Stop It!

Stop It!

Two 16 year old petty criminals steals a car and are followed by the police in a dramatic car chase, and when they boys are about to run off by foot, one is shot by the police. This changes the other boy's life.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:99 minutes
  • Release:1980
  • Language:Norwegian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:police,   trial,   chase,  

Filmen tar utgangspunkt i en faktisk hendelse i Oslo i 1975. To 16 år gamle gutter har stjålet en bil og blir oppdaget av politiet. Etter en dramatisk biljakt forsøker guttene å stikke av ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Robert B (es) wrote: Borgman is like a Lifetime movie / scary story for adults. As a film it might have been fine if it had decided what it wanted to be and stuck with that. The acting and visuals are fine (and something to look at if you are a fan of ultra-modern European design). The problem is that it is made out to be serious / realistic and the action is extremely far-fetched. The two do not mix. Rather it ought to have gone with a supernatural vibe which lets the viewer go along with unrealistic action or write realistic crimes.

owen b (it) wrote: I like the scene were the kid is telling tony stark about seven people who died in an explosion and how there are six shadows against a wall for those people who went to heaven because they died innocent and the seventh guy went to hell because he caused the explosion. the iron man is barely in the movie and the film relies on the tony stark character. it has cool action like a break-in sequence but the dialogue can't carry the film to safety like iron man 1 and 2Owens grade:C+

Justin A (it) wrote: Sucked, enough said.

Amanda H (jp) wrote: There are some great actors here, and this is interesting enough, but there's not a whole lot of plot. If character study is something you're interested in, you'll likely find this enjoyable because there's a whole lot of that. But this is really just a series of short scenes that really have nothing to do with each other, so don't go into this expecting any kind of epic adventure.

Damon G (de) wrote: most frustrating movie i've ever seen

Jordan A (au) wrote: While it is atmospheric and a tad bit creepy, this Australian horror-thriller lacks some character development. The villain is creepy that has similar roots to Freddy Kreuger and dark cinematography that gives it a creepy vibe but the performers by the young actors is not as great and their characters are a little underdeveloped. Overall it's atmospheric and creepy but is very flawed. 3 out of 5 stars.

Jaret M (es) wrote: Alright, I want to know right now!! Who gave Jessica Simpson permission to be an actress?! I want answers people! Who was it?!?!?

Anna O (mx) wrote: i cant wait 2 c this!!!!

Cameron L (us) wrote: STOP. Just... please, stop.

Samra M (nl) wrote: Tacky 80's flick ...! Re-surrecting Amitabh as the 'angry young man' after a long gap ... and succeeding due to mass appeal ...

neil L (ru) wrote: I am scared of jaws!

William A (de) wrote: This is a classic, see it sometime

Chad H (it) wrote: Jail Bait was definitely an interesting movie. Probably one of Ed Woods best in the sense that it wasn't so bad its good. But in the sense of its wasn't half bad. I will say however that you could never get away with titling your movie "Jail Bait" in this day and age unless it was a porno. This movie definitely has some good elements such as the music and overall shooting. It looks great in black and white with the all the shots in the city. Jail Bait is an interesting story idea that is predictable but really fits into the cult movie status. It has some bad acting some weird dialogue but overall is a fun and entertaining ride. I will say that the music definitely reminded me of "Scooby-Doo" at times. See for yourself, but that's all I could really think of. It does have some ambiance that fits with the story really well. I won't give to much away about the plot because it is predictable. It could have been better but it does provide some cheap entertainment. Not a bad one, but a pass.

Gavin H (kr) wrote: Hilarious , nothing else to say about this movie just plain hilarious.

Kevin F (jp) wrote: The scenery/artwork is pretty and you're compelled in the beginning to feel poorly for the main character (you could tell even here that Josh Hutcherson was going places, for his acting is good, though the script is not) but it physically pains me to see the plot pan out. The leaps in logic are tremendous. I'm talking volatile acts of violence glossed over one scene later CONTINUOUSLY (there must be something in the water making everyone so forgiving), occurrences in the movie that never affect the plot or come to light again, and awful/non-realistic conversations between characters. I felt compelled at one point to pause the movie and start a screenplay of my own for this movie made it look extremely easy to sell a movie. I only continued to watch for the laughable content (and not surprisingly the resolution was unsatisfying).