Stella Street

Stella Street

Michael Caine, Robert De Niro, Jack Nicholson and Roger Moore all live on a quiet street in Surbiton and Mick Jagger and Keith Richards run their corner shop - who knew?

As the Beatles did in the 1960s, Michael Caine convinces Jack Nicholson, Joe Pesci, Al Pacino, Mick Jagger and Keith Richards to move to Stella Street, an unassuming residential area of Surrey. But along with the new neighbors come hoods and thieves, all determined to make off with the stars' cash. Based on the BBC sketch comedy series. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brad S (fr) wrote: Why is this movie not getting more love? Fantastic performances from the entire cast, but especially Cranston, Leguizamo and Kruger. Definitely a top film of 2016 for me.

Doreen E (ag) wrote: Excellent! Loved the Spanish/English mix and the music.

akiyyah d (fr) wrote: the movie is ok. it's not that bad

Bilal Z (jp) wrote: not the usual Indian crap, business minded people could take a few things from it but ultimately it is unpractical you can not build a business on loan and credit, it simply can't work.

derek b (jp) wrote: I wasted $5.99 to see this On Demand and I wound up falling asleep halfway through. The skunk chick's hot but the rest of the movie is terrible. I couldn't recommend it to anyone...unless someone else pays and you watch it for that case, go for it!

Dimitris A (es) wrote: "L'homme est bancal!"

bill b (jp) wrote: u have time to spend? watch it but again.,.. spend it watching something else!

Bryan P (br) wrote: Airplane! is good, but not many airplane disaster movies these days are being made (last time i saw something good about a plane was Flight) Top Secret! also well done, but many elvis presley/beach party-Cold War era spy films being made. But cop movies are always being produced whether on tv or the silver screen so i think the naked gun movies are more relevant than anything else the ZAZ boys have ever done!

Dennis L (nl) wrote: When I was 10 I swore up and down that Bobcat Goldthwait was the greatest living actor of all time. But even then I realized this movie sucked

Simon D (us) wrote: I thought this was very messy. The plot was unclear as were the characters. It wasn't even clear what year it was set in at first. Once that is figured out, you know the backdrop to this but what is going on in the supposed forefront is just a confusing mess. Don't bother with this, besides it's hard to watch a american version of the cuban revolution when you are expected to take Batistas side.

Jason M (au) wrote: Actually good for a movie with Adam Sandler in it! A good story with funny humor.

Seth S (jp) wrote: I had to watch Run Lola Run for school. I probably wouldn't have sought it out otherwise. But as it stands, I'm happy I gave this movie a watch. It's as unique a film as you will ever see.This uniqueness is hard to fully rationalize. The film is less than 80 minutes long. The plot plays like the climax of a full movie, repeated three times. The editing falls into montage mode every few minutes. There is an animation aspect that I still can't explain. It feels like Tom Tykwer, the director, learned a bunch of filmmaking techniques, then stuffed them all into the same movie. But is that really a bad thing? It can be distracting, and it can be unnecessary, but Run Lola Run benefits from all its eccentricities. Without them, there isn't much left.What the movie does right is simple, it keeps a ridiculously high level of kinetic energy throughout. The film never stops! It barely takes a moment of a breather before launching into another frantic scene. And yet, the narrative never gets exhausting, thanks to the brevity of the run-time. There's no denying that the story can be repetitive (it's the same scenario, played out three different ways), but the movie is succinct enough to withstand these flaws.The film is bolstered by two dependable performances. Franka Potente (Marie from the Bourne trilogy) stars as Lola. A lot of the performance is relegated to sprinting through the streets of Berlin, but Potente proves herself as a solid lead. Moritz Bleibtreu has the main supporting role as Manni, Lola's boyfriend. He provides the finest acting in the movie.Run Lola Run is a neat concept film. It keeps things moving at a brisk enough pace to prevent any glaring flaws. But the story lacks substance and the characters lack development. At the end of the day, you won't remember the film two days after you see it, but it is certainly not a movie you will regret allotting an hour and twenty minutes of your time."Well, we all have our bad days." 6.5/10

Dustin B (gb) wrote: I don't understand why only 32% of Flixster users thought this was a good movie. Too often arrogant people don't like a movie because it's not what they wanted. Put yourselves in these characters shoes!.....or.....flippers.... Maybe the director should have targeted in more on the emotions of the couples last few hours together in the water to give the audience more investment in them.