Na een ‘incidentje’ tijdens een receptie voor de hoogste legertop wordt duiker Rick Symons naar het 40ste Search and Rescue smaldeel in Koksijde gestuurd. Rick wordt er opgenomen in een even competente als aparte Sea King crew. Zijn grootste verrassing is Alex, de vrouwelijke medic, waarmee hij eerder al een kleine schermutseling heeft gehad. De overplaatsing naar Koksijde dwingt Rick tot nog een

After an over-cocky inter-forces 'anti-terrorism' game in which he damaged the minister's car, Belgian Army special ops diver Rick Symons is transferred to the Navy. Alas, in Koksijde ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lou A (kr) wrote: Not only one of the most unnecessary sequels ever made (released in a year full of sequels), but also one of the worst movies of the year. Its predecessor was at least mildly amusing at moments, but this is a comedy that is the antithesis of funny. The screenplay's attempts at humor are so sophomoric, it feels like it was written by 4th-graders. The filmmakers actually repeat the most revolting gags from the first film, such as Marlon Wayans fornicating with dolls. And what's even worse is that even though it is graciously only 86 minutes long, it still feels like it will never end while watching.

Shaun B (ru) wrote: Good story but overlong and tries too hard while wearing some obvious influences from better directors and movies.

Rob B (us) wrote: totaly stupid and fun cross over of two bad horror franchises .with all the budget and art directicon on new adventures of superman but some how it works . i can only recommended thus on so bad its good but it knows that and dosnt take it self seriously pluss kory felman

Stian K (de) wrote: Ikke vaerst til aa vaere laget paa dugnad. Ser dyrere ut enn den er. Til tider ganske saa morsomt (og jeg er ikke fra Rogaland). S.K.

Jose P (kr) wrote: Ugh. Talk about cheesy romances. I still can't figure out why I sat through it. I kept hoping it would end in suicide and hopelessness, but I guess it's too optimistic a film to be that kind. As it is you're just forced to watch two really attractive people find eternal happiness together, knowing you'll never have any of that. However, the very last line, if you wait around until after the credits, where Fraser tells his friend in an argument, "What do the movies have to do with real life?" kinda made it all better for me, and I'm adding a half star to my rating just for that. Still, it didn't fix the sickening soundtrack with those annoying chimes that go off whenever someone has some sort of romantic epiphany, or creepy storyline we're all supposed to be so involved in. Blech. From a production standpoint, there's some really beautiful photography to be had, which is nice, but the acting is a huge disappointment, especially given how great an actor Fraser is. Go watch Annie Hall or something instead of this, it'll be a better use of time and present a much more realistic and likable couple.

Natasha P (fr) wrote: As much as I liked this movie, I had to take off half a star for the multiple racy scenes. While the romance is certainly necessary to the plot, it felt as if they were just trying to get an R rating at times. Definitely could have been more discreet. But over all, an excellent film.

Dillon L (fr) wrote: better then I remember fun and a great story

Richard D (it) wrote: Ellen Barkin wakes up in Spain covered in blood and unable to remember the last few days. She fears she might have murdered her ex-boyfriend Garbriel Byrne or his wife Isabella Rossellini. She is supposed to be back in the States performing a stunt jump for her new boyfriend, Martin Sheen, but she stays around trying to determine what happened ... getting involved with eccentric millionaire Julian Sands, Jodie Foster, Spanish cab driver Alexei Sayle and Grace Jones. I thought it was pretty incredible that I had never heard of a film with this cast and plot line. It's easy enough to explain that ... the film is a roaring piece of shit. Slow, meandering and incoherent, it feels designed to generate a cult following with it's deliberate weirdness. Other than a truly astonishing amount of nudity from Barkin, there's quite literally no reason to watch this.

Sean S (br) wrote: Incredibly funny low budget 80's sci fi flick. Probably singlehandedly created my affinity for low budget movies.

Shane J (ru) wrote: You see i was always confused in the 1st film with how on earth did chuck norris get captured and put in a pow camp? it seemed impossible that that would ever happen. luckley this film explains everything!! He only had a tauch when he was captured!! This is quite brilliantly a prequal to missing in action showing chucks escape from the pow camp which haunts him in the 1st flick. When the 1st time you see chuck in the pow camp and he's grown his beard you know the shits on!! What follows is chuck ripping rats apart with his bear teeth and surviving all kinds of torture because chuck refuse's to say he's wrong!! The final scene is chuck vs tyrant with a fight to the death, silly man know one fights chuck in a fight to the death as and this isnt a spolier chuck beats the living crap out of him for all the crimes against american's and even veitnam's pow's and also the acting world itself! A sequel/prequel that for me is better than the original!

Mallary Q (fr) wrote: i saw this movie on TMC and it's like the best romantic comedy ever!! (and I don't even really like romantic comedies!)watch this or die, cuz it rocks!!

Ben L (gb) wrote: From what little I knew about Trainspotting, this definitely didn't seem lika a movie that would be in my wheelhouse. Well, surprisingly, I didn't mind it that much. The characters are likable despite their numerous poor decisions. I struggled for awhile because I thought they were glorifying drug use a bit much. But what I figured out as the film progressed, is that any positivity about the heroin is coming from the narrator and his cohorts because they're already hooked on it. Meanwhile what we witness is a contradiction to everything they say, and it shows us how futile these drugs can make your life.I liked the silly little additions to the characters, like Sick Boy's obsession with Sean Connery. It adds just a bit more depth (and realism) to the characters. Ewan McGregor is great in the lead role and that detox scene was ridiculously intense. I also thought Danny Boyle did some fascinating things with the visuals in order to show us what they were experiencing during some of their trips and in the aforementioned detox scene.It's certainly a challenging movie, because it includes a number of aspects that I'd ordinarily hate. Yet, somehow I felt myself forgiving it for a lot. If you put the ending from this movie into any other film it would probably be triumphant in tone. But in Trainspotting it is almost eerie because of what happened leading up to that moment. I can't see myself rushing to watch this film again, but I was pleasantly surprised that I "get it" now and see why it is highly regarded by many.

Matt L (de) wrote: 80's teen sex comdey with more naked women than plot..