Steel Toes

Steel Toes

Steel Toes is a provocative exploration of the inescapable and insidious presence of racial and religious intolerance in our society.

Rage and intolerance collide with compassion Academy-Award nominated David Strathairn portrays Danny Dunkleman, a Jewish liberal humanist, and the court-appointed lawyer representing Mike ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Thiago C (es) wrote: Touching, deep and very well acted. A fable about growing up and learning to let go.

Ron S (ru) wrote: I really enjoyed this film. It's great to see a romantic comedy these days without lots of gratuitous hardcore sex scenes. This was funny, original, and wholesome entertainment for the whole family. I enjoyed Ben Bailey from cash cab as Mitch. The dialogue was excellent and includes lots of interesting details, such as how Mitch explains how he knows how to drive around Pasadena, CA because he has a GPS. (He's from Boston). I loved the extensive use of flashbacks with Mitch in a geri curl wig so you know it's in the past when mitch & hailey duff first met. Jack was mean but performed well, I liked how at the end Rudy puts him in an armlock (he deserved it !!!!!!!!!!! hurt doggie - see below) Overall a great picture that has it all: funny black best friend, lots of music, voice-over narration to explicitly explain the story, cute doggy, nonstop 2009-era pop music, and surprise ending. 5 stars. "We're getting married!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Norma D (us) wrote: it was just like a japanese version of "the ring" (i think. I've never seen The Ring.) The 3D effects were really cool.

Rachael H (kr) wrote: Enjoyable film with funny and sad moments

Peggy S (kr) wrote: My 3 year old grandson is obsessed with this movie. We have watched it repeatedly and it just does not get old! Very funny film with a nice adventure teaching children about values, friendship and family honor.

Libby C (ag) wrote: There was one truly scary scene. Otherwise it's just hard to empathize with a woman too stupid to put on shoes or call 911.

Gil G (mx) wrote: French slasher-in-the-woods opus based on "Little Red Riding Hood." Slow, ornate, moody, nonsensical, salacious, tres Euro. so, yeah, legitimately Argento-esque. Promising debut for its young, talented director.

Krystal L (kr) wrote: I'm just not considering the profession.

Eric W (es) wrote: I've loved this movie from the theatrical release. It's nothing like Blazing Saddles, nor was it intended to be.

Senor C (it) wrote: Italian Mad Max/ Road Warrior rip off that if you like unsophisticated ubur no budget action you could really spend a less painful way of spending 85 minutes. As taking in an actual structured film that has a scene of script writing & style then you're going to come up 100% empty. This is one of those films that you just don't get any meat in your spaghetti. It's completely sauce & noddle. It's just too poor to give you any protein. When you eat such a thing it will weigh down your belly but will make you feel like you're on welfare. That's what Equalizer 2000 is; a welfare case. There's an audience for it but you're the garbage of cinema viewers

Scott R (br) wrote: Despite its many shortcomings It still has some charm with the cast. I especially enjoyed all the old fashioned circular bombs, they had a certain comical appeal. Ustinovs many cameos were hilarious.

Jesper J (br) wrote: Some nice flying but too American for me

Orlok W (us) wrote: Somber and beautiful western starring the original noir cowboy--Bloody good!!

Michael D (ag) wrote: interesting back story but portrayed in a rather boring manner