Starrcade: The Essential Collection

Starrcade: The Essential Collection


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Starrcade: The Essential Collection torrent reviews

Nardia F (fr) wrote: Good but prefer winx secret of the lost kingdom

Tamara T (fr) wrote: This movie is something else but I love it.

Em S (es) wrote: dis movie is da shizzle! WOOT!

Alva M (ag) wrote: Everything about this movie is terrible

Samantha S (ag) wrote: True Story! Johnny Knoxville ditches his "idiot" persona to play a freewheeling dude just trying to grant a last wish to a dead friend. Crazy.

RellyRell G (mx) wrote: jet li the s*** and i just love Aaliyah!!!

Jessica H (fr) wrote: If you like Pauly Shore, than you might like this film, but it's a bit of a let down.

Dan K (de) wrote: Deep, dark, rich French noir with a complex protagonist who is full of surprises. A rare heist movie where the caper is secondary to the criminals. Somewhat slow and anticlimactic but definitely take the time to add this to your queue.

Troy K (gb) wrote: I would have hoped this had been funnier, but it is about as good as you would expect...or maybe even better.

Chris K (nl) wrote: Out of Peter Jackson's 'Hobbit' trilogy, this one comes out on top for me, and - while having some minor flaws - is a massive step up from its predecessor. A-

Chadwick D (kr) wrote: Interesting and different. Action and exploration of emotions.