Stephen K Amos: The Feelgood Factor

Stephen K Amos: The Feelgood Factor


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Stephen K Amos: The Feelgood Factor torrent reviews

Dinesh P (es) wrote: loved the film. Actually European cinema meets hollywood. Hilarious is the word. The film falls a bit in the middle. But still a must watch.

Justin M (es) wrote: An unsettling look back at a time when people actually stood up against their government for waging wars they don't believe in. The people are inspiring; it's the government that's unsettling, that judge especially. The movie is at its best using raw archival footage, as the 3D animation of the trial is both tacky-looking and too current. It's a shame too, because when hand-drawn animation is used briefly, it looks superb. Still, it's worth a look. Very interesting and full of great characters.

Adam B (kr) wrote: Good movie. Good action scenes. Characters played very well, even the minor ones.

Brad F (gb) wrote: The downfalls of this film come to two things. First, Ashton Kutcher being casted in a lead role. Secondly, the film goes more toward comedy. To that effect, the message of "Marry who you love" gets lost.

Harpreet S (mx) wrote: I can't remember the last time I loved the location of a film, as much as I did in this film. It is difficult to put it into words, why this film is great. One of my favorite sequences was with the turtle. Beautiful poetry. My favorite film of Kiarostami. No doubt.

Lindsay L (br) wrote: didnt get to see all of it idk how it ends

aodhan y (jp) wrote: This movie, based in an era gone by poses an interesting account of the life of Farinelli, yet I can't stop myself from feeling like it is a giant ripoff of Amadeus! Both of the brothers are played to be gigantic fops. I could almost hear that stupid tittering laugh from Amadeus. The inferior brother like the much better predecessor is play to be the villain who only uses his brother's horribly mutilated "gift" as a means to an end when it was in reality, his father. I can't stand the histrionics presented in this film. If you're a fan of Opera or pretty pictures go ahead and watch this film, but otherwise just watch Amadeus, at least that is funny!

Bill B (br) wrote: I gave it a spin because it was a part of a little spy-themed handful of DVDs that MGM released to cash in on the Austin Powers 'buzz' of the time, so I grabbed one cheap at a Big Lots and figured I'd see what it was all about.The film is pretty silly, with not a lot for Raquel Welch to do save for look pretty and make you wonder why she was picked for this assignment, since she isn't actually a spy but rather a civilian who happens to be an expert in the area they need.Silly, and nothing I see myself coming back to at any point, unless I'm suddenly investigating Welch's career in depth.Rental.

Liolia K (jp) wrote: A wonderful tale, and a hidden mexican gem. The story is simple, yet full of morality, and it's adapted to the grim times of Mexico under que Inquisition, which gives it something extra.

Alex W (gb) wrote: its a little goofy but a good premis. Its america history x meets no mans land.