Stay Hungry

Stay Hungry

Stay Hungry is a 1976 dramatic comedy film by director Bob Rafelson from a screenplay by Charles Gaines. The story centers on a young Birmingham, Alabama, scion, played by Jeff Bridges, who gets involved in a shady real-estate deal. In order to close the deal, he needs to buy a gym building to complete a multi-parcel lot. When he visits the gym, however, he finds himself romantically interested in the receptionist (Sally Field) and drawn to the carefree lifestyle of the Austrian body builder "Joe Santo" (Arnold Schwarzenegger) who is training there for the Mr. Universe competition.

A syndicate wants to buy a whole district to rebuild it. They've bought every house except the small gym "Olympic", where Mr. Austria Joe Santo prepares for the Mr. Universum championships ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dan J (ca) wrote: What can I say about this movie? It was a big fiasco with a few good scenes and many bad ones.

Alton C (ca) wrote: It has it's moments, but it's not as funny as I would have hoped. I watched this movie after smoking a huge ass blunt and I still couldn't get a rise. I think the black and white scenes threw me off. : (

Janel F (ag) wrote: not up to par with other pegg/frost movies, but still quite entertaining.

Matt M (us) wrote: A rich man hires a family to interpret his childhood memories of the festive season. A complete lack of likeable characters makes the film seem pretty obnoxious. Furthermore, the concept pretty soon falls flat in dullness.

David L (ca) wrote: Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas has very good animation, memorable score, excellent world-building, thrilling scenery and the movie works as an adventure as the world, creatures and overall tone is very adventurous and very well done, but the characters are familiar, the conflict and the relationships are cliched, the story is so predictable and the voice cast is frustrating. It certainly has its strengths, but it is still one of DreamWorks lesser efforts.

Vadim D (kr) wrote: This is by no means a great film, but I have a soft spot for this corny, early 90s movies. Perhaps it's just nostalgia. Keaton could have done more with the role, and it feels like he was in this for a paycheck. Obviously he doesn't have much to work with as the screenplay is fairly lame.

Ryan K (nl) wrote: 1 was fun, 2 was lame, this was awful.

EWC o (ru) wrote: Powerful, intense, acted to perfection. However the third act drags and doesn't fully know when to end

Benjamin O (es) wrote: Bleached perspectives.

Jose Miguel G (kr) wrote: Kung Fu Panda is a strange mix between great writing, clever and also, fun story telling and awesome characters that turns to be, quite surprisingly, in one of Dreamworks's bests.

Ryan H (br) wrote: It's not exactly a timeless classic, and the directing could be better, but Lazer Team benefits from the talented stars of Red vs Blue, surprisingly realistic CGI, mostly consistent humor, and fun and intense action to help out with its somewhat ridiculous premise.