Strangers on a Train

Strangers on a Train

A psychotic socialite confronts a pro tennis star with a theory on how two complete strangers can get away with murder...a theory that he plans to implement.

Tennis pro Guy Haines chances to meet wealthy wastrel Bruno Anthony on a train. Bruno suggests that because they each want to "get rid" of someone, they should "exchange" murders, and that way neither will be caught. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Colin A (br) wrote: Another reason Jennifer Aniston should have her Equity card burnt.

David P (it) wrote: Not a bad way to spend two hours, but it's also a bit of a mixed bag. Definitely not as funny as I thought it would be (maybe that's a cultural thing). The best part of the movie is probably the completely random musical number, Ichigen-san.

Kashan P (jp) wrote: Hotel Rwanda boasts two exceptional lead performances that give heart to a true story so horrific (albeit so amazingly told) it might be easier to pretend said story did not happen. But then the majority of humanity did do that, didn't they?

Allan E (jp) wrote: : A meditative film on a contemplative man, a natural artist in the literal sense??a cinematic essay on the passage of time and life as passage. Beautiful and fascinating.

Steve R (es) wrote: My favourite (live-action) Japanese film of all time. 'Monday' is one heck of a bizzare and unpredictable surreal trip fuelled with black comedy and sudden outbursts of violence. Comparable to 'Falling Down', though perhaps a little more fractured than that also great film, and also far more wild. Though I am mostly against remakes of already great foreign film, if I become a sucessful film writer/director this would be one film I'd love to twist into my own vision. I reckon I'd have a lot of fun with it. If you can find it and like off-kilter black comedy, watch this!

Sterlin R (de) wrote: Bill Murray's hit comedy movie, "Groundhog Day", is pure gold.

Sam G (br) wrote: A rabid bat bites a once unthreatening St. Bernard named Cujo, but once he's infected, Cujo goes on a lethal rampage throughout the town.

Dann M (de) wrote: Enemy of the State is an action-packed Christmas film from director Tony Scott. While out shopping high-powered lawyer Robert Dean is secretly given a file that incriminates the NSA in the death of a U.S. senator, which soon makes Dean the target of a government black ops team that's seeking to eliminate the file and everyone connected to it. The cast is quite impressive, featuring Will Smith, Gene Hackman, Jon Voight, Lisa Bonet, and Barry Pepper. However, the writing's a little weak and over-the-top with its complicated plots and broad characterizations. Yet there's a bit of fun to the madcap adventure, and the action scenes are shot especially well. Exciting and full of thrills, Enemy of the State is an entertaining popcorn film.

Edmund C (kr) wrote: The fourth film I'm watching about the American Beat poets. But this one is not about them per se, but is based on Kerouac's novel, On The Road (which is more or less about him and his chums!) The leads really shine in their roles, ie. charismatic Dean Moriarty/Neal Cassady, gay friend and poet Carlo Marx/Ginsberg and MaryLou (acted by Kristen Stewart). Sal Paradise (Kerouac's equivalent) is portrayed as rather more introspective than I had expected. The movie takes us through many states in America with scenic road trips through endless farmland and features jazz originals by the versatile Gustavo Santaolalla!