Sten Stensson kommer till stan

Sten Stensson kommer till stan


Sten Stensson from Eslöv has just got his law-degree from the University of Stockholm. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Sten Stensson kommer till stan torrent reviews

Sok H (nl) wrote: A lot of action. Nice!

Levi O (it) wrote: Hmmm idk Mabe wanna see it

Courtney J (es) wrote: Literally a rip off of no strings attached....

Calvin W (au) wrote: Wow, this movie was so bad, I thought my brain was going to melt down. This is the reason why you shouldn't spend too much time on TBS, because it rots your brain with really really bad movies.

Megan C (nl) wrote: hahaha i remember watching this!!

Morpheus O (es) wrote: Gut wrenching to watch in some parts but that just made it all the more alluring & compelling.

Paul A (kr) wrote: good movie, some scenes were horrible being afraid of spiders in real life seeing ones that have had to revert to meat as a food source.. thought it was very original great acting can't really expect more from this type of movie

Stephen B (ag) wrote: Average but fun......but the soundtrack ~?~?~?

Luis Enrique M (us) wrote: Besides the extreme violence this movie reminds me of a young max payne and his issues with the world but it has a deep story and a cast that should never be unthought of and the story does show the flip side of the coin even in the force i liked this movie and plan on seeing it again