A young woman and her grandmother living in an isolated farmhouse are kidnapped by aliens.

A young woman and her grandmother living in an isolated farmhouse are kidnapped by aliens. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Stranded torrent reviews

Paulina A (fr) wrote: Deagh! A real and complete waist of time. Terrible performances, bad story. A nasty try to send up Hangover. Avoid it!

Brandon K (au) wrote: very under rated movie abt 2 friends that get stranded with no FooD or water in the middle of no were and no one to help when car breaks down and turn on each other Dan Fogerty guy from balls of fury movie has chops

Samuel B (ca) wrote: Excellent! Inspired by true events

Ollie W (ca) wrote: Interesting and well acted little drama that unfortunately lets itself down in the very final scene by opting for an implausible reconciliation and heavy-handed symbolism, undoing the solid realism of the early scenes and revealing an amateurish understanding of organized religion and the consequences of betraying an orthodox belief.

Jay R (mx) wrote: I love dancing movies

Robyn M (jp) wrote: Why did I get Married looks at love, hate and everything in between. And both my boyfriend and my surprise we both enjoyed seeing Tyler Perry as the smart family man doing everything to keep his friends from killing each other and his marriage alive.Tyler Perry is known for his thoughtful romcom's and being Oprah's new protegee. But put aside House of Payne and Christ as the motivator for Perry's 'feel good' movies... and you've got a smart, heart wrenching and sometimes Hilarious take on love the real life way.

paul s (au) wrote: In what could be considered the main theme of Starting Out The Evening, there is the well thought out and acted questions regarding the relationship between a writer and his muse. Part and parcel with this is wondering how a man who is consumed by his writing, so that he almost totally withdraws from life outside of writing, can create characters who function and are relevant in the very life he has withdrawn from. This is all fascinating stuff, and since it is embodied in yet another wonderful performance by Frank Langella, you'd think that this would be a sure fire hit. Unfortunately the script veers into a very unsatisfactory second theme involving the uneven acting of Lili Taylor as Langella's 40 year old daughter, who hears her biological clock chiming midnight. I suppose that this secondary theme shows the effects of father on daughter and juxtaposes life versus the escapism Langella has perfected, but really, I feel that all things are thusly connected and in this case the secondary story line detracts rather than augments - kind of like a very weak Greek Chorus in its attempts to bring the core drama more into focus. Essentially the main story (the one worth watching) deals with a grad student (capably portrayed by Lauren Ambrose) who is writing her thesis on Langella, a former literary giant in the twilight of his career. His early scribbles led to a cathartic experience for Ambrose, who now reveres the ground the "great man" walks on - which adds an odd, yet somehow compelling bit of Lolita and a May/December romance that makes Langella begin to question everything, including the characters and plot ark of the novel he has been working on for 10 years. There are some great truths here, and Langella is superb - totally raw beneath the veneer of his intellectual civility; and yet, somehow the entire enterprise seemed derailed by the daughters' tale. It was almost like watching two different films on two screens. One held a pretty tight narrative, with some wonderful insight, that seemed very organic, while the other was full of overly obvious setups and some badly delivered, preachy dialog. At the film's close you simply see a man at his typewriter - starting over on an enterprise he knows he will probably never finish - and yet, since the act of writing defines who and what he is, he follows that instinct, just as a salmon will return to its spawning ground - whether he has anything new to say at this juncture is left to speculation - but regardless, write he must.

Karen Marie H (ag) wrote: Powerful and inspiring.

Anthony K (ru) wrote: Once again Takeshi weaves a delicate weave of sensitivity & violence into a beautiful movie. Never thought I'd say such a violent movie was beautiful. It might have something to do with the Joe Hisaishi soundtrack

Matheus C (ag) wrote: This is another Buuelian study on the rotten core of the bourgeois, but the fact that it comes disguised as a sort of household drama makes one have to look harder to see into his agenda. The always fascinating Jeanne Moreau and the glossy widescreen cinematography make it stand out among the director's other films, but I frankly prefer when he's having fun with his sardonic and sinister view of the world.

David S (it) wrote: Generally engaging but in no way revelatory story (in either theme or execution) about the hunt for a Patient Zero who could spread pneumonic plague. Kazan's direction is solid, but the plot itself isn't enough even for the 93 minute run time.

Eric R (kr) wrote: Bunny Lake is Missing tells the story of Ann Lake, an american woman whom has relocated to England. Ann takes her child, Bunny, to school in England but when she returns, her daughter is nowhere to be found. When an investigator from Scotland yard, played by Lawrence Olivier, is brought in to investigate, he starts to wonder if Bunny even existed, or if this bunny is a figment of Ann's imagination. Bunny Lake is Missing is an interesting thriller, that was definitely relatively groundbreaking for the time. It's really a study of maternity and insanity. Carol Lynley does a great job as the terrified mother; she really captures motherly nature of the situation while still oozing with odd emotions with makes the viewer at times question whether she is truly insane. The story also does a good job at this, it never gives us a strong indication of whether young bunny is real or not, keeping me rather engaged til the finale. Otto Preminger direction really carries the film, with some moody lighting and tracking shots which do a lot for the story visually.

Anthony S (ca) wrote: Not much of a story plot but interesting to watch the character development.

Megan W (it) wrote: I didn't care for this movie,I hate snakes.

Adam R (jp) wrote: Completely uninspired with some terrible acting from Sylvester Stallone. It earned him a Razzie. (First and only viewing - 6/15/2015)

Chris D (de) wrote: An absurd directorial flop and an embarrassing blemish in Crowe and Washington's repertoire...its unimaginative vision into the future is a virtual disaster and doesn't stand the test of time very well.

Richard G (br) wrote: A mess, and it's too bad, because it had potential. But Doctorow + Lumet mess up the POV, which is the essential element of the story. Boring, badly paced, too.