Steel Stomachs

Steel Stomachs


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:30 minutes
  • Release:1997
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Steel Stomachs 1997 full movies, Steel Stomachs torrents movie

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Steel Stomachs torrent reviews

Al H (gb) wrote: Interesting documentary about two foreign artists living in New York.

Josh B (es) wrote: Who would've thought . . . life after porn is . . . hard.

Alma N (br) wrote: Una pelicula bastante interesante, que de que se trata exactamente no se puede explicar, solo se entiende y se gusta hasta ver

Jerry C (us) wrote: Great retro action flick directed by and starring Dolph Lundgren. Straightforward, no-nonsense, fast paced and also starring Bo Svenson as his nemesis. 88 minutes of pure joy.

Nicolas P (br) wrote: Es un orgullo para los latinos el hecho de que en Argentina se haga tan buen cine animado.

Sundaram K (it) wrote: SUPERBBBBB..milestone for BIG B carrrier...jst lov ths moviee

Jason G (gb) wrote: Hmmmm... Pituresque English seaside locales... Elizabeth Shue... Crazed, killer monkeys and General Zod himself! What could go wrong? Well... a lot really. Watch it strictly for Terrence Stamp (who obviously read the paycheque but didn't bother with the script) and be amazed at what a brilliant actor can do with such a laughable premise. There are so many things wrong with this movie that you almost feel relieved when Stamp disappears for good halfway through the picture. For those of you who think I've just given it all away... make sure you don't look at the magnificent artwork on the DVD case before popping the movie in... (it actually gives the entire conclusion of the film away in it's layout). I wasn't sure what to expect from LINK.... but with Shue and Stamp attached and even the great Gerry Goldsmith doing the soundtrack... it certainly wasn't this. (Even Goldsmith drops the ball on this one by submitting strange, "funny" circus-style music to the film.... making it impossible to build up any real sense of suspense or menace). Awful.

Aj V (au) wrote: There are some real crazy people out there, and this movie proves it. I had predicted the surprise at the climax about earlier than half way in, though, so it wasn't a surprise for me. Most of the movie is predictable, but what was a surprise was the very end of the movie, which is the only real punch this movie takes at the audience. Overall, this movie was creepy and full of crazy yet realistic characters, but it was also very predictable, and it could have been a lot better.

Donibscottctcisnet D (ag) wrote: This movie is devoid of most of what it takes to be truly entertaining. Watch if you want a leisurely walk in the woods and some back wood flair.

Brandon W (ru) wrote: Captain Phillips is directed by Paul Greengrass, and it stars Tom Hanks and Barkhad Abdi in a biographical survival thriller film about a bunch of Somali pirates going over to Captain Phillips's ship take over and hold for ransom, and takes Captain Phillips (Tom Hanks) as hostage in a lifeboat with the pirates. I've seen Paul Greengrass's work on films like United 93 and the Bourne sequels that has Matt Damon involved in it, and I remember enjoying them. So I was looking forward to this film, and I really enjoyed it a lot. Tom Hanks gave a wonderful performance to this, and he's a great choice for the main character as he looks a bit like him and that he's always a talent to be with. The actors who played the pirates were fantastic too as it's their first acting role, and the fact that they have to be intimidating against Tom Hanks and succeed, is really something. It does take its time with the hijack, which is good as you don't whether that'll be the time for it or not as their were some moments where the pirates attempted to hijack the ship. The movie gets really tense whether it be the attempted hijacking, or being in a lifeboat with a gun to Phillips's head. The writing by Billy Ray is really good at showing both sides of what they have to go through to be in the situation, and enough characterization of the main character and the leader of the pirate that you want the main character to get out of the situation and understand what leader is going through which you probably feel a bit pity for them. The last minutes of the film really shines in terms of Tom Hank's career that you've seen one of his best moments, while also giving a fantastic emotionless performance from Danielle Albert that has a reason why she acted like that if you've seen the film. The only issue that I have with it, is that the middle can be a bit boring at times, but that's me trying to find problems with it as I really enjoyed Captain Phillips for the way it's shotted in a bit of a documentary style, great acting, and is really smart that is one of Paul Greengrass's greats.

Fergy D (es) wrote: You could lose 20 to 30 minutes of this movie in editing and have a action packed, fast moving thrill ride.