Steel Frontier

Steel Frontier

Set in a post-nuclear-holocaust future, this sci-fi western takes place in the frontier city of New Hope, the only place around with a working oil refinery. Ever since a megalomaniac general and his followers took over the place, life has been miserable. Then a stranger, a man-of-few-words, comes to town. A quick-drawing gunslinger, he first joins the conquerors. As time passes, however, it rapidly becomes apparent that he really sides with the townsfolk, and when the time is right, he leads them into a violent uprising.

Mad Max meets the Man With No Name in this futuristic story of a gunfighter (Joe Lara), who goes after a band of marauders who are terrorizing everyone and killing indiscriminately. As with... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Abdulmalik A (ca) wrote: A strangely different and slightly magical film.

Daniel M (us) wrote: Rec was the first found-footage film I ever saw. Since then, that has been the scariest movie I ever did see. This one did not quite caused the same effect. It is a good dose of scares, nevertheless.

Douglas L (us) wrote: Skinwalkers is a pretty decent werewolf movie, that has some really cool scenes to it. The plot is kind of basic, not the most complicated, but it keeps the movie moving and fairly interesting. I really liked the red moon, the restraints for the lycans, and the motorcycle gang. This movie does have a fair mixture of elements to stand on its own, just dont expect amazing things.

Danny K (fr) wrote: #i'mlovin'it:-) :r:

Alexis P (ru) wrote: the bestest movie ever

Ben R (fr) wrote: Overly boring in alot of scenes but entertaining as a true crime film. There's not alot of scenes of porn or sexual sleeze, there is however multiple scenes of drug use throughout. I wished that there wasn't so much talking and scene chewing from Val Kilmer and Lisa Kudrow but the ending made up for the long overdrawn boring parts. This isn't something I'm going to rush to see again but it was good for a one time watch with a friend on a boring afternoon when you want to kill some time.

Kurt N (it) wrote: Ugh, I watched it a few years ago. Not something I'd reccomend, even 2 stars is pushing it.

Jessica L (nl) wrote: WTF is this doing classified as a 'cult' film? Cult flicks have redeeming factors. This bad wanna-be 'B' movie deserves what every bad imitation does- to be forgotten.Seriously isn't worthy of Mystery Science Theater 3000 featuring. ???

Mike W (ru) wrote: I would enter Coneheads home anytime!

Stuart K (us) wrote: From Hammer Productions, comes the 5th Frankenstein film in their series of 7. But, this one is significant as it doesn't have a monster as such, and the monster within this film is the creator himself, who seems to have gone way too far with his experiments. It's a typical Hammer Horror film, but also a suspenseful one and an exciting one, which is also blessed with a good British cast. This one has Baron Victor Frankenstein (Peter Cushing), now on the run from the authorities and living under aliases, getting a job at an insane asylum, and blackmailing a young couple Dr. Karl Holst (Simon Ward) and Anna (Veronica Carlson), who have been stealing medical drugs from the asylum, into using the basement of their house for his experiments. Which regards the mentally ill Dr. Brandt (George Pravda), Frankenstein plans to perform the first brain transplantation ever, which will ensure Dr. Brandt can live in another man's body, but as usual nothing goes to plan, especially when Brandt's widow (Maxine Audley) comes calling. It's dated a bit since it was first released, but in terms of production, it's one of the best Hammers for set design, (it looks like they pushed the boat out with this one.) Peter Cushing shows off an evil streak, and is complimented by a great cast including Thorley Walters, Geoffrey Bayldon and Freddie Jones.

Kevin G (fr) wrote: I loved both Bacula movies. William Marshall was completely underrated. I first saw him on, you guessed it, "Star Trek" as Dr. Richard Daystrom, who used his own human engrams to construct "The Ultimate Computer.