Stranger Dinner

Stranger Dinner

Despite corporate policy, Sam Freeman intends to wine and dine his lovely co-worker. Unfortunately, his hopes of a romantic dinner are shattered when the boss shows up. After two foul mouth...

Despite corporate policy, Sam Freeman intends to wine and dine his lovely co-worker. Unfortunately, his hopes of a romantic dinner are shattered when the boss shows up. After two foul mouth... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lucas M (fr) wrote: Informative, entertaining and unforgettable, American Grindhouse it's a great study about exploration movies, U.S. modern pictures inspirations, the fight to adapt "cinema fashion" and win money. A trip into remarkable and 'bad taste' films. Criative and inspired, dispite doesn't mention some important people in underground low budget industry cinema. Fresh.

Luke B (de) wrote: Ice Spiders is exactly what you should have come to expect from the Sci-Fi channel. It's stupid, fun and simple as can be. It was a nice setting choice, shaking off the suburban or jungle environments. The CGI wasn't great but there were many interesting shots. The early reveal of a spider from a distance, as two men hunted deer, was an inspired choice. Muldoon was a terrible leading man, he was so casual about everything you wonder what it would take to stir his shit. Some annoying teens are introduced early on, but thankfully they fade into the background. If you like spider kill death movies, check it out.

Bernie M (fr) wrote: It was alright. The weakest of the Hannibal Lector movies by far.

Melvin W (es) wrote: Andre: Ready? Calvin: Aim...While Zero Day isn't a pleasant film, it is a very well made film. It's extremely realistic in every way and is based off of the Columbine shootings. The two kids Andre and Cal are troubled and finally break and devise a plan that they call Zero Day. The two actors, Andre Keuck and Calvin Robertson are very believable in their roles. The buildup to Zero Day is made with patience and is as important as the events at the end. We learn how they will execute their plan, we see them around their parents, and we see how they interact with each other. They talk like they are in the military; even calling themselves The Army of Two and saying everything they do is a mission. The ending is incredibly well-done and ultra-realistic. It's shocking, chilling, haunting, and disturbing. This kind of stuff has happened before and the way the filmmaker tackled the ending was respectful. He didn't show too much, but just enough. This movie really does deserve to be taken seriously and to be seen by more people.

Kevin R (ca) wrote: It's against the law to have a fertile queen.When we last saw New York, we thought our heroes had killed all the genetically engineered insects that are large and can mimic their biggest threats. Well, some have survived and further developed. They start heading towards a local school where they are discovered by an Entomologist. She tries to save as many kids and locals from what appears to be an invasion of enhanced insects from the initial Mimic picture."Subtle doesn't cut it with me."Jean de Segonzac, director of episodes from the television series Law & Order, Oz, Chicago Fire, Unforgettable, and Boss, delivers one of her few feature length films, Mimic 2. The storyline for this is awful and the acting is even worse. The cast includes Alix Koromzay, Bruno Campos, Will Estes, Edward Albert, and Michael Tucci."I'm a wacko magnet."I found this on Netflix and was surprised I had not seen it. This film didn't have much going for it. The storyline was awful and the special effects were very mediocre. I really did not like the way the insects evolved. Overall, I'd recommend skipping this."Not all of them died."Grade: D

Jessica H (de) wrote: not mad as much as it is comical.

Allan C (br) wrote: Boris Karloff is Chinese Detective Wong. Pretty awful and only of interest for seeing the very British Karloff playing Mr. Wong.

Greg W (gb) wrote: fast paced crime drama-seventies style

Jose T (mx) wrote: So delightful, that Drew Barrymore.

Paul M (gb) wrote: Wow... I found it quite superb, honestly. Very nice little lesser-known gem (no pun intended).

Hardy H (de) wrote: Slightly disappointing since I had really high hopes for this, but this is still a great film with plenty of excellent acting and a complicated love relationships. i hope the great Japanese animator Miyazaki had the chance to view this... this plays out like a real action version of his work, and i mean it in a good way: heroine, people's relationships with nature, a certain innocence.. you can find it all in Whale Rider. Keisha Castle-Hughes is absolutely mesmerizing. She breaks your heart with one look and lifts your spirit the next. Perhaps the new Natalie Portman with more sorrow. Such depth of emotion at such young age, i guess we will c if that develops into something great.