Spawned by a zest for the sport, this skiing video documents the skills and off-powder hijinks of intrepid skiers Jon Olsson, Heath Ordway, Gordy Piefer, Rex Thomas, Ryan Oakden, Jack Hannan and Jon Johnston, among others. Film highlights include Ian McIntosh sweeping British Columbia's backcountry, Nick Greener straight-lining chutes in Montana and Jamie Pierre's 185-foot cliff drop in Engelberg, Switzerland.

  • Category:Sport
  • Stars:
  • Uploader:BushCuLan
  • Country:USA
  • Director:Sky Pinnick
  • Writer:N/A

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Neasa M (es) wrote: Very erotic. I think about this film way too much.

Lewis C (ca) wrote: I'm unashamedly fond of this genre of over-the-top, ultra-gory, and often hilarious Japanese movies. When done right, they're endlessly entertaining. Samurai Princess is not one of the finer examples that I've seen. The story is a revenge tale about a girl who becomes a Mecha (super-powered humans modified with the body parts and souls of the dead). She's searching for a group of men and two other Mechas who are responsible for the assault and dismemberment of a group of her friends. The plot is not presented in such a straightforward way, though, and there's a revolving door of random characters that pop up spout some back-story, get in a fight or two, and then die or disappear. The action scenes are weak, the attempts at humor come off as just weird, and not much of anything really makes sense. Samurai Princess is definitely a low-budget affair, with most of the money seemingly going renting the various warehouses it was filmed in. The only real entertainment to be found is from wondering what inexplicable thing is going to happen next. Watch if for that, or don't bother with it, at all. 9/10 on the WTF scale, 4/10 as a movie. And please don't ask what the title has to do with the actual movie, because I've yet to figure that out.

Gloria G (de) wrote: "Vorrei che crescesse come suo padre, che avesse lo sguardo limpido per riconoscere i desiderie le braccia forti per realizzarli... Vorrei che fosse un uomo libero, un uomo felice... Perch si pu essere felici in questa vita, Giuliana... SI DEVE"

Courtney K (au) wrote: Judd & Shannon played their parts very well -- i didn't super love the movie, actually, but they were very convincing. shows how obsession/paranoia/delusion can affect you -- scary stuff.

Lester Y (de) wrote: so i'll say like 95% of war movies, even ones i really like, are guilty of overt jingoism, oversimplifying armed conflict as a one-sided battle between good and evil. this is probably the most even-handed war pic i've ever seen with a wide political scope, while at the same time not losing sight of the true victims of war. pretty remarkable.

Davey M (ca) wrote: Bergman's chamber pieces are immense, and "Winter Light" particularly so. In eighty minutes, with few characters, fewer locations, the inquisitive but unobtrusive eye of cinematographer Sven Nykvist (the use of light here, as suggested by the title, is central and powerful), and a sound design centered on stillness, Bergman seems to encompass the depth and breadth of human existence and all the weight and wonder of the cosmos.

Ed C (ru) wrote: One line summary: Western zombie horror, oh my.----------------------- Aman's mother was a nun. To ensure her son's safety, she makes an unholy deal with a supernatural force. As he grows up, he becomes an invincible gunman. After his wife is raped, he goes for vengeance. Unfortunately, anyone he kills comes back as a zombie. That includes the group of five who raped his beloved. Their leader is Kansa, who has kept his group together in the after the first death period. Kansa is looking for the group that Aman's mother belongs to, and San Diablo, where they guard the gate between heaven and hell. In the meantime, Kansa and his group gather up the defenseless to kill them to steal their skins and hair for their re-use. After Kansa obtains a map to San Diablo, the climactic battle is setup. Will the gate remain sealed? Will the zombies ever be put down permanently?--------Scores------- Cinematography: 8/10 Mostly fine. Sound: 8/10 No problems. Acting: 5/10 Wesley Snipes and Kevin Howarth were rather good, but Riley Smith and most of the others were not. Screenplay: 6/10 The plot did not make a whole lot of sense, and had too much narration, but at least it moved from beginning to end. SFX: 5/10 Not the best, often not convincing at all.

Mohammed A (ca) wrote: It's good movie to watch