Stories from the Kronen

Stories from the Kronen

Carlos is a young student, just 21. Nice or annoying as he likes, enjoys provoking and transgreding. In the night he goes out to meet his friends in the Kronen, a bar. Every situation can be taken a little farther. There are no limits, no accepted barriers. And more each time, each adventure is chained to the next, as if it were a continuous night. A long description of people: grandfather, parents, sister, girlfriend, friends. And, among that, the obscure will of living every minute as if it were the last one. But something which happens puts Carlos and his friend against a reality they have been trying to ignore.

Carlos is a young student, just 21. Nice or annoying as he likes, enjoys provoking and transgreding. In the night he goes out to meet his friends in the Kronen, a bar. Every situation can ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Molly H (ru) wrote: it was sad yet funny. i'd love to see it again.i also have a sudden desire for a pet goat.

Ashley B (nl) wrote: this was an alright movie...

Prashant C (nl) wrote: Sam Mendes who has served us heady cocktails like American Beauty, Road to Perdition and others comes up with a corrosive rendition of the America in the 1950's with the Eisenhower era struggling with the the ever entangling fabric of marriage where the despair on the assembly line like workmanship was shredding the institution of marriage. Leonardo Dicaprio and Kate Winslet reunite after Titanic (that was ages ago) and their onscreen chemistry has not lost any of its sheen rather matured like old wine and is crackling throughout the film. This has to be one of Leo's most maturd performance and Kate sweeps through the film canvas with a towering performance with her expressions of despair saying more than a page of dialogues. They are a couple who marry after meeting in a club and soon realise that though they are considered special in the neighbourhood, he is working in the same organizations as his father which he wished would never happen while she is a failed actress. The fantasy of Paris providing them all they never had becomes more than a fleeting thought much to the ridicule of the people they know. The insane Michel Shannon serves as the sane voice of the room and is spot on with his observations which undress the shields worn by the characters around him. He has woven an unforgettable piece in the short but vivid screentime in the film. The director does justice to the book by the same name by Richard Yates on which it is based upon, with a constant undercurrent of disillusionment where the Wheelers look towards extramarital sex as a cure for their problems or atleast as a respite. The ordinary couple get crushed by the false image created by the people around them and let loose the inner demons on to each other. Kate gets pregnant which Leo, who has suddenly found a possible promotion round the corner in his job and is having second thoughts of going to Paris, even uses the pregnancy as a justification for not crossing the Atlantic. The most moving scene is Kate standing in her living room after a messed up attempt at an home abortion to get back at Leo. This bout between the two ends with a tragedy which was inevitable and you shall leave the theatre with a punch to the gut. The couple of intimate scenes are an expression of the coiled up emotions letting go in the sack and the fluctuating emotional fortunes of Kate are reminiscent of almost a Jack Nickolsonesque performance, only much less loud but still very effective. She thankfully won a Oscar this year for the Reader and is turning out to be top notch Actor with a tremendous long term heritage in the making. Sam has extracted the best out of his wife in the film and Leo has shades of a schoolboy refusing to grow up and unwilling to take the bull by the horns for which he pays dearly in the end.If you are in the mood for a feel good light entertainment then please dont go down Revolutionary road but for a movie lover to the core with a strong gut and a heart do go down this road and you shall get a lot to chew upon and ponder about, and carry home three performances of memorable proportions.

iain p (nl) wrote: really good film 10/10

Angelica G (es) wrote: INTERESANTE EN EL CINE....

Erik S (gb) wrote: I'm really happy i picked up this movie for a whoping 5 dollars. Its pretty funny at parts. And you'll love the extra's also turst me.

Thomas D (br) wrote: A poorly acted early version of American Pie but it made me laugh at just how stupid it was.

Angie P (mx) wrote: The two main characters, both named Mildred have emigrated from Texas to a small dusty Californian town off the highway that could pass for Texas -- the younger Mildred remarks, "Sure does look like Texas". The attention-seeking, loquacious Mildred #1, alias "Millie" (Shelley Duvall) struts around like a yellow canary on stage reminding me of Norma Desmond from Sunset Blvd with the same lack of self awareness. Obviously imitating what she's sees in the glamor magazines she reads. The clumsy naive Mildred #2, alias "Pinky" (Sissy Spacek) who's even more clueless mistakes Millie's bravado as confidence immediately becoming her sycophant says she is "the most perfect person I've met" until an unexpected turn of events challenges their fan-idol relationship and their identities. It is a final crisis that resolves their "identity crisis" in the end involving a third women, Willie (Janice Rule), an artist that paints a mural with groupings of reptilian anthropomorphic beasts that include a pregnant female (like herself) and an alpha male standing erect with his huge "cock" (maybe blurred in some copies) which I presume represents her cock sure husband and possibly lover to the pair of Mildreds. This very surreal film some what of a black tragicomedy (if you can force it into a genre at all) evolved from a dream director, Robert Altman had, so don't expect a nice neat traditional Hollywood ending. I loved the film! One of his best IMO. It explores the female psyche so well, its hard for me to believe a male developed this from his own dream. The film is also a time capsule from the 70s. Millie loves the color yellow, drives a "French" mustard colored Pinto ( not to be confused with English mustard, she corrects the cops as they look for her stolen car) and has an apartment decorated in a combination of slick mod and lacy kitschy furnishing, all in yellow. Lots of double knit halters and peasant blouses fill her closet, all in yellow, of course. This cult classic is worth viewing just for the trip back to the groovy years. Would someone please comment about the reptilian art? Who was actual the artist?

Gary L (jp) wrote: One of the 1001 Movies. All the Peckinpah elements are here, including actors from the Wild Bunch, nearly reprising their roles, and slo-mo shootouts. It wanders around a bit. Definitely a 70s picture. 4 Stars.

Lee V (fr) wrote: Dads love this movie. Classic dad stuff.

Grayson D (au) wrote: Great B Movie and Probably Meyer's best film.

Sara C (it) wrote: Agatha Christie is a genius!

Qi Z (au) wrote: A modest portrait of JMW Turner's life.

Hrant B (nl) wrote: Great satire about a guy named Nick played by Aaron Eckhart to be a lobbyist for the Tobacco industry. The best line of the movie is when Nick says tobacco isn't outlawed because it controls the population because of overpopulation. Great script wonderful actors, very enjoyable to watch. Definitely add this to your list. This was my second time viewing this pic.

Holly C (us) wrote: Simply charming and adorable! Loved it!