Stone Cold

Stone Cold

Joe Huff (Brian Bosworth) is a tough, loner cop with a flair for infiltrating dangerous biker gangs. The FBI blackmail Joe into an undercover operation that entails infiltrating "The Brotherhood" - a powerful Mississippi biker gang linked in the murder of government officials as well as dealing drugs with the mafia.

The movie revolves around a biker gang of some extremely violent bikers that is out to assassinate the district attorney and free one of their leader who is on trial for murder. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dean E (nl) wrote: Kutchar either over-acts or is lazy in his performance, can't quite put my thumb on it, and makes a role that should be easy for him seem difficult and makes the film unwatchable

Al M (kr) wrote: While its plot bears marked similarities to One Missed Call and Ringu, Dead in Three Days actually manages to be a competently directed and entertainingly brutal slasher film.

Ty P (it) wrote: This is England is not what it seems or appears to be. Like a meal that sounds fabulous on the menu, then tastes really quite average; this is the story of This is England.After films such as Romper Stomper and American History X, England has its version of disenchanted youth posing as white supremacist neo nazis, and lacks poorly at what it could've achieved. Not only does it lack the intensity, violence and hatred, it fails to deliver the emotional and social side of such causes. In the end, it tries a little too hard on a story that's been told many times before, and floats along in a blas'e sort of way.

l i n d (au) wrote: The "dreaming sequences" were slightly stupid and slightly funny. That goes for the rest of the movie as well. Also, it's kind of charming.

rose r (nl) wrote: i realy like this movie i remeber that i had rated it before but its hell empty now its not one of the best martial arts movie or even a love story but as long as i like martial arts & heroic movies its ok

Mad M (it) wrote: It's about Terry coming back to his home town after he got broke..... The story was simply great.

Patrick D (ru) wrote: This is what I like: small movies about little things that eventually turn out to look so large. Ken Loach has a knack for making the little things of life seem the most important and always uses a desolate landscape to paint us the beauty of humanity. A movie for survivors, whatever the cost.

Emod L (br) wrote: 31%The turtles are funny and wackier than ever, but this incompetent film depends too much on unfunny story cliches.

Wiebke K (ca) wrote: Great movie -- original in every way, beautiful and and such a great commentary on Berlin at the time.

James H (ca) wrote: Walter Matthau gives a brilliant performance, and Jack Lemmon's sensitive direction makes this film a winner. It's a touching story and very well written. It's too bad Jack Lemmon didn't direct any other movies, he did such a terrific job here.

Michael H (ru) wrote: By the time he made "Ivan the Terrible" Eisenstein had moved from employing film montage juxtapositions to creating juxtapositions within the frame so the feel of the movie is very different from his early films. Between that change in style and the high contract lighting and the overwrought pantomime acting style, "Ivan" looks almost like a parody of an early silent film - despite being a talkie. Add to that the mostly static framing, the majestic but often sparsely furnished sets, the elegant and sometimes extreme looking costumes and hair and I was often reminded of nothing so much as the old Buck Rogers and Flash Gordon serials I watched on television as a kid - but with Ming the Merciless as the hero - and without much of the action. Not unrewarding, but not the Eisenstein I would recommend.

Robbie H (gb) wrote: not one of the directors best but made watcheable by the great Montgomery Clift

Darrin C (ca) wrote: I enjoyed it as Travolta's character reminded me of myself which I like. Pretty good story and very few slow moments make this movie a blast for the A.D.D. crowd!

probowl 4 (de) wrote: A crude comedy that showcases Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughan's chemistry to the highest point. 'Wedding Crashers' is hilarious throughout but it also offers a sweet romance feel between the characters of Wilson and McAdams. Bradley Cooper is a riot as the testosterone fueled 'Sack' Lodge. Will Ferrell's appearance was also pure gold. So,as you can see, there are plenty of reasons to watch and enjoy this comedy.

Matthew M (jp) wrote: It's an obvious attempt at blurring the line between art and pornography once more but, unfortunately, it never feels like anything more than stylish sleaze. Winterbottom, an important and consistently underrated British director, just misjudges the pace and plot, with sex that seems like it has some symbolic meaning but comes off wholly as some an interim between the songs that similarly seem to have no real place in the narrative. If you're the kind of person that wants to see a mainstream film with unsimulated sex at its heart, you'd be better off looking elsewhere to be honest. I mean, the sex doesn't even last for that long, so it's not even good porn.