A pair of smugglers manage to pick up a castaway while running from the authorities, who turns out to be the only survivor from a secret mission to destroy a mysterious superweapon designed by the evil Count Zartharn. The smugglers are soon recruited by the Emperor to complete the mission, as well as to rescue the Emperor's son, who has gone missing.

The film centers on Stella Star and Akton are outlaw smugglers are survivors from a special mission to devastate superweapon. In no time, they are recruited by the Emperor of the Galax to fulfill that plan and save Emperor's son. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Starcrash torrent reviews

Zoe S (br) wrote: Incredibly well written and carried by five unique and memorable performances.

Greg W (es) wrote: good mystery/historical drama by one of my fave directors.

Patricia C (es) wrote: The movie actually let me get into the movie~~Lots of feeling~~What a great local production~~

Deb K (kr) wrote: This is just a Silly Movie. Something Fun to watch if nothing else is on. Its about a guy who bets on a game of golf, signs a contract, and when he loses, he ends up having some "surgery" done. I won't give away what happens.

Anders P (es) wrote: Inspiring, real look at Katrina. @blackkoldmedina is a champ.

Aaron B (ru) wrote: the writers of this film must have just said fuck it when they got half way because it actually has no plot. basically we have 2 kids, a mum and a dummy at the beginning. the mum over doses and dies leaving the kids with there abusive uncle. from there they decide to go to vegas to do a ventriloquist act. then they decide the boy needs to have a kid and kidnap a girl so they can rape her. from there they just kill everyone in there sight for no apparent reason. then the film gets pure fucked up when the brother and sister decide they r goin 2 fuck so they can have a baby. then again we just kill everyone for 20 minutes until the end where we discover the girl has a baby puppet. wow. wasted 3 minutes writing about this shit. this film confused me more than anything because 1 minute your thinking the damn dummy is alive and then maybe not. it only becomes obvious at the end. but i did actually have fun watching this film which is actually funny at parts whether purposely or not!!

Stuart K (nl) wrote: Written and directed by John Herzfeld (Two of a Kind (1983), 15 Minutes (2001)), this is a multi-strand character drama cut from similar cloth to Short Cuts (1993), Magnolia (1999) and Crash (2004). Not all of it works, and it is a bit over the top in places, but it does have a good cast giving good performances, but it is hard to follow in places, even though it's not that long at all. Set in Los Angeles, it has hitmen Lee Woods (James Spader) and Dosmo Pizzo (Danny Aiello) killing Ray Foxx (Peter Horton). But, Woods turns on Pizzo, shooting him and blowing him up in his car. But, Pizzo survives and escapes, ending up in the house of Allan Hopper (Greg Cruttwell), an obnoxious art dealer who is nasty to his assistant Susan Parish (Glenn Headly) and his sister Audrey (Marsha Mason), who has picked up suicidal TV producer Teddy Peppers (Paul Mazursky). Meanwhile, Becky Foxx (Teri Hatcher) has found her husband dead, and vice cop Alvin Strayer (Jeff Daniels) and rookie Wes Taylor (Eric Stoltz) investigate, but nothing is what it seems with this murder, and Woods' Norwegian girlfriend Helga Svelgen (Charlize Theron) is involved as well. It is well made, and it's suspenseful, and there is a black streak of humour running throughout. It has a good cast, and one or two stand outs, including Cruttwell (best known from Naked (1993)), as the nasty Hopper, but it's well done, but it does tend to end just a little too abruptly, and it's a film that could have done with a little more padding to clarify one or two bits.

Jack F (nl) wrote: Incoherent from start to finish, easily one of the worst-made films anyone will ever see. Not that anyone would rent this unintentionally hilarious (my younger sister scored some points off of it) "horror" for any other reason than a good laugh. Seriously, the characters don't even have names.

jesse k (es) wrote: Seagal deserved an Academy award for this outstanding movie. And you can take that to the bank!

Tylor B (de) wrote: Yes I watched this & idk why I did

William W (ag) wrote: This really struck a personal, compelling blow for me. I completely understood von Trotta's performance of a person who will do anything, no matter how devastating to whom, in order to be noticed, and loved. This film should be much better known, and watched.

Simon V (de) wrote: I didn't really laugh out loud, but the cynical part of the dialogues made me laugh inside. I see it more like a criticism, rather than a "comedy", because it's difficult to laugh when what's said is exactly true... And, of course, what a performance by M. Mastroianni...

Jordon J (es) wrote: Date And Switch is a plucky step in the right direction for diversity in teen comedies, but it lacks the extra oomph to stand on its own merits. I say RENT IT!!!

David G (br) wrote: Typical 80s comedy romp starring a young Johnny Depp in what I believe is his first or second starring role in a movie. I didn't particularly like it, but I also didn't hate it. Overall it was just mediocre with a lot of slap stick mixed with sex humor