Stop Snitchin, Stop Lyin

Stop Snitchin, Stop Lyin

The game films a tell all in regards to his beef with fellow rap artist 50 cent

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Patrick E (kr) wrote: Killer Movie is a mediocre ultra low-budget direct to DVD slasher film that is lacking in story telling, competent acting, suspense, horror and imaginative kills but still somehow manages to be vaguely entertaining. It's painfully unoriginal and the final reveal will be no surprise at all but there are OK moments if you can manage to sit through the extremely annoying cast of characters.The plot revolves around a reality TV show production crew who are sent to a small American town to make a show about the town?s ice hockey team. While there they learn that the town has a history of "accidents" with an unusual amount of people having being killed. The crew decides to focus on this and get to the bottom of the accidents. Eventually the crew themselves start to become victims of these accidents before everyone realises there is a killer on the loose who is making his own film starring them as his victims.I have to admit that it's far from the worst premise and in the hands of a different director with some sort of a budget this could have been decent. Sadly though it's zero budget really effects the production as it ends up being painfully unoriginal with a cast of beautiful looking people who are terrible actors. One scene in particular involving the star of the hockey team will leave you cringing at how bad it is. Most of the characters are very annoying, especially the high maintenance blonde film star and the female production manager who you are begging to be killed in a very torturous way! The characters are very unrealistic and the fact that the towns police seem to think that all these killings are actually accidents will leave you scratching your head.There is very little in the way of gore leaving you with the impression that this film was made for the teen audience. The lack of gore isn't necessarily a bad thing when done right, like Scream, but there is very little else going for Killer Movie that it's hard to forgive. The final reveal will leave you very disappointed as you are hoping it was anybody else.Killer Movie ends up being a very mediocre effort at a slasher film for the teen audience that is lacking in horror gore and laughs. It is however vaguely entertaining in a so-bad-it's-good kind of way.

Megs M (nl) wrote: great story line and continuation from the original... way better than the americans!!

Dane Y (ca) wrote: "WATCHING A BORING BUNCH OF FOOLS"by Dane Youssef Now here is a movie that wants to be something successful by combining everything successful. "Kissing A Fool" wants to be too many things. Can you mix successful ingredients and get the best of every world? "Kissing..." tries to be a '40's-style romantic comedy, a modern sex comedy and a sit-com at the same time. Co-writer/Director Doug Ellin is a friend of Schwimmer's and Schwimmer has gone on and on about exactly how great it feels to shed his Ross-image and play the complete anti-Ross. Jason Lee stars as Jay Murphy, a sensitive nice guy who's a romance novelist and is recovering from his latest breakup with a model named Natasha (played by TV's "Weird Science" Vanessa Angel). He has a sweet boy-next-door demeanor about him and his real problem is he's too nice and sensitive for his own good. The worst part about being sensitive is that the world is so full of s--t and garbage, people are such assholes that your feelings get hurt too often, too easy, too much. Better to be as cruel as the world or even more so and give worse than you get. Believe me, I know of what I speak of. David Schwimmer co-stars as Jay's best friend Max Abbitt, a sportscaster who's a womanizer who plays the field more than the teams reports on. A total creep and always with a dumb expression of his face, a self-satisfied drawl and his own cool-guy salutation: "What' up?" Always a toothpick and a "too cool" drawl dangling from his lip.Mili Avital is unfortunately given the second-to-weakest developed character in the whole film. She's sweet, perky and photogenic... but nothing else, really. She and Lee could have some great chemistry if only the film allowed it. But this movie is written in a way that's so made-to-order, it's embarrassing. Bonnie Hunt plays the narrator that is publishing Lee's book. She's also the narrator. Why does this movie need a narrator? The narration actually manages to make the movie even less suspenseful, if that's possible. And Vanessa Angel, who broke through in TV's "Weird Science" and almost stole "Kingpin," is given the least interesting character. She plays a model and Jay's heartless ex-girlfriend who has dumped him and left him a pathetic neurotic mess. Hers is not a character, but a plot device. The heartless bitch who is so cruel and horrible to the sweet-hearted hero so more of our sympathy goes to him. I groaned at her scenes. The movie's dialouge is not always plot-driven or cutesy-poo, like most romantic comedies are (although there are sometimes when it is). Most of the script is written in an observational sit-com kind of way. Like "Seinfeld" or "Mad About You" (or yes, even "Friends"). But the dramatic/romantic scenes are embarrassingly maudlin. Is it just me or has the entire cast of "Friends" been in movies that were all trying to mimic Kevin Smith's highmark rom-com "Chasing Amy?" * The Object of My Affection * Kissing A Fool * Three To Tango Smith's groundbreaking romantic comedy "Chasing Amy" was revolutionary, insightful... and made big waves for Ben Affleck, Joey Lauren Adams, Lee and Smith himself. A romantic comedy, a sex comedy and a relationship story. Not merely a love story, but a life story. Lately, Hollywood has been trying to make Smith-like slick Hollywood movies. So far, they failed terribly. Smith's movies are great because they are daring and avoid formulas. And they master the art of sparkling conversation. This film does neither. Nor did any of the other Kevin Smith-wannabes. Lee's character has been through the ringer and things are looking bleaker. I really liked him here and felt for him. And identified with him more than I wanted to. I knew guys like Max in high school, but in the outside world? Who knows? I was kind of like the Lee character myself. In a way, I still am. Too sensitive. Too easily vulnerable. Such a whipping boy. I did understand what Jay meant when he said, "You know, I wish I had your heart. Then I wouldn't have spent so many sleepless nights...."The plot seems cruel and creepy, yet too sit-com-like at the same time. "Test my fianc (C)e's fidelity?" Almost seems like a sick ploy to throw Jay & Samantha together, doesn't it? Oh wait, it is... Anyone who has ever seen a movie will know what the ending will be. It's almost like waiting for the coyote to fall off the cliff. Schwimmer's Max Abbit character seems to dumb and dull and annoying to be interesting. He must be sick of playing the same type ("The Pallbearer," "Six Days, Seven Nights" and TV's "Friends"), but this movie will do nothing for him. Still, at least he tried. I kept (back in 1999 when I first saw this movie) seeing a mad Ross trying to be bad whenever I looked at him, but now looking back on it and putting Ross out of my head (I really dislike the show anyway), Schwimmer does an effective job... however he doesn't really have dimensions and depth. He's just not an interesting womanizer. Apparently, a lot of Schwimmer fans felt confused by his role here. It feels like Schwimmer wants to play someone completely different without risking losing his hard-core audience. Schwimmer does do a much better job breaking typecasting in the forgettable "Since You've Been Gone" and the memorable "Band of Brothers." MEMO TO Hollywood: If you're gonna keep making bad Kevin Smith-knockoffs, at lest quit putting "Friends" actors in them. --Forget This Pathetic Attempt At Romance and Comedy, Dane Youssef

Melanie G (jp) wrote: i love this soundtrack!

Richard L (es) wrote: This movie is a total trashy nightmare.

Ravi N (fr) wrote: For fans of the TV Show... watch the original

Nichele W (de) wrote: i wonder if Michael Jackson is getting any royalties from his buddy's movie.... hmmmmmm

Gregg D (it) wrote: A delightful charming little whimsical tale of murder, the theater and revenge.

Oj H (br) wrote: A film based off of Guy Ritchie directing, the film did have it's style, and an okay performance by Jude Law(a bit too much Tom Hardy Bronson rip off though), but the film really did miss. The plot was ALL over the place. There was an underlying plot with a daughter you saw all of 3 times, and it just didn't know where it wanted to go. The ending was a bit confusing and you just had the urge to leave. It was entertaining... but we all knew it wasn't going anyplace, from the first 15minutes. Not a horrible movie, a good attempt at something stylized, but ultimately, it wasn't good either.

Vincent E (ca) wrote: Very predictable, not for real fans or people into the art of horror.

Felipe F (au) wrote: Let Me In is a rare kind of film that manages to put some heart into the horror genre, but its predictability and lack of scares makes it for a dull ride.

Rich R (kr) wrote: Absolute classic, even after all this time :)

Martin M (kr) wrote: It becomes a drain watching all these movies about the piss-weak UN - Bosnia, Rwanda etc, though this does have a heavy Western bias. Anyway, this is a pretty decent flick though it lacks clear direction at times and loses the tension in those moments. And if you haven't visited Sarajevo I can highly recommend it.