Stash House

Stash House

Dave and Emma have found the perfect house, until they discover a stash of heroine and end up imprisoned in it by violent thugs.

Dave and Amy have found the perfect house, until they discover a stash of heroin and end up imprisoned in it by violent thugs. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Leah S (gb) wrote: A real slice of life on Avenue Montaigne. Another Paris story with an interesting look into the lives of artists and those who work amongst them. Cecile de France is charming as always, and Valerie Lermercier provides deliciously neurotic comic relief.

Carol H (br) wrote: This is basically "Stand by Me" meets "The Babysitters' Club".

Robyn M (nl) wrote: "What an incredible performance from Halle Berry and Jessica Lange."It began to unravel itself by guiding us on a two sided roller coaster, After Berry made the worst mistake a parent could do... leave a child in a trash can during the coldest nights of winter. Left almost for dead, lange who works at the Hospital falls for the abandon child and plans to adopt. What appears to good to be true is just that. Berry under false assumption finds out her son is alive desides to fight for what's her's. Creating a tornado of fury and controversy. The tension begins to boil over, an argument about white people rearing colour childern, verse's Lange trying to prove colour is not an abstucal or a factor when you love a child and can offer stablility. The Director was brilliant by avoiding 1 sided opinion giving the audience a choice to chose what they believe is right.

Jon P (jp) wrote: Suffering from limited character depth and unrefined pacing, Barry Levinson's ambitious sexual-harassment drama is a frustrating disappointment. Levinson's narrative is intriguing and tense, yet never quite enthralling and intense, and although Michael Douglas and Demi Moore deliver impressive performances, let's face it: the whole 'Mr Douglas gets trapped in an awkward situation by a strong, sexy woman' thing has been done before more many times, to a much higher standard. Viewers are offered no insight whatsoever into Douglas' history with his manipulative former lover, and his wife and children are given less screen time than his office's computer keyboard. Do yourself a favour and rent Basic Instinct or Fatal Attraction instead.

Aaron T (jp) wrote: Still charming after all these years. Unfortunately it suffers from an awful score via Alan Parsons.

Tom W (au) wrote: This somewhat neglected film, that has become a cult classic to some, was brought to my attention in a thread dedicated to Forgotten 80's movies. I added it to my watch list and the other day, it just so happened to be the next one. Originally released in 1983 to poor reviews and an even poorer box office performance, Eddie & The Crusiers tells the story of a reporter (Ellen Barkin) who is investigating the death of Eddie Wilson (Michael Pare), the lead singer of a popular band of the 1960's 'Eddie & The Cruisers'. Upon meeting the reporter, Eddie's former band mate Frank (Tom Berenger) makes it his mission to find out what really heppened to his friend and to the sought after missing tapes of the bands second album. E&TC failed upon release, because it missed it's target teen audience by being released in September. This and the fact that reviewers slated it for it's lack of intriguing story and poor narrative flowand that some features were considered 'plain wrong' so ruined the authenticity of the film. On a personal level, I feel the reviewers were too critical. I found it a rather intriguing and unusual drama. It did get bogged down at times, and the mystery itself, isn't really up to much. But I have to say, it's got a heck of a lot of spirit and has respectable aspirations, for what it's trying it's achieve. The flashback style, split time frames help break up the story into more enjoybale and maleable chuncks, and in my opinion, the 60's set peices are the best, if for nothing other then the music alone. Even if you don't get anything out of this movie, other than the music, then I think you have scored pretty well. The fictional band's music is catchy, edgy and appealling and could be compared to Bruce Springsteen. Ok, you could never beleive that people would dig that music in the early 60's but that aside, it's one great soundtrack. I must also note, that elevated performances also help drag this movie out for the obscurity of undeserved disdain. Berenger is perhaps gushy, but likeable, and Micahel Pare is exceptional as the ambitious, rebelious rocker Eddie. I think E&TC would but a pleasent surpirse to many who were not familair with it, and as for it's place in cult canon, it's well deserved. Summary - A great soundtrack, interesting aspiriations and solid performances make this cult classic, perhaps not quite a must see, but at least worth a watch.

Rob A (us) wrote: A true classic form 1980!

Travis K (ru) wrote: Oh, God! is a wonderfully made, thought-provoking film that should be experienced by everyone who questions God, and even those who could care less. George Burns turns in a sly performance alongside new-comer actor, John Denver. Be surprised to see other great acting from others as well. High praises to this film.

BF E (fr) wrote: Who doesn't like the idea of Shangri-La: A place where peace is permanent and aging goes on "pause." Although the protagonists find themselves in paradise, Lost Horizon is not a light-hearted film -- its a serious work that subtly registers the growing concern about war, and the general reluctance to acknowledge the storm brewing overseas. As I watched, I found myself thinking about the grave political concerns of the era.

Logan M (ag) wrote: Too many dull moments, but Jim Carrey manages to save the movie a little bit.