Storm Over the Nile

Storm Over the Nile

Storm Over the Nile is a 1955 film adaptation of the novel The Four Feathers, directed by Terence Young. The film not only extensively used footage of the action scenes from the 1939 film version stretched into CinemaScope, but exactly the same screenplay, almost line-for-line also then directed by Zoltan Korda as well as several pieces of music by the original composer Miklos Rozsa. It featured Anthony Steel, Laurence Harvey, James Robertson Justice, Mary Ure, Ian Carmichael, Michael Horden and Christopher Lee.[2] The film was shot on location in the Sudan.

A color remake of "The Four Feathers" . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Scott P (fr) wrote: Love her, but story was pretty flat. Had a couple steamy moments that helped.

Jim L (de) wrote: This is a great art history lesson and done in a way that is entertaining and with brilliant cinematography. The problem is I am not really interesting in art history, so even through I did enjoy the film, I found the topic boring. I would not recommend this film if you are tired or have little interest in art or art history.

Jimmy O (fr) wrote: Less a star cause the dull ending song xDNothing last forever... Forever is how I feel about you.

Richard H (mx) wrote: Good performance by Emma Lung but the movie is more effective when it is 'creepy' rather than the explicit 'horror' in the final sequences that hurt tone and stretch believability. I'm also not sure I was satisfied with the conclusion in what is a brisk 77 minutes.

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Allan C (ca) wrote: Michael Caine is back as the be speckled spy Harry Palmer in this third outing in the series (two more films would be made with Caine about 30 years later). The film is directed by Ken Russell, who later made a name for himself with films focused around his obsession with sexuality and the church, but Russell apparently was contractually required to direct the film even though he didn't want the job. However, the end product is just about as visually arresting as any of Russell's films (even if they are missing his usual themes and subject matter) and even includes a nice Eisenstein reference, so it would seem that he was having some fun. The film was also beautifully shot by Billy Williams, who would later go on to shoot several more Russell film up to the 1990s. The story involves Palmer hunting the title brain, which is really a super computer (which is really an ancient Honeywell computer) from an anti-commie extremist who wants to start a war with the Russians. It's a snappy, fun spy film and I would say is clearly the best of the Harry Palmer films. Well worth watching for 1960s spy film fans!

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