Stomping Ground

Stomping Ground

Paths that should have parted years ago and the secrets which drive us apart.

The film is about value of friendship of Mike, Chris, Bobby, and Joe, who are life-long friends. One time they commit a random act of violence. Their friendship is pushed to the brink, the group buckles and strains under the darkest aspects of their personalities. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brandon S (es) wrote: A good movie I loved it can't wait to see it again action-packed

Sean D (mx) wrote: Great movie. Given it was based on a true story it made the movie very realistic. The resistance was quite a brave crew to take on Heydrich and the Nazis.

Shaun G (es) wrote: Paranormal activity ...3? 1 was good. 2 was bad.I'll give the director a chance to redeem himself and learn from his mistakes in #2.

Kevin B (de) wrote: Not a very well-made doc, but it deserves credit for tracking down the subjects and interviewing them--many shortly before they passed away (sad!).

JuanKa P (ca) wrote: Mike Wazowski y James Sullivan, los adorables monstruos de Monsters Inc. regresan en una precuela divertida. En esta ocasin ambos asistirn a la Universidad para formarse como 'asustadores', pero pronto se vern relegados en el grupo de 'perdedores' y aunque al principio no son amigos, debern unirse para vencer las dificultades. La pelcula tiende a caer en los clichs propios de las comedias universitarias norteamericanas, pero an as mantiene su encanto y diversin

Darren H (fr) wrote: Operatic action-junkfood goodness.

gredrika j (au) wrote: I love this movie but it won't play

John M (de) wrote: A better than average direct-to-video adaptation of Read Window with monsters. Stylistically different from the first two films, so no guarantees that fans of them will enjoy this. It's a much more subdued movie. Director J.T. Petty is someone to watch for the future.

John B (au) wrote: A great movie on the drawbacks of gambling. Once again, Hoffman is putting together masterpieces away from the view of most of the general public. A shame.

Justus B (gb) wrote: IT CAN GET WORSE?!?!?!

Mark A (ru) wrote: New Waterford Girl is a quirky, largely implausible story about a young girl who dreams of leaving the small town in Nova Scotia where she grew up. Moonie (Liane Balaban), is a dreamer who doesn't quite fit in with the narrow-minded provincialism that living in the town of New Waterford on Cape Breton requires in order to prosper there. Enter Lou (Tara Spencer-Nairn), a girl from New York City, who inspires Moonie to put in motion a plan to get herself out of this backwater, involving a soiled reputation and a vendetta against the guilty?. As mentioned, there are some plot devices that defy logic, but the humorous way in which they unfold and the skill of the actors managed to get this viewer to suspend disbelief and just settle in to enjoy the show. The supporting cast was excellent. Cathy Moriarty, as the mom, and Nicholas Campbell, as the dad, were spot on. They exhibited the right combination of loving concern over their youngest daughter and her quirks mixed with a level of distraction that having five children often engenders. This one was fun and managed to exert a draw on the emotions with a cute ending that managed to stay away from becoming maudlin.

Alexander C (ag) wrote: ''It is the power of music to carry one directly into the mental state of the composer.''The life and death of the legendary Ludwig van Beethoven.Gary Oldman: Ludwig van BeethovenFirstly, everyone knows Beethoven in his childhood was forced live up to the child prodigy Mozart. A nice analogy can be made with this film, this adaptation, this conjuring of his life. Because of the semi-biographical, semi-fictional nature of the story it is impossible not to compare it to Milos Forman's Amadeus. And where Beethoven (in my opinion) surpassed Mozart later in his career, Immortal Beloved does not. I'm not saying that Immortal Beloved attempts to mimic Amadeus, but the comparison is certainly unavoidable.If, however, we judge Immortal Beloved in it's own right, it comes out quite well. Gary Oldman's performance is spectacular to say the least and carries the story into the heavens. The story is very well constructed, although it is sometimes buried under by psychological complexity of its character. It seems to want to focus on to many aspects of Beethoven's personality, life, and surroundings all at once. A little more simplicity might have served the story more believability. The plot, though historically inaccurate in places, has enough impact to satisfy all the mystery and questions that arise in the web of storytelling. And though it very probably didn't happen that way, it serves very well to explain Beethoven's psychological problem, and, in all fairness cast this into legend rather than mythical proportions. ''You think that because I do not stop you, that I am not listening.''So if all this is so right, what's wrong with it? The flaws of Immortal Beloved, I feel, stem mostly in the often unjustly ignored facets of mixed cinematography. The composition though never irritating, also never over come our senses. The same goes for the colours, they are always good, but are never a reflection of the emotions in the powerful extreme sense. This applies to the editing and use of music as well. And it is in these respects especially that Immortal Beloved does not reach the greatness of the emotion grabbing Amadeus.All in all a powerhouse of a story with amazing potential. Tons of praise to Gary Oldman in one of the best performances of his career. The movie is very well researched in places and epic in it's own ambition. That these ambitions aren't completely fulfilled is an immortal tragedy.For those who are interested what parts of the movie are historically correct (which one tends to wonder when watching a biopic like this), all major characters are correct, as are the basic relations between them. the letter around which the story revolves actually exists, and most anecdotes truly happened in some shape or form. Historians and music scholars alike are still baffled about the identity of the immortal beloved...thus mirroring the mixed opinions of this adaptation, but certainly there is no doubt in my mind, Gary Oldman gives a performance worthy of repeated viewing alone, saving Immortal Beloved from disaster.''The comedy is over.''

Sage H (br) wrote: One of Clint's most good natured yet entertaining movies to date. ITs tremendously fun and filled with heart and excitement. Eastwood crafts one of his most heart warming yet wonderfully compelling characters and storylines to date.

Jordan K (ca) wrote: As a critic, my goal is to be honest, be it brutally or truthfully. Most of my friends and colleagues praise Fantasia for its beauty and realism, for its soundtrack animation tie in, etc. I found Fantasia to be incredibly boring, aged, and slow paced, not having a real story and having most of its animation sequences unamusingly long.Fantasia has no real plotline. The concept is classical music pieces by Beethoven or Bach set to animation, or as our only talking character in the film, our conductor, calls it "what you may experience in your mind sitting in an opera house". Most of these pieces and animations are based on tales and some on real events, some with impressive animation for its time and some feeling forced. Nonetheless, Fantasia failed to amuse me. Even if it is considered one of the great animated films, it hasn't aged well at all. Even with impressively done colors soaring by in every scene, the slow pace is distracting and the sequences feel overly long. There is no story and little to no dialogue. Normally I don't mind little dialogue. Silent films can prove dialogue can be prevented and a film can be compelling and have a legitimate story. Fantasia just feels very personal in the eyes of Disney. He considered it his best work in his years of animating but it's a movie you either love or hate. The eyes that see it as a cinematic great are targetted closely. Its target audience following Snow White especially is complex. If it failed to amuse me then how would kids enjoy it? 60 years after the original, Fantasia 2000 was made not just to cash in on celebrity cameos but in a sense to recognize it is a family company, not just in the eyes of Walt, and make a sequel to appeal more to kids.

Giovanni M (ca) wrote: One of my least favorite films ever, I Am Sam is a flood of cloying sentiment and reeks of Oscar desperation.

James B (ca) wrote: Jim Carrey's first movie long before "in living color"I remember watching it as a 10-12yr old and thought it was awesome probably because of the PG13 sex scenes. well i rewatched it tonight. ya; not so good. hahaha hate when that happens to movies you used to think you enjoyed!