Starring Maja

Starring Maja

An overweight teenager girl struggles to be socially accepted.

An overweight teenager girl struggles to be socially accepted. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Yoonki C (es) wrote: Insidious is a very well directed horror film. James Wan proves himself again that he is the best horror movie director working today. The film is one of the scariest and a film that made me jump out of my seat in years. Oh and yes, this movie is filled with a lot of jump scares. For me, I do not enjoy jump scares that forces the audience to be scared. But in this film, the cheap jump scares are used very correctly and effectively. It knows when and how to use jump scares in certain amount of time and moment. The thing that this film is different than other horror films is that it avoids cliches and uses a ton of good and high quality jump scares. Overall, this film scared the hell out of me and got me in fear of shock by an ending twist.

Ian M (mx) wrote: I did really enjoy this trilogy of lesbian shorts, but it lacks depth to the groundbreak 'If These Walls Could Talk'. Vanessa Redgrave's story is unbelievably touching. The problem is that although the other two stories contain good ideas they lack as much depth or feeling.

Erin C (us) wrote: Good story - very realistic and touching.

Tyrone H (nl) wrote: I'd forgotten just how silly films got in the 80's. This is a film about 2 misfits making their way in the early days of music video TV. As with most 80's films, the fashions are crazy, the music mainly rubbish and the humour is telegraphed and juvenile and the film, like many from that period has not dated that well. That said it is the chrisma and chemistry of the two leads, two of my favourte actors, Robbins and Cusak, which ensure that this is overall an enjoyable watch. Throw in a bit of Doug McClure and a few really funny set peices and i'll probably revisit this at some time in the future.

Gregory F (it) wrote: This is why they made cinema.

Andreas O (de) wrote: Western whodunnit mystery, starring John Wayne as a scrappy tough guy - for neither the first nor the last time. Most memorable from this one is Ella Raines as one of the coolest female characters in cinema history, and George Hayes as the lovable drunken sidekick.

Olga K (au) wrote: watched this in history class in 4th grade. nothing memorable.

Nate T (us) wrote: Classic. On Blu-ray.

Sam B (es) wrote: Aliens meets The Descent meets Resident Evil, it's a delirious mishmash of ideas that find themselves in a surprisingly watchable ordeal which lurches from one fight scene to delirium induced monologue and back to action again. Admittidley it does get a little confusing, within the space of a scene, but stick with it. It turns out quite an enjoyable film in the end.