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Störtebeker torrent reviews

WS W (br) wrote: Self-proclaimed TWENTY SOMETHING in the 2010s but still the same old thing for almost 20 years, or even much longer. So impromptu in style. Still, already much better than expected or what critics said.

MeLany C (es) wrote: I love street fighting.

Kyle M (kr) wrote: The atmosphere is similar to the one in "White Noise," with somewhat more creeps on another similar subject of the supernatural that'd failed due to some bland and clarity lacked filling up the substance, more than the creeps' share. There weren't any room for any scares or compels to get a share when they were in the trailer. It's just a mediocre film I guess with a few little thrills and a elimination with a power to usually lower down a film's level. (C+)(Full review coming soon)

Robin L (kr) wrote: Really don't understand all the negativity here. I was riveted to the movie all the way through. One of the best car chase scenes I have ever seen. The main thing that kept me interested was the poor son's major problem trying to put it all together. Finally, the "bad" guys (Mossad) figure it out and just tell him the way it is. Definitely would recommend and I am puzzled by the hostility to this picture.

Kyle M (br) wrote: It was done with grace to match the spirit of political parties' nomination debates with fair amount of theorized bias inputs through straight-up performances. (B)(Full review coming soon - with better wording)

Mikael F (jp) wrote: An excellent Kormakur film, set in Reykjavik in Iceland. Wonderful sequences and transitions between the main characters reality and imagination and dreams.

Rebecca L (au) wrote: The best one - Anne finds Gil during the war and they finally return home to Green Gables!

Andrew K (fr) wrote: Better than almost all recent movies in this generation

Alan B (es) wrote: This "movie" is an abomination and an insult to both intelligent moviegoers and to Robert Heinlein's legacy. This "movie" bears only a passing resemblance to Heinlein's epic novel of the same title and the most amazing part is that more than one person looked at the script, the actors, and the special effects and said "yes, this will be a good movie and we should make it." The producers (I hope) have all gone bankrupt and learned their lesson. Paul Verhoven is apparently unrepentant and should probably be tried in an international court for fraud, crimes against art, and assaulting the good taste of moviegoers. Meanwhile, Heinlein is rolling over in his grave. I wish I could give this movie negative stars and also get that hour of my life back (I couldn't finish watching it).

Marvelou B (ag) wrote: The film that introduced me to the greatness of Robert Downey, Jr., and the beautifully-crafted theme song, "After All", by Cher and Peter Cetera.

Charles P (it) wrote: The movie doesn't work completely; it suffers from its own over-ambition and the plot structure is too limp for its hallucinogenic editing to be really effective.

Domenic M (kr) wrote: The protagonist is the Italian Al Bundy of the 60's.

Christopher V (it) wrote: See it for the action and the realization that these types really do exists and we should be dam thankful for what they do.

Jeff T (gb) wrote: This movie is exactly what it was meant to be: a tongue-in-cheek action comedy. If you want to zone out for an hour and half and watch the goofy, good guy clumsily win the day, this is your ticket.

David C (ca) wrote: very funny, but vulgar to talk about

afifa na A (ru) wrote: how do you watch a movie because me and my cozains want to watch it