Stolen Kisses

Stolen Kisses

Baisers voles is the second of two films from the ‘Antonie-Doinel-Zyklus’ by French director Truffaut. The film depicts the life of a young twenty year old man who’s life revolves around casual jobs and women, especially young violinist Christine Darbon (Claude Jade's screen-debut).

Antoine Doinel joined the army but has just been discharged. The film tells his reunion with Christine Darbon, the girl he was in love with before the beginning of the film, and his ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Heather M (gb) wrote: I liked this story, but it has been done before. I didn't really like the cast in this one so maybe that dragged my rating of this one down some.

Kyle M (us) wrote: Everything I expected... Which is F***ing awesome!

Christopher B (fr) wrote: Total, unadulterated awesomeness. Sure I really liked Kiltro, but this is leaps and bounds ahead of it. Blending comedy, melodrama, the vigilante film, the superhero film and martial arts, the filmmakers/star have created a masterpiece. Apparently, a lot of the hits are real in the fights, and that definitley adds to the excitement, but it's the shifting moods and surprising decisions in storytelling that elevate this to a five star film. A must see.

Tessa G (it) wrote: never heard of this?

Cille I (gb) wrote: Cute but bland. The female lead is a mouthbreather :D

familiar s (br) wrote: Sweet Sixteen. Sounds like a chick flick (nothing wrong if you like that genre; it's just that I'm not into that kind of movies in general). Now, the title itself is enough to prompt me to click on 'NOT INTERESTED'. (Off topic, but Shakespeare didn't know shit when he coined "What's in name?") But when it came as a recommendation from one of the friends here (by mvieaddict, to be specific), & the review (which I fortunately didn't read fully. She's given away how it ends. I know it's predictable, but still.) mentioned that it's a crime related movie, I was inclined to check it out. And having just watched it, I'm glad I did.It's not 'American History X', but it's close to that. It's relatively realistic & way better than most of the crime dramas I've recently seen. It has some truly great intense moments. It's not a tearjerker, but the way the relations are portrayed is quite touching. It made me care for the protagonist even after knowing that what he's doing is quite unethical. That's where the movie scored for me, because generally I don't get that kind of a feeling for such characters (or the characters I can't relate to).It takes a sneak peek into the life of a boy who wants to lead a sound life with his mom who's currently serving time in jail. But that's not not quite easy. He resorts to crime to make his dreams come true. And pieces start falling in their place for him. But alas... well, you already know what kind of ending you're supposed to expect with this type of movies. I'd not give away what exactly it is, just in case (yep, of late, I've decided not to give out big spoilers as far as possible).The actors were all new faces to me, but everyone performed well. The movie wouldn't have been so effective otherwise. Surely recommended.EDIT: Just because someone asked, I felt I should clarify it once & for all. I mentioned 'American History X' because the movie reminded me of it while watching it. There's not much resemblance between the two. When I said "it's close to that," I meant in terms of greatness, & not plot-wise. So there.

Anastasia P (kr) wrote: It's not even French humour, it's just nearly unwatchable. Had to fast forward on all the singing. And just when you think the ending is about to make it all better, it gets worse!

Ella H (it) wrote: Don't waste your time. They played it in my language arts class and i did my homework the whole time to entertain myself

Allan C (br) wrote: I'm a huge fan of writer/director Andrew Bergman. He has a very distinct comedy voice in his films ("The In-Laws," "So Fine" or "The Freshman") and no one makes modern screwball comedies like he does. The plot has a situation ripe for comedy and is one I could easily have seen Preston Sturges' stock company of actors putting on. Nick Cage and Sarah Jessica Parker go off to Vegas to get marries, but Cage loses all his money to Jame Caan, who has designed on Parker. Caan will forgive the debt if he can spend the weekend with Parker. This film gets credit for predating "Indecent Proposal" by a year and this film actually handles the same dilemmas much better and with far fewer pretensions. Besides the three main leads, you also get a great supporting cast that includes. Pat Morita, Anne Bancroft, Peter Boyle, Seymour Cassel, Ben Stein, Tony Shalhoub, and a 5-year old Bruno Mars as Little Elvis. The film's composer, David Newman, also deserves credit for a peppy comic filmscore. Rematching this film now, it wasn't quite as funny as I remembered, but it's still a very enjoyable comedy with a very likable cast, who all manage to take a rather skeezy set up and manage to keep it from dipping into sleaze.

Jeff B (ca) wrote: Kind of like an early version of "A Few Good Men", but with a racial twist. James Woods provides a sometimes terrific, sometimes hammy main character and Robert Downey Jr. does a good job with what he's been given, too. Just a nice courtroom drama with some mild thriller intrigue.

Erik H (ca) wrote: Ok. not as good as gone in 60 seconds, but when you are 14 and love cars, you will like it.

Kristina K (us) wrote: A pretty enjoyable action movie, filled with comedy elements.

Valerie P (fr) wrote: An amazing sequel to the Parent Trap.