Stranger in the Family

Stranger in the Family

Steve Thompson is losing himself, one memory at a time. Plagued with amnesia after getting a concussion, Steve is overwhelmed by his unrecognizable life and leaves his family in search of answers. But his quest only returns him back home, where he must face his demons and get at the truth.

Neil Patrick Harris (How I Met Your Mother, Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle) is Steve Thompson, a sixteen-year-old who seemed to have everything going for him: good looks, friends, and ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Franois M (it) wrote: Pas un mauvais film, mais trop de dtails souligns au marqueur rouge, comme si on tait un peu stupide... Les contes de Pellerin n'ont pas besoin d'tre mis en film!

Philip M (fr) wrote: Such a ginormous plot hole that nobody seems to pick up on![SPOILERS - SORT OF]They land on the moon, do some tests, a solar flare hits and they lose comms on the main module WHICH IS NOT ON THE MOON. They somehow space walk from the moon(?) to repair the comms and then are back on the moon again after this part is over??? What the hell is going on?Apart from this and other typical Hollywood type mistakes it was an OK film.

Nik M (ca) wrote: Simple and to the point, Littlerock is perfect for its length with a very simple message of depicting the differences that create gaps between nationalities and backgrounds. The setting and characters are relatable as it can be assured we have all come across even a moment's worth of a similar situation. Though, the film may be too low-key for some.

Luis O (de) wrote: This is a hard film to watch, but a very important one to see. It raises even more questions than it tries to answer. It makes you think.

Ted W (jp) wrote: The first movie was awesome but this one is terrible. Why make it a sequel????? Why? Ok movie

Michelle D (it) wrote: i love this movie. Mandy Moore is darling on screen. Classic movie.

Paul P (nl) wrote: Film Noir has become such a tired genre. The filmmaking, stories, dialogue and characters all feel the same. But Writer Jim Thompson wrote Noir in such a refreshing and interesting way. Down the line the performances are good, Jason Patric continues to show his freakish talent. As the movie unfolds there are a few twists and turns along the way. It doesn't feel like cheap plot twists or they're doing it just because. It feels like real people getting into something over there head. And now they're playing there cards close to the vest, slowly revealing there secrets.

Jeremy N (jp) wrote: A tribute to and spoof of super-hero movies with some musical numbers thrown in for good measure. Some of the songs were written by Richard O'Brien of 'Rocky Horror' fame.

Blake P (au) wrote: Miranda (Tierney) is a country girl who is overjoyed by the fact that she gets to work at the notorious Nicholas Van Ryn's (Price) mansion as a servant in the 1800's. Just soon after she starts, Nicholas becomes quite obsessed with her, and soon enough they get married. As the two actually get to know each other though, Miranda learns some pretty sinister secrets about her husband-- some of which are scarier than she would ever imagine. "Dragonwyck" is a stylishly done gothic thriller mystery that has moments of genuine beauty and suspense, but unfortunately has too many unintentionally funny moments for its own good. Filmed when legendary director Joseph L. Mankiewicz and cult actor Vincent Price were just getting big, "Dragonwyck" is definitely not a film that I would show if someone were to ask what their best movies are. Though I did enjoy this film, it's just too hard to take it seriously. Mankiewicz achieves a creepy atmosphere perfectly, but it's just another case of style over substance. Obviously the cinematography and even the score were put on higher ground than the script, which is so bad that we get to hear the treat of Gene Tierney yelping "golly", which can't be pulled off by someone as classy as her. And with Price's funny performance, the film becomes even more campy, which really doesn't help it so much. On the plus side, Walter Huston does give a very good performance, and the cinematography creates some serious eye candy, but other than that, "Dragonwyck" is a forgettable thriller that barely even gets three stars from me.

Salim I (br) wrote: The first two were silly, the third installment falls flat on a large scale. It's just a lazy excuse of a star studded comedy.

Guido B (ru) wrote: So confusing and lame. Waste of time.

Kassy S (ag) wrote: i only like 40% want to see this. i would watch this movie if there was nothing else to watch.