Step Into Liquid

Step Into Liquid

No special effects. No stuntmen. No stereotypes. No other feeling comes close. Surfers and secret spots from around the world are profiled in this documentary.

Surfers and secret spots from around the world are profiled in this documentary. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ms Amanda J (es) wrote: Andrew Stevens drooling in a closet while Morgan Fairchild is doing her thing. The cast is high camp and this plays like a made-for-tv train wreck.

Subhro R (it) wrote: My internal monologue doing standup. And yes, my internal monologue is an old angry Jew.

Camille L (ag) wrote: Rocket Science est un film qui manque furieusement de rythme et qui souffre d'un immense trou noir au bout de la premire heure avant de finir en beaut avec le retour de Nicholas d'Agosto. Hormis ce dfaut, Rocket Science est surtout un film qui traite de manire humaine de quelque chose qu'il semble bien connatre (le bgaiement et la difficult de le surmonter) travers un sujet un peu moins connu du grand public (les clubs de dbat dans les facults amricaines) et qui russit avec brio grce un scnario habile et des acteurs parfaits. Si Reece Thompson tient le film sur ses paules, Anna Kendrick et Margo Martindale sont parfaites dans des rles secondaires, tandis que Vincent Piazza et Aaron Yoo parviennent exister malgr un faible temps d'cran. Mme si le tout semble parfois un peu trop dcal pour tre vraiment raliste, Rocket Science se trouve tre touchant, drle et particulirement marquant.

bre s (es) wrote: the greatest movie you will ever see

Darryl K (br) wrote: This is a great example of how an ending can make a film. Because I loved this film. It is funny, quirky, smart, and reminds me of some of the best moments of Trainspotting/Snatch/Lock Stock. Following a group of numbskulls who work as ticket-takers in the Hungarian metro system, this is an deftly executed indie drama. Humorous characters, a hero, 'the girl,' a villain, and an unknown murder. Sounds like the perfect set of ingredients for an urban slice-of-life story. But in the end, for some reason, Antal decided to end things on an impressionistic note. With a climax that is the only thing in the film that really doesn't work (an over-long 'action' shot with snail-slow running, and some off-note editing tossed in), this could have been something truly amazing if only Antal had decided to connect all the dots. As it is, things feel unfinished, parts unexplained. The end works against the brilliance of the rest of the film. It's a shame. Nonetheless, you should watch this.

Iain B (ag) wrote: Slightly above average western revenge tale

Mario J (jp) wrote: Mucho mejor de lo que esperaba. Excelente historia, buen guin y personajes bien desarrollados. Muy buena pelcula de suspenso.

Alex V (ca) wrote: Interesting with Alcatraz but really wasn't feeling this.

Guillaume H (de) wrote: When i 1rst saw this i became a big fan of john lithgow, then enjoyed to no end watching 3rd rock from the sun. But watching it again 22 years later, turns out its disconcerting to find Dick Solomon in a Brian de Palma movie, as Lithgow cant help but do the same kind of (awesome) overplaying. So i guess i still love it, but as much as my kid self had gotten the creepy side of it, it totally missed out the campy one. What remains above this all though is a great thriller, twisted, weird and tense.

Wajahat B (nl) wrote: I am a huge Amitabh fan and I must say, this is easily one of my favourites. Excellent direction, great dialogues and the supporting cast really put this film over the top. The only other films that rival this are Shakti and Black.

Mike M (kr) wrote: "Crawlspace" is the first effort from Australian writer/director Justin Dix. It's a modest film with a slim budget, but it doesn't entirely wave in front of your face.

Jim H (fr) wrote: A schoolteacher hires a gang of misfits to revenge her slain father.Maybe I just don't like Westerns ... or comedies. I found all of the jokes flat and all the gags ludicrous. I chuckled once: "He did it! He missed the barn!" Lee Marvin's performance is good. He plays his typical hard-ass role, and he satirizes himself playing the drunken good guy. The film doesn't say much. There isn't a lot in the way of femme power, but Jane Fonda isn't incredibly compelling. Tom Nardini's token Native character isn't as offensive as most Western portrayals of Native characters, but the line "It wasn't me that did that to Custer" implies that Natives are generally evil, but this one isn't (never mind that Custer had it coming to him, that blond-haired, blue-eyed criminal fuck).Overall, fans of Westerns might like this comedy, but I'm everything but a fan of Westerns.

Steve G (br) wrote: Beautifully shot docufiction. When I go to Louisiana, I may end up watching it. Though, I hate to admit that a good portion of it dragged. Which is a nice way of saying 'boring.'Though the very nature of the docufiction is so inherently phony, it makes the faux-laughter at non-random events very awkward.The alligator egg scene may be the most terrifying in all of film history.Really, though, it's just kind of wandering aimlessly through Louisiana. The swamp kid got to be annoying toward the end.I appreciate the message, however. Especially how it spurred the ire of extremist activists in portraying oil workers as anything less than demonic. It can be read in the review on this page. "The film can be seen as a paean to the minimal effect an oil company can have on the wilderness it seeks to exploit."The use of 'exploit' is, of course, very much intentional. It carries a pejorative connotation. Utilized (intended for the benefit of humanity), meaning the same thing, might've been more neutral. Or, perhaps, "...on the wilderness it seeks to assist in fulfilling its most charitable potential to humanity, much the same way a farmer does with crops that people consume for sustenance." However, neutrality is not a goal of the critic, despite the pretense. What this does is to expose the inbred bias toward certain groups, & the lack of neutrality from certain film critics. They present an ideology. They deem a film controversial to the extent that it does not challenge their assumptions, as this film does. And they will extol films that simply echo their meager emotional leanings.

Charles P (ag) wrote: Revolt of the Zombies isn't at all frightening with its mawkish atmosphere, exaggerated performances, and uneven incomprehensible plot.