Staten Island

Staten Island


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:2007
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:island,   staten,  

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Staten Island torrent reviews

Ben H (it) wrote: Quite funny - surprisingly good from Franco and Cranston

Benjamin B (kr) wrote: Any movie with a "humorous" rape scene gets no love from me.

Michael H (ru) wrote: Subdued desperation builds through the movie as the protagonists each attempt to deal with their own difficulties. Some details are perhaps not quite clear enough (at least to this western viewer) but the struggles of the chauffeur and his employer balance and compliment each other nicely leading up to a conclusion that seems just right.

Leo B (us) wrote: Fabulous Eastwood does it again !!

Amber L (us) wrote: Fukkin amazing movie

Lasse C (fr) wrote: Surprisingly good Danish prison movie. Akin to Un prophete in many ways but with its very own style and touch.

David F (ca) wrote: Excellent documentary about Dengue Fever's first trip to Cambodia. Concert/gig footage, on-the-road video and old film clips are merged together to show how the band have taken the spirit of 1960's Cambodia and turned it into music for the new millennium.Also excellent to see many of my friends make brief appearances, and to relive the classic Snow Bar gig from more angles than my seat at the bar had allowed at the time.

George D (it) wrote: Warning: this movie contains Sampo and may not be suitable for all ages.

Nicolas E (fr) wrote: interesting, about indigenous people in Ecuador, a violent tribe. Based on true events.

tilly r (fr) wrote: fantastic classic english horror may not be the best of quality but is better then teen slashers

Anthony A (nl) wrote: An uplifting sports story. The film itself is a little over sentimental for my taste, but it was overall a very good movie.

Aaron L (gb) wrote: the plot is a bit weak, but it's worth watching for the dancing. If you can find a copy.

Tot F (br) wrote: This film is great, but only in the right context. The cast is amazing; some are in their later years, but so what? Helen Slater, 19 at the time, is amazingly beautiful in this, and does a layered performance of bravery, curiosity, and uncertainty. Her performance is much more natural than Christopher Reeve's ever was. The "flying ballet" is stunning, especially for 1982 tech (when it was filmed). Goldsmith's soundtrack score especially shines here. The effects are purely mechanical or matted, and well done from that aspect. But generally the vision was more grandiose than could be achieved at that time. And a major flaw is that it's obvious that many of the actors' takes are first or second takes.But the script has much more of an edge than the Superman movies, e.g. the rape attempt when Supergirl first arrives in the city, and the drunken house mother. There was an entire town built for the bulldozer scene (parts of which were stolen later for Aliens). For the writers at that time it was natural for Supergirl to battle another woman, thus a witch, who through a series of errors created then pursued Supergirl's boyfriend. In some ways, Helen's Supergirl was a proto-Buffy. Unfortunately the various edits of the film mangle the complex storyline, losing a lot of the motivations and context. The Director's Cut from 2000 helps restore a lot of that. And when compared to the first 3 Superman movies it stands up well, and is actually superior to them.

Inta K (kr) wrote: good. although not as good as first one..