A new-wave extravaganza in which a young woman wants to become the next big singer with the help of her friends and despite the wishes of her working class family.

Young woman wants to become the next big singer with the help of her friends and despite the wishes of her working class family. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Starstruck torrent reviews

Malgorata C (jp) wrote: Enjoyable for everybody, not only for those who were brought up on the TV series. Rather amazing that I was the only person in the cinema watching it. And there is one thing I'd like to ask fellow Poles in the UK: go to the cinema to see Polish movies. They finally recognised us as a minority worth bringing the movies for. Prove they are right. If you don't, they will stop and we will be left with DVD's or torrents only.

cli o (fr) wrote: no thanks not my kinda thing

Theresa M (gb) wrote: My Mondo movie marathon continues...painfully continues.

Alexandre R (br) wrote: Voici un film qui a l'air quand mme vachement plus cool quand on se fie au matriel promotionnel. La haute porte tordue l'apparence expressionniste ne figure toutefois pas dans le film, et le "secret" que recle son homologue ne frappe pas comme il devrait, suscitant plutt chez le spectateur une sorte de "ah, ok."Soyons quand mme justes, si ce film n'est pas mmorable au niveau du scnario (un mule du "Rebecca" de Hitchcock avec quelques lments de Barbe-Bleue), Lang s'en tire quand mme avec quelques bons moments au niveau de l'ambiance et de la direction photo, et ce surtout dans les scnes finales qui sont d'un esthtisme exemplaire.Le film souffre toutefois d'une tare si frquente dans les films amricains de Lang qu'elle est presque devenue ludique: une finale dcevante et prcipite. Le spectateur pourra toutefois pardonner le cinaste qui se fait visiblement imposer des fins joyeuses par les studios. Un film incontournable pour les enthousiastes langiens, mais honntement ngligeable pour le cinphile moyen.

Graham M (it) wrote: What worked in the book looks silly on film.

Mei L (nl) wrote: I don't know why the hell I watched this. No excuse, really. Staggeringly condescending, and, simply, just annoying all round. I felt so sorry for Julia Roberts - I loved her as the happy-go-lucky hooker in Pretty Woman, but absolutely loathed her as the successful modern woman in this. Talk about #firstworldproblems

Wade W (ca) wrote: What a crying shame that a film this good should land a 49% here. While Parkland doesn't cow-tow to conventional narrative, it's a damn fine film, made with clear vision, sensitivity, and rare humanity.