Stoute Boudjies

Stoute Boudjies

An Afrikaans sex comedy which follows the adventures of a third-year student and his buddy at their holiday job. Desperate to lose his virginity, he hooks up with a hot babe for some hanky panky, only to discover that her ex boyfriend does not understand the 'ex' part and wants to get violent. The plot (and cast) is rounded out by some really weird characters, all contributing to the general mayhem and laughs.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:2010
  • Language:Afrikaans,English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:afrikaans,  

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Stoute Boudjies torrent reviews

Jacksob M (es) wrote: movie sucks its the most unfunny and racist movie ive ever watched

Dave L (mx) wrote: Great movie, must see

Paul G (ru) wrote: Wife and son had both just read the book and dragged me in to watching the video. I thought "yet another dull Australian movie basking in the glory of former years". I was wrong. I was so wrong. This is a great movie, with one of Australia's best, David Wenham, playing an utterly believable role in what is a rather humble story. My heart went out to his character. In fact this film is almost like a fable, where the small acts of kindness you show to random strangers are sometimes "entertaiing angels". Don't want to give the plot away - but this is a must see.

Bradley G (br) wrote: Secret Window has some interesting ideas and a good performance from Johnny Depp, but, as a whole, I would best describe it as forgettable. The final denouement tracks into territory that has already been explored many times before (and many times better). The buildup has moments of temporary suspense and I was curious to see where it was going, but the payoff was underwhelming and platitudinous.

Jessica H (ru) wrote: A bit like the original, but with out the better cast and plot.

Nandi C (it) wrote: There are some things you can see and love, but this movie is probably one of the few movies I just cannot watch without being affected. Based on the 1922 murders of a whole town in Florida, Rosewood is something you won't forget. It starts when a woman is having a dalliance with another man who is white and rejects her. To save face, she turns around and says a black man attacked her, even though Esther Rolle and her granddaughter were right there when the whole thing occurred. When Rolle later tried to refute the charges, she was killed for her actions. I believe deep down, those men that did the thing knew that that woman was loose, but I guess to prove a point. To me, that is senseless.

Allan C (au) wrote: Pretty lame wilderness survival film. I expected something more interesting from Don Coscarelli, who made the highly original "Phantasm" and "Bubba Ho-tep". At least it had Lance Henriksen and a young Catherine Keener.

Ian V (au) wrote: It's a Hamlet that we can understand. Actors often recite Shakespeare as if they are indeed reciting lines. They may be excellent in the role, but they still sound unnatural. Tennant sounds completely at home speaking the Bard's dialogue.

Anthony A (ca) wrote: Wonderfully acted. Michelle Williams was terrific as Marilyn Monroe.

Luis M (jp) wrote: Buena actuacion de John Cusack y Malin Akerman. Las Estaciones de Numeros seran Ciertas, algo q la CIA usara? Me encanto el tema de eso en este Filme.

Lee R (au) wrote: Well created for some Sweds

Scott W (ru) wrote: The fatest, slickest comebacks east of the Mississippi.