Strange Days

Strange Days

Set in the year 1999 during the last days of the old millennium, the movie tells the story of Lenny Nero, an ex-cop who now deals with data-discs containing recorded memories and emotions. One day he receives a disc which contains the memories of a murderer killing a prostitute. Lenny investigates and is pulled deeper and deeper in a whirl of blackmail, murder and rape. Will he survive and solve the case?

A former cop turned street-hustler accidentally uncovers a police conspiracy in 1999 Los Angeles. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Henri N (nl) wrote: I saw this at the Phoenix Film Festival, its a great documentary about the filmmakers of 10 til Noon taking their film through festival circuit and going through festival politics. Honestly I saw 10 til Noon at the Phoenix Film fest a few years ago, and I hated it. At least the documentary did a good job on profiling the Phoenix Film Festival!

darren m (br) wrote: old tv show is alot better but not to bad

Charles D (au) wrote: A second-rate bourne identity. Had a decent enough premise and plot that devolved into tedious, unnecessary car chases and fight scenes and unbelievable schlock. The first 15 minutes had me intrigued and wanting to know more, but by the 30 minute mark we fast-forwarded to the end.

Alexi T (de) wrote: i guess i'd give it a try

Daniel V (es) wrote: Not as good as the first but much better than the third. Plus, Krumholtz is back. DK Is very underused in Hollywood.

Sherry R (ru) wrote: I'm a child of the hair band era so I loved it.

Wesley H (de) wrote: A funny look into a whole different world. It is so in depth it even becomes exhausting.

RajanSatish P (ca) wrote: A Political Drama that tests your patience,Al Pacino acted his role good

Oleg K (mx) wrote: Even worse than the original 2012... Poor storyline, average acting and very bad computer effects.

Bryon M (br) wrote: Sometimes I just love to dig into a b movie. I hadn't seen this since 81 and finally after all this time I sit down and watch. What is there to say. It's low budget fairly entertaining with lots of T&A. The ending gets good and gory and the soundtrack with the same screams looping makes you laugh then becomes annoying like fingernails on a chalkboard. Was it worth it after all this time. Yeah but I think I'll wait sometime again.

Kieran F (jp) wrote: The Trouble with Harry is...well it's not overly funny. I liked the film and found it entertaining but for a film that's suppose to be a black comedy it wasn't really it felt more like a interesting and fun semi mystery for me. Regardless this film is an entertaining and good Hitchock film(maybe even one of his best) and I think that people that are fans of him will love the story(The story is of a man named Jerry stubbles upon Harry's body after he goes hunting. Fearing that he acidently shot him he tries to hid the body and that's where his troubles begin. From his body being moved countless times to people thinking they killed him when they actually did the film is great. To be Honest though I only really watched this film because one of my favourite TV shows(Remmington Steele) made mention of this film. That aside would I watch it again? Probably. Will I enjoy it and did I enjoy it this time? Yes. Honestly theires nothing wrong with the film except maybe for the fact that it's some times refereed to as a black humor film really isnt

Alex A (mx) wrote: An occasionally funny but sometimes unfunny comedy about a group of teenage fans and their obstacle-filled road trip to a KISS concert, Detroit Rock City is a fairly underrated and adequate comedy. The performances are solid as is the pacing, the dialogue ranges from slick and witty to average and sometimes annoying, and the satirical take on hardcore Christianity was a nice comedic touch. As a whole, Detroit Rock City isn't a must see, but if one expects a serviceable teen comedy, it works.

Manda C (jp) wrote: I loved it and still do!!!

Alexis W (us) wrote: It's a good movie but not the best work for Arnald