Lucien, 14, can’t understand why his father, a serious and respected teacher, makes a fool of himself by dressing up as a clown and giving a show. André, Lucien’s father’s best friend, feels for the teenager and decides to reveal something from their mutual past that will explain the reason for Lucien’s father’s strange behavior.

The protagonist is Axel, aged about 40, a doctor who no longer practices his craft. He is living temporarily with his sister and her children. He doesn't do much, just exists a little ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Strange torrent reviews

Tick L (gb) wrote: ???????????? ???????? ?? moment ????????????????? ???????????????????

Lynn T (de) wrote: We saw "Mighty Fine" today, and at the risk of sounding clich - we laughed, we cried. Writer/director Debbie Goodstein touched on societal problems such as racism, sexism, the recession and outsourcing and the impact they have in impeding a familys ability to heal and break dysfunctional habits. Yet Ms. Goodstein focused primarily on parental emotional abuse, keeping the plot from being overly ambitious. We loved the casting, the use of photos and super 8 family films, the narration, the music,and the '70s costumes. Chazz Palminteri was amazing and we loved that the ending wasn't a typical Hollywood ending. Rainey Qualle, Andie Mac Dowell's daughter definitely exceeded our expectations in her debut. One of the most heartfelt scenes was her interaction with her dad (Palminteri) after he humiliated her in front of the new friends she was forced to make after he abruptly uprooted the family. We ranged in age from 13 to 65 and the film appealed to all ages. We're mighty glad we saw this film.

Chris D (it) wrote: A surprisingly good flick.

Sean N (it) wrote: Made me wanna grow a beard...and maybe become a cannibal.

Brian S (es) wrote: a full star of this rating goes to Gene Kelly. while the best musicals are able to entertain despite their flaws and shortcomings, this isn't quite able to do it. thin, predictable story with very little charm or humour (Phil Silvers did about the best job, and he was trying too hard). the acting was pretty dry as well. any time Kelly was dancing in addition to the Get Happy number saved this film from being a campy, inconsistent flop (campy and inconsistent though it still was). if I were MGM, I would have fired Garland after this film too.

Andy F (fr) wrote: Most continuity goes out of the window with this last monster mash from Universal. Again it is played dead straight and has some effective sequences but it is really one time too many for the same formula and by this point missing too many of the iconic actors (no Karloff, Lugosi or Naish etc)

Eric L (ru) wrote: Its a damn good short film. I just wish the movie was as good...

Henrik S (jp) wrote: Is it just me or does anyone else find the prospect over late middle aged William Powell pursuing an innocent your mermaid rather disturbing ? I watched the movie and expected some sort of screwball comedy about a man trying to hide a mermaid, dodging therapists and his wife etc., but all I got was a man sexually obsessed with a young and innocent girl and forcing her into kissing him etc. It may sound like a great and serious character study but believe me, it was supposed to be a comedy and comes out totally wrong. No wonder that is is hard to find a DVD of this one, it is utterly disturbing and not funny in the least, I did not chuckle once nor was I amused or entertained. Stay away from this mess of a film, especially if you are irritated by old rapists.