The military have captured and imprisoned a supernatural entity. And now it wants to play.

  • Category:Horror
  • Stars:Unknown
  • Uploader:NickDan
  • Country:UK
  • Director:Dan Turner
  • Writer:Jason Arnopp, Dan Turner (story), Jason Arnopp (story)

In 2002, 11 months before the invasion of Iraq, the military captured and imprisoned a supernatural entity at Stormhouse, a secret underground base. This film documents the final four days of that experiment. 'Ghost whisperer' Hayley Sands is brought to Stormhouse by the government to make contact with the captured entity. Her arrival triggers a series of events which lead to the entity's escape, plunging the base into a horrific nightmare. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Stormhouse torrent reviews

Russ B (jp) wrote: 11/19/2015: Not a great film, but not near as bad as I was expecting. Sends a good message and had a few funny moments.

Charlie K (gb) wrote: Excellent western starring Marlon Brando on a quest to retrive stolen property from a band of renegade Mexicans holding an innocent Mexican village hostage.

Greg W (us) wrote: didn't care for the subject matter of this pic

Andrew L (br) wrote: Despite the films getting darker & more 'mature' as the kids get older (& are faced with new dangers), the three leads (Radcliffe, Watson & Grint), still can't act convincingly well enough to carry the blockbuster series, & the 'connect-the-dots' performances from the star support does little to help. The CGI & production value is as ever extremely high, but it's unfortunate that so many films these days focus solely on these elements rather than the actual story narrative & script. The Potter films don't necessarily get 'better', but are definitely more bearable with each new instalment. This particular film (as with the remaining three), has quite a task of reducing a very long novel into a 150minute running time, yet manages to portray a number of sub plots featuring an array of uniquely different characters to add adequate depth & tension.

Leong C (fr) wrote: A fun, slapstick flick from 2 comedic stars...

Jeremy S (gb) wrote: Not the best Star Wars film, but Liam Neeson as Qui-Gon Jinn and Ewan McGregor as Obi-Wan Kenobi are excellent. The climactic fight between Darth Maul and the two Jedi one of the best lightsaber duels in all of Star Wars.

Freeman M (kr) wrote: One of the most honest, visceral accounts of the war in Vietnam. It grabbed me from the jump, and never let go.

Michael (fr) wrote: I loved it. The whole ending with the prison escape was crazy. A lot of laughs. A great movie by Ted Kotcheff.

Doug J (au) wrote: Dated but kind of interesting ... until you learn that the plot makes no sense because there's no motive.

Simon L (mx) wrote: Ron Howard is hardly a name you expect to find at the helm of a Roger Corman B-movie, but everybody's got to start someplace. Howard's directorial debut, his "payment" for appearing in theearlier Eat My Dust, is a pretty average New World Pictures romp: very broad comedy, overly simplistic story and characters, super 70s look and feel, and Don Steele being smarmy as all get out. Basically it's A Mad Mad Mad Mad World meets Death Race 2000, without the scifi... if that makes any sence. The entire film is essentially one giant car chase, which is a VERY intimidating thing to think about filming, especially on the kind of budget Corman would allow. As a result, the action is quite uneven: some sequences are quite well-executed, while others are obviously beyond what Howard had the capacity to do correctly (many shots substitute speed-up film for actual speeding cars, which ends up looking like a live action Wacky Races). And, of coruse, any moment when something isn't crashing into something else is utterly forgetable. GTA is a decent diversion, and quite interesting as a film history footnote, but it's nothing especially memorable.

Emily B (kr) wrote: Wow. Some of the worst acting EVER. That Nancy Czar always looked like she was reading off a cue card. Only good for watching in fast forward and putting in your own diologue.

Matthew H (jp) wrote: Pretty shocking. Bruce Willis doesn't appear to be playing the same character anymore and there isn't a single character that is in anyway likeable. What exactly was supposed to be impressive about the action sequences? The stupid helicoptor scene in Diehard 0.4 appears to have inspired more of the same rubbish. Verdict ... gratuitous and irrelevent tripe.

Christopher B (gb) wrote: More of a modern Hitchcock flick - not quite a classic.

Jerry T (es) wrote: Lot of laughs....Great Hawaii memories. Good selection of actors.

Andrey B (us) wrote: A typical Werner Herzog effort about man vs nature. I'm perplexed by the fact that this movie was completely overlooked by the Academy. Christian Bales' performance is mesmerizing, cinematography is awesome and the theme is inspiring.

Nevil M (mx) wrote: So disturbing and upsetting. Everyone, especially mothers, should watch. A pure nightmare on film.

Joe A (au) wrote: Pretentious and boring.