Staying Together

Staying Together

After their father abruptly sells the beloved family-owned restaurant that has employed them for years, the charismatic McDermott boys - hot-tempered Brian (Quill), lovelorn Kit (Mulroney) and jokester Duncan (Astin) - find themselves at odds with their parents and each other.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:91 minutes
  • Release:1989
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:dance,   widow,   dancing,  

The complacent life of three small town brothers is shattered when their father sells the family business from under them. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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David G (nl) wrote: Outstanding movie. Exceptional music. Must see.

Private U (kr) wrote: I am a sucker for these faux-doc/ found footage type films. This particular one was thoroughly engrossing. It was realistic, funny, dramatic, and heartbreaking all at the same time. Hard to separate fact from fiction in this one.

Mike W (nl) wrote: The first twenty are tense, but once you know what's happening, yawn..........

Laura L (ru) wrote: I wanted this film to be good. It wasn't.

Matt M (us) wrote: Despite all its dramatic undertones, Pawlikowski's My Summer of Love still retains that delightful atmospheric appeal and moody charge associated with the thoughtlessness and nostalgia of summer romance. The film's cinematography adds a dreamy effect while the performances by the leads are truly outstanding.

Andrew C D (us) wrote: The evil tooth fairy is not even the worst element of this horror mess.

Nat A (fr) wrote: I found this movie compelling enough with emotional moments, and visuals to accurately portray the Cuban Missile Crisis. The only major flaw was the horribly plain acting by Kevin Costner (not to mention the awful accent) that distracted from the plot.

David L (jp) wrote: Run Lola Run truly is an authentic movie. It has absolutely amazing storytelling which is so creative and unique, it wonderfully executes a simple premise with an original approach, but it is the best in its directing, acting and especially editing as it is so beautifully fast paced and just riveting and always fascinating to follow. It has its flaws mainly in its character development which should have been better, the emotional resonance which should have been bigger and the score which is annoying, but it is above all an authentic take on the thriller genre with a style to spare and it is one of the most unique movies of the nineties.

Mattias E (ag) wrote: Watching Leslies character tormented by selfloathing in this gem of a movie is a painful experience which pretty much equals the attempted suicide scene in Inner Senses. I really miss Leslie.

Clint B (us) wrote: desparate housewives for the 1950's

Meaghan C (ca) wrote: Sure April's bow (the marine) has the corniest lines ever, but the movie has great cinematography and a tragic ending.. which I liked.

Greg W (fr) wrote: ok indie shitty ending

Josh C (ca) wrote: This movie is so damn funny!

Jaro P (de) wrote: I saw this movie few years ago and watched it again today, 2 guys, simple story, no bombastic special effects, solid acting...

Greg W (fr) wrote: The cheaply made film tells an old story and adds nothing fresh, but it was presented with force.