairytale "The Tinderbox" by Hans Christian Andersen. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Hani H (br) wrote: Kirk Honeycutt, Hollywood ReporterThe Lion of Judah turns out to be a lamb and this Bible story with animals turns out to be exceedingly more comments

Adam B (jp) wrote: Willem Dafoes hair was weird, thats what I remember from this film, which is pretty bad. It was bareable, but it did not all add up for me, and the ending, what was that?!

Jonathan F (it) wrote: surrealism where the star is guns never works

Blas B (ru) wrote: La mejor de Kusturica!!!!!

Dave J (ru) wrote: Thursday, April 17, 2014(1988) PinPSYCHOLOGICAL HORROR DRAMAI tried to watch this for a second attempt so that I can post a review on here, but for some reason, it's much more unbearable to watch for a second time. Co-written and directed by Sandor Stern adapting the Andrew Neiderman novel, which from the movie standpoint has many familiar remnants to "Psycho" as well as other William Castle classics. Nothing really happens until the very end which the mute thing that's on the wheel chair seen from on the window from outside may not be what it appears to be. It's quite drab and dull.2 out of 4 stars

Kirk E (ca) wrote: In which Charles Bronson just says 'no' to drugs....with his GUNS.

Byron H (au) wrote: It starts off rather slowly, but it ends very powerfully. Be prepared to sit still and enjoy!