Stewardess School

Stewardess School

A group of varied misfits (including a former prostitute/stripper and a bumbler who can't see more than 6 inches in front of his face) enter a school to become flight attendants. Somehow, the group makes it through to the final test: a cross-country flight.

A typical 80's teen pseudo-sex comedy. A group of varied misfits (including a former prostitute/stripper and a bumbler who can't see more than 6 inches in front of his face) enter a school ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ryan C (mx) wrote: Mark Wahlberg Provides A Solid Lead, But Not Enough To Save Age Of Extinction's Long Runtime, And Idiotic Writing.

Sam S (nl) wrote: If you're looking for a good arts film, go somewhere else.

Juan D (ca) wrote: Very nice script and well acted. A bit lacking in depth and character development but the story itself is magic. I'm a sucker for anything with magical realism but objectively I would have rate it 3 1/2 stars. Farrell and Bachleda actually conceived a child during the filming of this movie.

Bruno L (de) wrote: Surprisingly good. I was especially impressed by the performance of Ving Rhames. Its entertaining and it gives a good view of Sonny Liston's life.

Tene 3 (fr) wrote: This movie was written and animated by completely different people than the anime` series is cast as a dark tragedy with unlikeable characters. Additionally, the animation style is basic and untalented, making the movie fatiguing to watch. Even if you disliked the anime` series, you'll find nothing worth your time here.

Christopher S (ag) wrote: kind of want to c it...a wait for tbs type movie

Sean H (us) wrote: Life is incredibly short. So Live

Jeffrey L (ca) wrote: Easily the worst in either series. Despite the awesome one-liner spewing Dollman being back, and this time to go head to head against the killer demonic toys, the movie just isn't very good at all.It only runs 60 minutes, with at least 25-30 of that being flashbacks and stock footage to the previous movies. They changed the voice of the killer doll to a much-more annoying one, replaced the rabid teddy bear with a very uninteresting and boring toy soldier that does pretty much nothing, and the script is even worse then the one used for the first Demonic Toys.It does have a couple good points though. Like I said, Dollman is always a joy to watch, even though his girlfriend is one of the most annoying characters I've ever seen in a movie. There was quite the unexpected death which I always enjoy although I wish it had been more cinematic and not quite so lame. And of course any time the killer toys are on screen, killing people and causing mayhem and getting into scraps with Dollman, the movie is at its high point. Unfortunately with the actual new footage only being about 30 minutes worth, tops, and a lot of that takes place before Dollman and co ever get inside the toy warehouse, that doesn't leave much time for that stuff.

James C (it) wrote: this is my all time favorite film ever. saw it on TV late one night and have searched for it ever since. its really hard to get hold of on DVD or video

Casey O (nl) wrote: As expected with a Cassavetes film there's some really wonderful acting, the man himself gives perhaps his finest performance and while Rowlands isn't quite the power house she is some other films she still does great. The film presents a variety of broken up relationships, breaks the 4th wall a bit, and pretty much epitomizes itself with Cassavetes saying "Life is a series of suicides, divorces, promises broken, children smashed, whatever." That said not all of the situations are equally interesting and it's a bit overlong.

Darren H (nl) wrote: Some of the worst acting I've seen. The story could have been good if the actors were not so crap! Don't bother.

Andrew B (jp) wrote: Jeremy Davies is frightening.

Dave N (ag) wrote: This is one of my personal top ten. One of the most beautiful movies I've ever seen or heard.

Ricardo A (de) wrote: It may have silly characters making all the wrong decisions but no one can deny this movie is absolutely exciting.

Alison O (fr) wrote: With a non-linear, dour story of a failed writer's misogyny this is no popcorn movie. Ewan McGregor's airs more than his veracity in the course of the film, in which his character is a casual labourer on a barge travelling between Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Peter C (de) wrote: A nice story and a refreshing break from endless violence.