Straight Story

Straight Story

This film is about an upside down world, where being homosexual is considered "normal" and heterosexual is considered "not normal".

This film is about an upside down world, where being homosexual is considered "normal" and heterosexual is considered "not normal". . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Phil H (ru) wrote: You want guns guns guns guns and lots of over the top characters with videogame like traits all brought together in one place to simply shoot the shite out of each other?? course you do.Doesn't pretend to be anything other than a complete and total shoot em up which may as well have top scores and '1ups' floating around. Cast is unknowns with the odd well known character actor in there which works well, you know everyones gonna die its just a case of in what order hehe. Anything with Vinnie Jones in you know straight away what type of character he will be playing and to expect both badassery with allot of tongue in cheek.Set completely in a bar for most of the action so nothing much visually to shout about, plenty of fancy slow motion shooting and killing with much gun porn going on, looks pretty glossy but we've seen it all before over and over.Total popcorn flick which won't let you down if you just want guns n crazy ass characters.

Dan H (kr) wrote: Thought it could have been a lot better.

Kim T (es) wrote: Much better than I expected, turned out to be a decent film which was really well acted.

Tyson P (au) wrote: hopefuly jet li's worste movie

Randall Y (de) wrote: I love this movie! It shows so many aspect that most movies don't about growing up and being different. Love the soundtrack as well, all the music kicks ass. Two thumbs up and a huge grin!

Chuckie S (kr) wrote: I love everything about this movie! Ronny Yu has made the best Chucky movie! The editing, cinematography, everything works. It's funny, campy, bloody, and Jennifer Tilly owns the role of Tiffany! Her and Chucky were made for each other. My only complaint is it isn't scary like the original child's play! Brad Dourif is still the only person that can make Chucky! Plus the film has a nice role for the late John Ritter! Hi I'm Chucky wanna play?

Jeff B (jp) wrote: Typically weird and disturbing Italian horror with a somewhat cool ending.

Ryan V (ru) wrote: Looking to mimic the stable of monsters found in Universal's horror films of the 1930's, Toho financed this kaiju feature following the success of Godzilla and Rodan. This one showcases a giant caterpillar that winds up going through metamorphosis in Tokyo rather than its proper habitat. This, of course, results in another unfortunate turn of events for the frequently destroyed Japanese metropolis. Although boasting its fair share of monster mayhem, Mothra is more lighthearted than its predecessors; a trait reflected in Toho's later monster mashes. It gets by thanks to an imaginatively designed creature, entertaining direction, and charming performances by Emi and Yumi Ito as Mothra's fairy priestesses.

Marcus W (gb) wrote: A great film with fine work from Lancaster and Simmons. The awards were deserved.

Arash B (ca) wrote: "I'm Bernie Christmas and I like hyenas. Because nobody ever talks about them, when hyenas are very important. Being a friend of a hyena is better than being a friend of real friends. Hyenas protect you. Some danger comes up? You go: "I'm with a hyena!" And then, it's like...Actually, my real name isn't Bernie Christmas.Bernie's the name of the person that found me. Christmas is the season in which he did."

Bruce B (jp) wrote: A pretty good Police Drama about how once again the white man has done the black man wrong. Still Story line worth 4 stars

cassie w (ru) wrote: Sadly, I and another woman slept thru much of it though cinematography seemed fine and actors were expressive. Unfortunately for a film that started with a story about a blind woman, there were no sub-titles for hearing-impaired. Even with hearing aids, I had great difficulty understanding a number of the accents, even telling when someone finally switched to English, and this was primarily a talk-talk movie... And I see a lot of Indian movies.