Keith Gordon and Amanda Plummer star in this off-beat and often humorous look at one man's quest for happiness in a cold and lonely world. Ernie Blick is an inventor-- and he's come up with something big. So bug, in fact, Ernie's convinces it will change the way people look at life. The townsfolk think he's everything from a crackpot to a genius. Ernie believes in his invention, and with the support of his drum-playing friend Julia and his ex-Green Beret evangelist cousin, Ernie unveils it to the world. But, even he isn't prepared for the reaction...

A quirky, out-of-of place worker at a crucifix factory in the Bible Belt invents a device he claims can show pictures of Heaven. Discouraged and confused by the inability of those around ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ryan W (br) wrote: An awesome sequel that was downright hilarious much like the original but by the slightest doesn't surpass 21 jump street..,,

Chuck S (au) wrote: A low budget film that takes a nose dive and continues into the abyss. It started out good, then quickly tail dives. All the good acting (and believable characters, vice two) are gone within the first 15 minutes of the movie. At first I thought perhaps it's just a bunch of actors playing "Ole West," so they could where a few "period" costumes. Unfortunately, all the supporting cast was on board, but he main characters were not. I don't know what was up with the "BAD" guy and his all black ensemble or his villainous girl friend, but it did not go with the rest of the cast. Perhaps it was homage to the old western B-movies, if so, they did no justice and should be lynched. Regardless, the true failure in this movie is the script. It failed, especially when it needed it the most. Perhaps it was the delivery or the acting, in any case, the lines and words coming out of the main characters were almost laughable (if they were, it would have been a good comedy). There are better westerns, even better B-Movie and Spaghetti westerns out there. Pick one of those up instead, skip this one.

Ben F (ag) wrote: I can't for the life of me remember why I saw this in theaters. I actually enjoyed it quite a lot. Is something wrong with me?

Ray C (br) wrote: some well developed actresses. that was the good. typical slasher type story line with some pretty weak acting. production values weren't very high and you never get to see mary. now, how stupid do you really have to be to go into creepy dark tunnels beneath an insane asylum? really stupid.

Rob G (fr) wrote: A great uplifting movie. Ami inspires us all to remember our purpose and find gratitude in life and our natural will to life. I encourage all to view the film and be uplifted.

Carlos M (gb) wrote: An exhilarating all-time classic action movie that is not only impressively well directed and tense when it needs to be but also always surprises us with its well-written script and realistic characterization of its witty, flesh-and-bone hero, John McClane.

Lee B (us) wrote: Lee is really creepy in this one...but were is Cushing's Van Helsing

Vrettos L (ca) wrote: Twists and turns all around, amazing performances by Laughton and Dietrich. A "can't keep my eyes off the screen" kind of classic.

Luciana O (mx) wrote: POWERFUL !!! TRAINS TRAINS TRAINS !!!

Steve S (ru) wrote: **1/2 (out of four) Peggy Lee is the highlight of this look at the early Jazz scene in Kansas City. Jack Webb and Janet Leigh also star as they clash with mobsters during the time of prohibition. The melodrama his a bit too heavy.

Dinesh P (es) wrote: The film start off nicely but wavers in between and stumbles in climax.