Stille Nacht

Stille Nacht

The young woman Laura Fischer has a session with a psychologist. The session begins with Laura telling that after two years of successive rapes of female students riding bicycles in the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jackmeat W (it) wrote: Definitely an experience for true movie fans. The films premise is quite simple:Take a group of elite soldiers to secure a "package" (in this case a woman who is the last fertile woman on the planet) and bring her to be extracted off the planet. Ok, maybe not as simple as it sounds. The ensuing squad get shuffled into a labyrinth of tunnels and underground passageways attempting to avoid the forces that want to stop them. But the horror element kicks in, as now they are trapped underground with "something" that would like nothing more than to have them ALL for lunch. The action is not intense, nor do I believe is it meant to be. This film like no other in recent memory has the claustrophobic feeling of being trapped in tiny spaces, each seemingly smaller then the last. Crawling through tunnel after tunnel to avoid the creature is the main focus (please don't whine about it being slow, the creature just as the humans have to move in the same tiny space, which will lead to it being slow moving). This movie shines, as I mentioned, to true horror movie fans. Not for gore, not for intense action scenes (ala Aliens, I'll get back to that) but for that terrifying feeling of being trapped. The camera work is top notch in making you feel there (to the point that thank whatever g-d you will that this movie was not made in 3-d). Often you almost "feel" like you, too, are stuck in that tunnel, or pipe, etc. This claustrophobic feeling is heightened by the brilliant use of lighting. At no point did I see anything but the flashlights the people were using. So it was what you would see in real life, if it is dark behind a character, you see dark. I found that to be the most interesting part of how the movie was shot and edited. The movie does somewhat plod through scenes and you may get a bit uncomfortable with the pace (or maybe just breathing heavy since you are trapped as well) but to appreciate it for the movie, which I am sure was on a shoestring budget, is well worth it. As my readers know, there will not be spoilers, but there will be a gripe about this, the creature bears striking resemblance to that of Alien, spider like body with the elongated head oozing of, well, whatever they ooze. This is a minor distraction as the point is the escape, and the endurance to do so, the creature just needs to be seen to wrap this one up. Kudos for going out on a limb and giving us something the same that we have seen, but taking one aspect (isolation) and bringing it to a whole new level. I look forward to what the future holds for this director and crew(specifically TANK). Definitely check it out.

CB M (ca) wrote: Wonderfully captures the uplifting power of friendship and belonging during the blues of growing up. Liam James is believable as awkward teen Duncan, while Rockwell provides most of the laughs as his newly-found friend Owen.

Keaton P (it) wrote: It's too much. When disusing relativism, Marx, utilitarian conception, relational revolution, American Ideology, disappearing acts, common fallacies, jazz, Socratic, social injustice, social convention, Humanism, evolution theory, Kantian Humanism, Knowledge, Logic, creation, freedom, and all that other stuff. It is hard to make any valid points or come across in a manor understandable to the common viewer in two hours. Also philosophy is meant to be discussed, and without the human element it falls short of any real revelations. I'm basically saying it is hard high minded masturbation.

Mario J (us) wrote: Visualmente la pelcula es sorprendente, la historia me confunda a veces porque nunca he jugado ningn resident evil y creo que gran parte de la trama haca alusin a sucesos de los videojuegos. 6/10

Bryan L (ca) wrote: This experimental meta-film gives action star Jean-Claude Van Damme a very real, very raw humanity. JCVD is deeply flawed, but it does have some intriguing ideas.

sofia a (ag) wrote: i luv 1 on the song in diz film

Michelle T (ca) wrote: I grew up watching this, one of the best dance movies ever.

JH K (jp) wrote: Un muy personal canto de amor al cine y a la vida que le acompaa pero que consigue agradar a la mayora de espectadores que conservan un gran recuerdo, lo que la hace ms meritoria an, aunque el mayor tesoro es un final difcil de superar.

Troy F (ag) wrote: Let's keep in mind that a sequel to a movie like American Ninja, a fairly enjoyable action movie for low-budget 80's standards, didn't have a lot to live up to in order to be just as passable. Yet despite the same leads actors in place and Firstenberg directing again, this one manages to be lackluster. I've made it clear that these aren't good films and hardly worth discussing in depth considering their motive for action is what is key to their existence, but I can at least give the first film kudos for having a decent arc around main character Joe Armstrong, being a strong fighting force with a mysterious background who has to earn his respect with other allies and who's story unfolds. It's not much, but it gives us a motivation to be at least half invested in him and the action scenarios he's put through. American Ninja 2 can't even give us a half-decent plot or motivation, the movie finds that it has little to do with using Joe's character effectively, and is reduced to a bland action hero with some good moves. The plot feels lackluster, the dialogue ham-fisted and silly, music score tonally unfitting on a few occasions, lazy antagonists, and makes little attempt for us to care for a story that moves along very predictably. Honestly the only thing that salvaged parts of this movie was Steve James returning as Joe's buddy Curtis Jackson, cause he clearly had fun playing his part as he goes nuts on kicking ass and throwing amusing dialogue, he truly lent energy to his role and came off as a more enjoyable action heroine. In the end though, a bad film is a bad film. If you liked the first, there's some fair action moments and Steve James having a blast in his role, but nothing else redeeming.

Andrey B (nl) wrote: This is a piece of art, not just a masterpiece of cinema but of art as a whole. Technically marvellous, spiritually shocking. In the year of 1921 to tell such a story how it was told in this picture, I'm out of words. No wonder Ingmar Bergman was heavily influenced by this film. This is a true example of a horror movie.

David C (mx) wrote: Amazing underdog story considered one of the top 10 all-time inspirational films! It's also a great coming of age story!

francis s (gb) wrote: an honest look at how the biggest metal band in the world go into a downward spiral and hit rock bottom. it is more revealing than most most music documentaries

Stuart K (ca) wrote: Directed by D.J. Caruso (Disturbia (2007), Eagle Eye (2008) and I Am Number Four (2011)), this is a sports thriller focused on a part of the gambling world people don't know about, the world of Sports gambling, and how some people are only in it for the money. It's a good character drama, with two good leads, but it does drag on a bit in the middle and it could have been shorter. When football star Brandon Lang (Matthew McConaughey) suffers a career ending injury, he takes a job in handicapping football games for a magazine, predicting who will win certain ganes. His winning suggestions capture the attention of Walter Abrams (Al Pacino), head of a sports consulting organisation. Abrams has his own TV show called The Sports Advisors and he has Brandon go on the show, and Brandon's winning predictions make him a top draw on the show, but Walter's other number two man Jerry Sykes (Jeremy Piven) isn't happy at Brandon's rise to fame. But, it's not long before Brandon gets in over his head and is making dodgy and risky deals, and he ends up losing his touch and and it ends up marring his once strong friendship with Walter. It's a good character drama, but it is a bit cliched. Pacino is his usual self, yet McConaughey is able to hold his own against Pacino. Despite looking all flashy, it does suffer from weak plotting and as stated, sagging in the middle.