Still Breathing

Still Breathing

Two lost souls: she a con-artist in L.A.; he a puppeteer in San Antonio have the same dream linking each with the other. He travels to L.A. to find this woman he has become obsessed with. She resists, afraid of his kooky ideas until she travels with him to San Antonio and meets his wise grandmother. Story of two disparate people linked by "fate" gets increasingly interesting as it rolls along.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:109 minutes
  • Release:1997
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:artist,   dream,   party,  

Two lost souls: she a con-artist in L.A.; he a puppeteer in San Antonio have the same dream linking each with the other. He travels to L.A. to find this woman he has become obsessed with. ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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WS W (nl) wrote: Fair; long winding drags with a bizarre ending however.

Drury D (us) wrote: Weak plot and good action but weak affects. Ford Raptor was in the movie though. That's pretty cool.

Carla D (de) wrote: Complete and utter GARBAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nicki M (jp) wrote: I can't understand the low rating. I really enjoyed this quiet little movie about a girl who goes looking for an ex boyfriend and winds up finding a passion in cake making. It's not a huge plot,but it plays out nicely with the relationships between the staff and customers, and of course, the beautiful cakes!

Ema P (au) wrote: Simple and brilliant and sad and unforgettable, and 5 days later I am still thinking about them and about their song

Tristan M (au) wrote: A pretty great story and an amazing cast.

Martin M (kr) wrote: A good indie film targeted at gay/musical audiences. Sub par acting, but excellent musical sequences.

Robert T (ag) wrote: Okay but very similar to a certain other movie!

Kim W (us) wrote: Fairly scripted story that was so so, but I fast forwarded to the sex scene most of the way through the movie. Graphic enough to be satisfying. :)

Weed H (br) wrote: So funny yet ignored.REALLY worth seeing.

David M (de) wrote: Satisfying film noir from beginning to end.

Lisa S (fr) wrote: Ok, but boring at points.

JeanPaul S (br) wrote: It isn't perfect, but it's certainly interesting/different.

Jamie C (ca) wrote: I'm not a fan of Steve Carell and the only reason I wanted to watch this was for Jim Carrey who was as he always is really funny and as I thought before watching it he was the best thing in this movie, His stunts were hilarious but he was under used, Although the rest of the cast did a good job but they were pretty boring compared to Jim Carrey, The story was old and between Jim Carreys scenes it was bland, The ending was pretty good but couldn't make up for the rest of it, Watch it for Jim Carrey and you might enjoy it more.

Chris H (jp) wrote: It's almost a Christmas version of Trick R Treat. It's an anthology film that tells 4 different stories that has creepy children, ghost, demons, zombies and Krampus who seems to be one of this years top choice for Horror films. The movie is a fun ride with a bit of a twist in the end. The movie has a great atmosphere on making Christmas season feeling dark and scary. But as much as I enjoyed this film it still had it's problems. This film does not play through the whole entire story like most anthology films. Instead you would be watching 4 minutes of the Santa story then it would go to the Krampus Story, then go to a scene from the Creepy Kid Story, Then a scene to the High School story and then back to Santa story and keep on going back to a scene from another story. It just didn't feel like it work because I found not all of the stories were great and doesn't really seam to connect. The movie Trick R Treat somewhat used this technique but it worked out so well because it was all connected and it was really cool see that movie in a non-linear format. Like I said A Christmas Horror Story was a fun movie but not Trick R Treat fun. This movie may be a Christmas film but it is also a great film to watch during the Halloween season.